Majodon is the head of the Witch World's market exchange.

Name マジョドン Majodon
Gender Female
Debut The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb
Voice Actors
Japanese Takatani Ayumi



She is very serious and strict. Many witches are afraid of her.


She has two long strands of mint-colored hair and curly bangs. Her eyes are dark red and she has pink eyeshadow.

She wears a cloak instead of a witch hat.

Her magic crystal is a aqua-green sphere and she wears it as a necklace.


She fell in love with a human a long time ago. However, she couldn't decide if she wanted to be with him or if she wanted to quit being a witch. He gave her some time to decide and they haven't seen each other for 10 years.

Majodon decided that she wanted to be together with him, but since 10 years already passed she soon found out that he fell in love with some other woman.

She started hating humans due to this.


  • Dela works for her.


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