PDVD 126

Name マジョリード Majorīdo
Gender Female
Theme Color Purple
Debut Visiting the Village of The Magic Frogs
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayumi Asano

Majoleed is a witch that is popular and loved among Witch Frogs, due to the fact she helped build their village and cares for them.



She seems to be very passionate and is brutally honest.


Witch frog

She is covered in a big light purple cloak, since she is trying to hide the fact that she is actually a witch frog. She has a mask on her face, and wooden arms and legs. As a witch frog she is green with a purple lock of hair. She also has a blue scar (which could be makeup) on the left side of her face.


She has long, lavender hair worn in a low ponytail and red eyes. She was shown wearing a purple kimono.


She thought that her friends lied to her, when, in fact, they only didn't want to hurt her feelings.


  • She likes to bake.
  • Her crystal ball is mustache shaped.


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