"It's so romantic, looking at the stars at a blueberry farm."

Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau
Japanese Title 恋は高原の風に乗って

Koi wa Kōgen no Kaze ni Notte

Dub Title Love Serving Love
Season Season 1
Episode № 28
Air Date August 15, 1999 (JP)

November 27, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
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Previous Episode Oyajide arrives?!


Doremi and Yutaka are laying in a grassy field during the night. Yutaka points out many stars in the sky as Doremi remains silent for a while. As the breeze begins to blow, Doremi slowly gets closer to Yutaka before asking about it as she continues to stare at him.


Hazuki invites Doremi and Aiko to come to her families villa when Doremi finds love with a cute tennis player. Will Doremi be able to score a Point Match when Tamaki also expresses interest?!


Doremi has just finished eating and leaves the dinner table to prepare for her trip over to Hazuki's Villa. Seeing her good mood Pop begins to tease her by revealing her plans to spend time with her boyfriends while Doremi and her friends remain boyfriend-less despite being older. While Dorem is upset, she soon comes to terms with it and takes off. But unknown to the girls, they find out that Majorika decided to tag along and hid in her backpack with the fairies.

Upon finding her, the girls are quick to flee when given a chance as she goes on to discuss how much fun they will have together. Finding out the girls left, she angrily declares that she will remember this later when they need something. 
Close Call

Having lunch and grabbing their tennis gear the girls are shocked after they run into Tamaki at the court. She mocks the girls, earning Aiko and Doremi's frustration as Hazuki remains polite to ask her if she's there at her families villa. Tamaki is eager to show-off; until Doremi points out that Hazuki's own villa is much more bigger and impressive. Displeased Tamaki challanges the girls to a tennis match afterwards, but the only one brave enough and willing to put up with her is Aiko, who easily beats her. 

It is then Tamaki and Doremi are struck by an arrow of love upon spotting a young man nearby. Hazuki recognizes him due to often coming there and living near the villa, and she introduces everyone to each other. Tamaki is quick to jump at the chance to get to know the boy and asks him to give her tennis playing a review, pissing off Doremi until Hazuki calms her down, saying that as they are no longer distracted they can play together. They play while the unwilling Yutaka aids Tamaki, who acts clueless and ditzy in hopes of encouraging him further- although he isn't shown to be attracted to it and he soon ditches her to observe the girls.

They stop momentarily so that he can speak to Doremi. But due to how quiet they both are, Aiko steps in and tells them to "spit it out", seeing that Yutaka wants to say something. He hesitantly tries until Doremi jumps in, saying that he can wait if he would rather do that. He agrees and asks if Aiko plays tennis back at home and they start to play together as an envious Tamaki watches from nearby.

After playing for a while, everyone heads to the entry room of the Tennis courts and Yutaka thanks Aiko for the practice. She offers to play with him again sometime, but Tamaki suddenly butts in again and offers to give him a ride to the Blueberry Farm. Aiko expressions confusion and Doremi explains that his family owns the farm, with Yutaka offering Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki a ride there as thanks for playing with him. They agree and take off, leaving the disappointed Tamaki behind as her father arrives.

Upon arrival, Yutaka shows them around and he allows them to try some of the blueberries after assuring them that they are safe to eat. After Doremi comments on how big the sky feels there, Yutaka mentions that he was going to ask the girls to come back during the evening so that they could watch the night sky with him. Doremi is quick to accept this offer and a while later they head back to the Villa to discuss the days events. 

That evening when everyone has gone in for bed, Majorika and Lala are shown to be playing on their own and enjoy a round of tennis. Majorika insists that she is good at the game- but as it turns out Lala is excellent at the game and she wins quickly.

As the girls admire the evening sky with Yutaka, they spot a cute little charm in his pocket. At first he is a bit flustered, but he goes on to confess that the charm is for good luck and he got it from an upperclass student, saying that it will give him courage to confess to a girl he likes someday. So far the charm hasn't worked though; a lot of bad things happen instead. Hearing this the girls can't help but compare him to Doremi, then they take off to give the duo some privacy.

Eventually, it's time to leave, and nobody said anything at all. The girls take turns using the ladder to get off of the roof, but as Doremi tries to talk, Yutaka is distracted with Aiko and accidentally causes Doremi to fall off the last few steps of the ladder. She doesn't really mind, more upset over not getting to really say anything since he didn't confess like she had hoped. They leave for the villa when Hazuki and Aiko point out the suspiciousness of his charm and they wonder if it might be cursed. However, it's too late to do anything about it now and they decide to wait until the next day.

The next morning, Majorika and Lala decide to leave in order to pay a visit to the hot springs nearby. As they recollect their prior night to the girls, Majorika hurriedly rushes her to avoid revealing how poorly she did. The girls take out the Pureleine computer and with a bit of convincing, Oyajide agrees to search for the cursed items. He requests that the girls take him to the tennis court, and at first they worry it may just be useless but since Yutaka is there they don't have much choice.

They sneakily check out various things but are unable to find his charm or anything of suspicion in his gym bag. Then they head out to the locker room to look for the charm, which Aiko locates after they open his locker and it falls out. Oyajide confirms that it is in fact a cursed item and the girls are quick to transform and use magic to remove the cursed card from it. They add it to the Pureleine computer and then hurry to return the charm, letting Doremi wait for Yutaka to come to the lobby.  

When he does, Doremi asks Yutaka if there is anything he would like to say to her and he takes this opportunity to ask her to come on a walk with him. Hazuki and Aiko decide to follow behind them in secret.

As they walk along, Yutaka starts by asking Doremi if she likes anybody, to which Doremi points out she doesn't and he asks if he could confess to her. Doremi assumes its to her, so she tells him it is fine and goes on to ask what kind of girls
Shocked 1
he likes. When he admits to liking athletic girls, Doremi is immediately crushed and realizes that Yutaka never liked her to begin with; he's been in love with Aiko this entire time.

Later, Yutaka and Aiko are out taking a walk until later when Tamaki sees the girls. Doremi begins to yell and demands an explanation as to why Aiko turned Yutaka down, and she explains how he didn't understand her jokes and he wasn't her type. Hazuki then points out that Doremi and Yutaka both got dumped- only causing Doremi further anger as she goes on to add that Tamaki also got dumped. She cheers up hearing this part, but Tamaki claims she is fine with it and leaves.

Later the girls try to make Doremi feel better, but nothing helps. Majorika claims this to be punishment because Doremi was greedy and only thought greedily while they searched for the Cursed Item, but Doremi turns the blame around by claiming she didn't even help them at all. She then starts to cry as the episode ends.


  • Cursed card, come out

Major Events

  • The ojamajo gain their second Cursed Card. 
  • Yutaka confesses his feelings for Aiko but is rejected by her.

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • While the girls react with shock after noise comes from Doremi's backpack, Hazuki's shoes are lighter in color than in the next scene.
  • As Doremi watches Tamaki flirt with Yutaka, the wiring of the fence changes in thickness before and after the scene.


  • The shocked background behind Doremi after she realizes who Yutaka likes is the same used in the previous episode.
  • The alternate outfit Hazuki wore during "We are the pureleine" appears for the second and last time in the series.