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Magical Doremi
Magical Doremi
Season No. 1
Episode Count 50 (Only 26 on TV)
Opening Theme Just Like Magic
Ending Theme Witchling Sing-Along
Start Date September 10, 2005
End Date May 2, 2008

Magical Doremi is the official English dub of Ojamajo Doremi. It was licensed by 4kids and aired during their morning girls block alongside Mew Mew Power and Winx Club.

Magical Doremi was met with mixed reviews and released a variety of merchandise for a short while.


In 2004, Previews of Magical Doremi were being released along with previews of other new anime until August, 2005 when the contest was held to determine what new show would premiere first. This was followed by many commercials and pieces of merchandise until the show officially aired a while later.

Around the time the series was reaching its midway point, the dub stopped airing on television after holding a final marathon. The remaining half of the series was dubbed and release on the 4Kids website, along with the first half, until they eventually lost their rights to the show and had to remove its content.


Trying to popularize the series, 4kids had made plenty of merchandise in hopes to attract little girls to the bright and colorful toys.

Items included:

  • Dorie, Mirabelle, and Reanne dolls that could speak phrases they said from the show. They come with a wand, witch uniforms, and their normal clothing.
  • Smaller, non-talking dolls that resembled the larger ones.
  • Small figurine sets of the main cast. Consisting of Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle in both normal and witch forms, Caitlyn, Patina, Laralie, and the Fairies.
  • Costume objects like the witch outfit, gloves, hats, wigs, brooms, wands, boots, and the tap on a necklace that usually played music and lit up.

Unreleased Merchandise

Various unreleased merchandise for the series was shown at a Toy Fair in 2006. However none of it ever hit store shelves, most likely due to the show being canceled.

  • Dolls for Caitlyn and Ellie, both with a wand, normal clothing and witch uniforms. It's anticipated these dolls were able to speak phrases from the show just like the other dolls.
  • A couple more figurine sets. The first one features; Caitlyn (In both normal & witch forms), Dorie (Dog form) and Feredagio. And the second one features; Ellie (In both normal & witch forms), Patunia and Felina.
  • An unreleased Wandawhirl can be seen on the bottom left.


Like their other previous dubbed anime, 4kids attempted to give the series a "western" orientation to fit the ratings and be more familiar to viewers. Many lines were changed or modified, and several things had been painted over or changed entirely. While the original series had been intended for any age, Magical Doremi was strictly made for Elementary School students.

Some major edits include:


Due to being an unrecognizable writing for most of the English viewing audience, it was either erased or painted over into an English word or symbols.


While minor injuries were mostly kept in, things with blood or implied blood was erased, lessened, or covered up. Some scenes deemed too graphic or time-consuming were cut out. 

Cut Scenes

In each episode, the few minute portion before the title card was cut. Most-likely for time restraints. The Eyecatches were removed entirely.


While the dub removed a lot of things, minor things had been added to "compensate". Like their own title cards, changed songs, and a special new feature at the end of an episode titled "Witchling Sing-Along".


Because of the western audiences, a lot of Japanese cultured things were removed. Such as changing the appearance of various Asian things or calling them something else.


Characters and locations also gained name changes. While the characters mainly retained their personalities, some had been completely exaggerated or somewhat out of character.


The series was met with poor reception and generally kept a low rating, being unable to gain a solid fanbase or audience. It was theorized to be because of the time they chose to air the program, doing it so early that it was missed by most viewers, along with how they tried to make it a low-rating show for younger children.


  • Before the series was removed from the 4Kids website there was a picture of Momoko in a group shot from Motto.
  • Back when the series aired it was heavily rumored that Hana's name would be Flora, while Momoko would be Anna or Mindy.
  • In one of the Sing-Along's, a blue colored tap made an appearance.
  • While airing (not counting small marathons), Magical Doremi was never on past 9:00 am.
  • Magical Doremi was the only known Dub at the time that was never aired on 4kids entirely on TV.
    • After holding the license for so long, 4Kids has also lost their rights to One Piece and Pokemon, making them the second and third dubs not to be completed.
  • In April 24th of 2010, the first episode of the dub was shown on the CW4Kids at 7.00 a.m.
    • This was suspected as them attempting to show it a final time before their license expired.
  • Originally a rumor circulated around, saying the reason 4Kids lost their rights was because the original producers were unhappy about the numerous changes made to the show and personally striped them of their license.
    • However this rumor is completely false as the real reason for 4kids lost the rights was because their license to the series had expired and they didn't bother re-newing it due to the dub's low interest.


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