"It's so romantic, looking at the stars at a blueberry farm."

Love is a Windy Ride over a Plateau
Japanese Title 恋は高原の風に乗って

Koi wa Kōgen no Kaze ni Notte

Dub Title Love Serving Love
Season Season 1
Episode № 28
Air Date August 15, 1999 (JP)

November 27, 2007 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
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Previous Episode Oyajide arrives?!


Doremi and Yutaka are laying in a grassy field during the night. Yutaka points out many stars in the sky as Doremi remains silent for a while. As the breeze begins to blow, Doremi slowly gets closer to Yutaka before asking about it as she continues to stare at him.


Hazuki invites Doremi and Aiko to come to her families villa when Doremi finds love with a cute tennis player! But will the score be a Point Match or a Love-0? 


Doremi has just finished eating and leaves the dinner table to prepare for her trip over to Hazuki's Villa. Pop teases her, because she will be spending time with her boyfriends while Doremi is boyfriend-less, along with Hazuki and Aiko. Doremi is pretty upset by this, but she comes to terms with it and meets with her friends a while later. 

Close Call

It is revealed to them that Majorika decided to tag along too, and hid away in Doremi's backpack. But the girls are quick to flee from her when she begins to discuss how much fun she and them can have. This angers her and she threatens to remember this later. 

After the girls eat and get their tennis gear, they happen to run across Tamaki at the court. She mocks the girls, which gets Aiko and Doremi frustrated to the point of telling her off. But Hazuki remains polite with her by asking her about her families villa. Tamaki is eager to show-off, but gets angry after Doremi points out how much bigger, private, and better Hazuki's family Villa is. Tamaki challanges the girls to a tennis match afterwards, but the only one brave enough and willing to put up with her is Aiko, who easily beats her. 

It is then Tamaki and Doremi are struck by an arrow of love upon spotting a young man nearby. Hazuki introduces him to the other three and mentions that he happens to live near the area, so he often comes to play tennis. Tamaki is quick to jump at the chance to get to know the boy and asks him to give her tennis playing a review. Dorem is beyond angry but Hazuki calms her by pointing out that because she is no longer distracted, they can all play. So they begin while the unwilling Yutaka aids Tamaki, who acts clueless and ditzy in hopes of encouraging him. It doesn't appeal to him at all though, so he ditches her to watch the girls play instead. They stop momentarily so that he can speak to Doremi. 

Both of them remain quiet until Aiko tells him to just spit out whatever he was going to say. He makes an attempt at doing so, but Doremi is quick to jump in and say that he can wait if he would prefer. Yutaka agrees and he asks Aiko to play tennis with home, causing Tamaki to become pretty envious while she eavesdrop on them from the other tennis square.

After playing for a while, everyone heads to the entry room of the Tennis area. Yutaka thanks Aiko for the practice and she offers to play with him again sometime. But when Tamaki suddenly butts in, she offers to give him a ride to the Blueberry Farm. Doremi explains it to Aiko after she questions it, and Yutaka offers Aiko and the others a ride as thanks for playing with him. They then leave after Tamaki's father comes to pick her up. 

Upon arrival, Yutaka shows them around his families farm and he allows them to try some of the blueberries after assuring them that they are safe to eat now. After Doremi comments on how big the sky feels there, Yutaka mentions that he was going to ask the ojamajo to come back during the evening so that they could watch the night sky with him. Doremi is quick to accept this offer and a while later they head back to the Villa to discuss the days events. 

When it is late and nobody else is out playing anymore, Majorika and Lala take their own time to go and enjoy a round of Tennis. Majorika insists that she happens to be very good at it, but it turns out that Lala happens to be an excellent player and quickly wins.

The ojamajo enjoy the night sky with Yutaka when they spot the cute little charm in his pocket. At first he is a bit flustered, but he goes on to confess that the charm has been a good luck charm for him. An upperclass student gave it to him and explains that it will give him courage to confess to a girl he likes. But the charm hasn't helped him at all; instead bad things keep on happening. The girls can't help but compare him to Doremi afterwards, then they leave to try to give Yutaka and Doremi some privacy. 

Unfortunately... nobody said anything and soon it's time to go. The girls take turns using the ladder to get off of the roof, but as Doremi tries to talk, Yutaka is distracted with Aiko and accidentally causes Doremi to fall off of the last few steps of the ladder. She is very upset that they were unable to get any sort of confession from Yutaka and begin to make their way back to the Villa. Hazuki and Aiko then go on to point out their suspicions involving Yutaka's charm. They think it may be cursed, but since it is too late to do anything, they will wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, Majorika and Lala decide to leave in order to pay a visit to the hot springs nearby. Lala mentions that she and Majorika played tennis the night before, but when she tries to tell them how it went, Majorika rushes her, so she takes off. The girls take out the Pureleine computer and with a bit of convincing, Oyajide agrees to search for the cursed items. He requests that the girls take him to the tennis court, and at first they worry it may just be useless but they do not have much choice anyway, since Yutaka will also be there.

So they sneakily check everything but are unable to find the charm or anything else of suspicion in his gym bag. They head to the locker room and check to see if the charm is in there, and AIko happens to find it after they open his locker; where the charm proceeds to fall out. Oyajide confirms that it is in fact a cursed item and the girls are quick to transform and use magic to remove the cursed card from it. They add it to the Pureleine computer and then hurry to return the charm, letting Doremi wait for Yutaka to come to the lobby.  

When he does, Doremi asks Yutaka if there is anything he would like to say to her, and he takes this opportunity to ask her to come on a walk with him. Hazuki and Aiko take this opportunity to follow them in secret.

Yutaka asks Doremi if she likes anybody, to which Doremi points out she doesn't and he asks if he could confess to her. Doremi assumes its to her, so she tells him it is fine. Instead of him confessing, she asks what kind of girls
Shocked 1
he likes. When he admits to liking athletic girls, Doremi is immediately crushed and realizes that Yutaka never liked her, he's been in love with Aiko!

Later, Yutaka and Aiko are out taking a walk until later when Tamaki sees the girls. Doremi begins to yell and demands an explanation as to why Aiko turned Yutaka down. Aiko mentions that she could never like a guy who can't understand her jokes, and he just was not her type. Hazuki then points out that Doremi and Yutaka both got dumped, to an angry Doremi's shock, but she also points out that Tamaki was also rejected so it's three people now. While Doremi was upset, she's a lot happier knowing that Tamaki got rejected too. Until Tamaki claims she is fine with it and walks away. 

Later on Aiko and Hazuki try to cheer Doremi up, but it does no good. Majorika claims this to be punishment because Doremi was greedy and only thought greedily while they searched for the Cursed Item. Doremi claims that Majorika didn't even do anything to help them, so she's at fault too. The episode then comes to an end as Doremi begins to cry. 


  • Cursed card, come out

Major Events

  • The ojamajo gain their second Cursed Card. 
  • Yutaka confesses his feelings for Aiko but is rejected by her.

Dub Changes

  • Poppu rubs in the fact she has so many boyfriends while the others are boy-less third graders. In the dub, Caitlin simply states that at least the girls have each other, instead.
  • Paint Edit: The entrance sign of Hazuki's villa was changed to say Griffith, Reanne's last name.
  • Majorika threatens not to forget what the ojamajo did. In the dub Patina calls them brats.
  • Tamaki offers to give the ojamajo tennis pointers if they ask her. In the dub, Josie simply agrees to play Mirabelle to 20 points.
  • Aiko asks Doremi if she fell in love again. In the dub Mirabelle asks if she's missing something.
  • Yutaka Kashiwagi is renamed Jeremy in the dub.
  • Seeing how tense things are, Hazuki points out that they rarely ever come to the villa so they should enjoy it and have fun while they can. In the dub, Reanne instead says that since Josie is distracted, they can go have fun now.
  • Doremi tells Hazuki to stop asking, while in the dub Dorie says she can't wait to find out.
  • Paint Edit: The sign behind Tamaki was blanked except for the tennis racket and tiny words next to it.
  • Paint Edit: The J on Kashiwagi's jacket is removed, oddly enough considering his dub name. The word FILE is also removed from the jacket.
  • Hazuki points out that Baya will begin to worry if they're not back soon. In the dub Reanne simply comments on the silence between Dorie and Jeremy.
  • Oyajide wants to go see the girls in the changing rooms. In the dub he claimed to be bored.
  • Skipped Scene: Oyajide's nosebleed after seeing the woman's legs.
  • Aiko asks Doremi if she ever thinks about anything other then love and guys. In the dub, Mirabelle simply states they shouldn't get ahead of themselves.
  • scene Skip: After Doremi finds out Yutaka likes Aiko, they go to the forest for a walk. In the dub, the scene is skipped to Doremi and Hazuki right after.
  • Aiko claims she isn't interested in anyone who doesn't understand her jokes. In the dub, Mirabelle simply thought of Jeremy as boring.
  • Majorika claims Doremi was looking for the cursed item with impure thoughts, which was why they didn't find it. In the dub, Patina claims it to be personal game.


  • While the girls react with shock after noise comes from Doremi's backpack, Hazuki's shoes appear lighter then they are shown to be in the next scene.
  • As Doremi watches Tamaki flirt with Yutaka, the wiring of the fence seems thicker then it was before and after this scene.


  • The shocked background behind Doremi after she realizes who Yutaka likes is the same used in the previous episode.
  • The alternate outfit Hazuki wore during "We are the pureleine" appears for the second and last time in the series.