"Since we're friends from now on... You're gonna need a name. Since you're so plushy... "Plush-chan!" what do you think?"


The opening clip begins with Majorika in a dark room with only a spotlight on her. She begins to run from it but falls onto the ground, where her Magic Sphere breaks from it's string and beings to slowly roll away. She gets up to try to grab it and finds herself caged. She then worries and panics as Pop appears with a demonic expression while reaching out for her, effectively scaring Majorika.


Pop visits the Maho-dou and is quickly smitten with Majorika. The girls, angered with Majorika for her attitude decide there's no harm in letting Pop purchase her for the time being, but Majorika soon loses her crystal ball and has to rely on them to save her.


Pop is running for home in a hurry after she notices how late she is.

She makes an attempt to sneak in, but is caught by Haruka, who asks her where she was, and she quickly claims that she stayed behind to help Mika clean up since nobody else would. Haruka doesn't believe her and makes Pop take out the trash for one week as punishment, which she deems unfair before asking why Doremi is never punished for staying out late.

Haruka explains that it is because Doremi spends her time helping an elderly woman with her shop, and just then Doremi shows up for dinner and she heads off to wash her hands. This further agitates Pop though, and she spends the rest of the day giving her the cold shoulder. 

The following day at the Maho-do, the girls are sitting around and have had no customers as of yet. They are annoyed that they have to sit around and can't enjoy the lovely weather since Majorika wants them to stay, making several demands the entire time.

It's then Pop shows up and begins to look around as Doremi reacts with shock, wondering why she is there. She ignores Doremi and compliments Hazuki and Aiko's crafts, then proceeds to taunt Doremi's own work until she is angered enough to chase her around the shop.

As this is going on, Lala and Majorika hide realizing Pop is there, but as they are observing the commotion, Majorika loses her grasp and falls to the floor; right in front of Pop who had just stopped there.

As everyone
panics, she stares at Majorika before picking her up and asking if she is an item for sale. The girls make an attempt to get Pop to look at something else, but when that does not work Doremi attempts to give her a very high price she can't possibly afford- only to react with further shock after Pop reveals she has the money. She never spends it and has been saving for a long time. After paying for Majorika she takes off.

With that they make an attempt to figure out how to get Majorika back, but when Lala points out that she will probably be fine they decide to just let her be and go out to have some fun like they wanted. Lala agrees and takes off as well, with nobody aware that Majorika's Crystal Ball fell off of her neck and rolled away.

That evening as Doremi heads to her bedroom she hears a bunch of noise coming from Pop's bedroom. She investigates to see Pop tossing Majorika up and down while she lays on her bed, trying to think of a name to call her new toy. She decides to call Majorika "Plush-chan", much to Doremi's enjoyment and she leaves for her room, having not noticed that Majorika had been trying to get her attention. As Doremi gets ready for bed, she talks to Dodo and asks if Majorika likes being with Pop considering she didn't seem unhappy. 

Back in Pop's room, Majorika is very wide awake as Pop is fast asleep. She tries to sneak to Doremi's room when Pop grabs her in a choke hold with her legs, causing her to eventually pass out until the next morning.

The next morning, the Ojamajo are heading to school while they discuss how Majorika has been. But because they still have yet to see anything wrong with the situation, they decide it isn't really important.

Meanwhile, at Pop's kindergarten, Majorika is having a very bad time, forced to let Pop and her friends play with her, jump rope, go down the slide, and swing before going into the sand box. Pop allows her friends to see "Plush-chan", and being curious Lala approaches and starts to wonder why Majorika hasn't used magic to escape yet. She runs for shelter when Kimitaka shows up demanding everybody's attention. He wants to see Pop's new toy too, but due to his attitude she refuses to let him and her many "boyfriends" show up to protect her and the other girls.

This causes a fight to break out and Majorika attempts to escape- only to run into a bunch of ducks who try to grab her. She escapes momentarily and the ducks gang up on her and try to force her over the edge of the small bridge that resides over a pond, but Lala scares them away while in her cat form. She asks Majorika why she hasn't run away yet and wonders if she actually likes being Plush-chan, but Majorika informs her of her missing magic sphere when Kimitaka suddenly grabs her. He refuses to return Plush-chan due to how Pop acted earlier, and with no other choice Lala runs to Doremi's school.

Doremi is initially confused, but once Hazuki and Aiko see what's going on they have her feign an illness in order to leave. They rush outside as soon as they get permission and Lala explains what happened, saying they don't have much time since Majorika could be in danger. She then runs back to the Maho-do in order to search for the missing Crystal Ball, while Hazuki and Aiko drop "Doremi" off in the nurses office. Dodo transforms into her and she runs out to transform and head to Sonatine Kindergarten. 

There, Pop chases around Kimitaka and his friends around the playground trying to get Plush-chan back. But after she falls down, one of her friends threatens to tell the teacher on Kimitaka. Pop refuses to give up though, standing back up and surprising them with her determination; including Majorika. As this is going on, Doremi flies over the kindergarten and summons her wand in order to cast a spell. But as she remains on the roof she ends up dropping it and it rolls to the edge of the roof. 

Meanwhile back at the Maho-do, Lala has located Majorika's missing Crystal Ball.
Doremi Cool

Doremi's first cool moment~!

Pop climbs the tree and follows after Kimitaka up as Doremi watches. He refuses to hand over Plush-chan and threatens to drop it into the water if she continues, and he tries shaking the branch to get her to leave.

With no other choice Doremi lets go of the roof, allowing her to slide to the edge and grab her Poron. She uses her magic to keep the tree from breaking, forming several roots to hold it together. As she flashes Majorika a sign so that she knows everything is okay, she watches as the roof suddenly breaks, causing Doremi to fall into a bush.

Lala shows up with her crystal ball sand Majorika swings herself to it in an attempt to grab it. But she ends up going past it and right into the water, along with the ball. She grabs onto it though, and with it is able to transport herself out of the pond as the children are scolded for their dangerous behavior. They worriedly watch as Pop's backpack resurfaces, and fearing something happened to Plush-chan, the children begin to cry.

Doremi watches from a distance before she flies back to school noticing the time. She sees nobody is there anymore though, and she returns to class to find Dodo attempting to take her test.

That following afternoon at the Maho-do, Doremi is trying to make a new Plush-chan in hopes to cheer her little sister up. She blames Majorika for failing her test, but Majorika claims Doremi would have done as bad -if not worse- than Dodo anyway, then goes on to claim that Pop is more suitable to become a witch apprentice. They begin to argue while the others helplessly watch.


  • Branch, don't break

Major Events


  • Pop: Why am I the only one to come home at five? Doremi always plays until very late.

  • Hazuki: We dont have many customer's today.
  • Doremi: Because it's such a beautiful Sunday. Everyone must've gone out to play.
  • Aiko: I wish we got that luxury sometimes...
  • Majorika: What are you blabbing about?

  • Majorika: We need magic spheres to practice magic, so we have to make money.
  • Doremi: That's true, but...
  • Hazuki: Just sometimes...
  • Aiko: That's right..
  • Majorika: I said not a chance! Don't just mumble there, go get the customers.

  • Pop: Whats this?
  • Doremi: that's a....
  • Aiko and Hazuki: Doll!

  • Hazuki: it seems she likes Pop-chan very much.

  • Doremi: It's all Majorika's fault that my test was disastrous!
  • Majorika: It would turn out the same even if you were the one taking the test!

  • Doremi: What are you talking about? I did my magic quite well today. I will ace the next witch exam for sure!
  • Majorika: Flukes won't happen twice...

Dub Changes

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  • As the girls observe Pop, a small white space is visible between Hazuki's neck and Aiko's face. It should be pink, as they are standing in front of a pink wardrobe. 
  • As Doremi looks out her window, her pajamas are missing their music note pattern.
  • When Pop is fast asleep sprawled out on her bed, one of the heart pillows is colored yellow. Originally both of them were pink.
  • During the shot when Pop is swinging, many children are shown wearing the wrong tops.
  • As Doremi lets herself slide down the roof towards her poron, her tap is missing its buttons.
    • Also note that part of her hair is not colored in.
    • The Magic Spheres inside of her poron aren't colored the same as they are when she casts her spell.


  • The ojamajo's craft types are shown in this episode: Hazuki makes fancy items, Aiko likes to make unique whimsical things, and Doremi tries to make relatively simple things but fails.
  • Doremi reveals that Pop is paid 200 yen for an allowance. 
  • When Hazuki and Aiko help a "sick" Doremi leave the classroom, Yada and Shiori can be seen looking at each other. 
  • The Ojamajo's guesses at to what Lala tried to tell them are:
  1. The wind Blows the Bug
  2. Trouble, Cant sing, uproar.