Name マジョハート Majohāto
Gender Female
Debut Hana-chan's Health Examination
Voice Actors
Japanese Fumie Houjou

Majoheart is the doctor in Majokai, dealing mostly with baby Witches. She is described as hot-blooded and a bit snappy.



Majoheart wears a white doctor's cloak and a red bandanna decorated with stars, moons, and planets. Her hair is a olive green, and her eyes are red with purple eyeshadow. She has purple pointy boots and a dark purple cape. 


She is quite snappy and has a distrust for humans due to her past with them. After she met the ojamajos, she started to trust humans a little bit. Despite this, she has her moments when she's kind or caring.

Her family

Majoran She adopted Majoran when she was very little. They used to live together in the human world, but after finding out that humans had sold all the medications she had taught them for huge prices she decided to go back to the Witch World.

Theme songs

MAHO Dou - Majo Isha Majoheart

MAHO Dou - Majo Isha Majoheart


  • Majorika is scared of her; she used to yell at her when Majorika was looking after a baby.
  • It's revealed in one of the artbooks that Majomiller and Majoheart are best friends.
  • Her crystal ball is a white oval-shaped clasp.