Magical Stage is the act where the Ojamajos combine their magical powers to resolve situations where one's solitary magic wouldn't be strong enough.

Season 1








Light Novel Series


  • Pop has participated in Magical Stage a total of 4 times throughout the series.
    • The first time was in the final episode of Season 1 where she assisted the older Ojamajos when their magical stage was about to fail, saying that saving Onpu is more important to her than becoming a witch.
    • The second time was in Sharp Ep. 19, where she, Aiko and Onpu preformed magical stage to have Doremi and Hazuki remember how they resolved their fight back in kindergarten. However this magical stage almost failed due to Pop's weaker magic and only succeed due to Hana-chan using her own magic to strengthen it.
    • In Dokkan Ep. 46, Pop along with her older companions and many other residents of the Witch World all participated in Magical Stage alongside Majotourbillon to abolish the Witch Frog Curse for good.
    • The fourth and final time was in Good Bye, Bothersome Witches, where she and the other Ojamajos used magical stage for the last time to merge their Crystal Balls together with Hana-chan's.
  • In Magical DoReMi, Magical Stage is renamed Perfect Harmony. 

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