Magic Herbs are special plants that can be used for curing magic ailments, or simply eaten by those of magic properties.

They are first discussed in Sharp, and can be found in both the witch world and in the human world.

Known Magic Herbs


In the case that an apprentice, or witch, is not given the plant or finds a big field of unidentified plants, they can use their wand to search for the plants. If a magic plant or herb is in said field, it will start to glow. 


  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Unknown herb; resembles a daisy

Uses and illnesses

When a baby witch gets old enough to eat more foods, they are able to start digesting magic herbs and it will be worked into their diet. The herbs are usually used to solve magic problems or diseases given to a magical being. 

Known Illness

  • Hiccups - When a magical being gets the hiccups, for each one, random magic is cast; usually in the form of summoning random items. 

General Uses

  • Sleeping Aid