As a funny and cute styled anime, Ojamajo Doremi has it's fair share of comical and not-so comical injuries throughout the series.

Season One


Image Character Episode Description
Keisuke 1 Keisuke tried to get out of his chores. So Haruka beat him up and yanked him into another room.
Kotake 1 Doremi grabs his ear and yells in it.
Doremi 1 Crashes face-first into the soccer field.
Doremi 1 Falls over after Majorika yells at her.
Igarashi, Maki 1 Igarashi scrapes his knee while playing Soccer. With the charm she bought Maki transfers the injury to herself.
Doremi 1 Gets hit in the face with the soccer ball and loses conciousness.
Doremi 2 Crashes into a tree, then falls out of it and into a bush.
Doremi 2 Crash lands behind a garbage at school after she hits the roof.
Keisuke 2 Haruka beats him up when dinner approaches.
Doremi 3 In her shrunken butterfly form, Doremi flies into Aiko's door.
Doremi 4 Majorika yells at her again and makes her fall.
Keisuke 5 Haruka strangles him when he tries to leave.
Majorika 5 She flies off of the table when Doremi yells at her.
Kotake 5 He falls from a ladder trying to save his puppy.
Doremi 5 Doremi gets tied up into the air by rope and hangs upside down. Just as it feels hopeless, she falls to the ground. 
Nobuko 6 She lies to get out of cleaning duty at school by claiming to feel sick.
Aiko 6 She runs into Yuki-sensei at school and they both fall down.
Majorika 6 Gets crushed by Aiko in a fit of rage.
Nobuko 6 Trips when fleeing the Maho-do area to avoid being seen by Aiko.
Tatekawa 6 Doremi, in Puppy Form yanks on his face.
Doremi 7 Faints after she sees her terrible test score.
Doremi 7 Gets her face sucked on by the Vaccum.
Daifuku manager 7 She bangs her head on the counter after Pop tries to bargain with her.
Doremi 8 Claims to have a bad headache
Doremi 8 Gets the witch world book shoved into her face.
Dodo 8 Runs into a mirror at the end of the episode.
Dodo 9 Dodo was thrown out of the bird nest and lands on the ground.
Dodo 9 Flies into the bottom part of a large metal bridge and faints, landing on a passing truck.
Tamaki 10 Gets hit with a ball to the back of the head.
Dela 10 Gets stuck in a vase she tried to pop out of and falls to the ground.
Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko 10 The trio fall down after the door they were leaning on gets opened.


  • In episode 11, Kimura falls over and Hazuki notics he has a fever.
  • At the end of the episode the ojamajo fall over on top of each other
  • In episode 12 after Doremi mistakens what everyone is discussing, Aiko and Hazuki head-desk into their clay.
  • Doremi's chair falls back after she leans back too far.
  • Daichi falls over while practicing his soccer playing multiple times. The final time he lands on the ball and gets tangled in the net.
  • Doremi is incidentally strangled by Aiko when she hugs her. 
  • In episode 13, Doremi has a bad dream where she is shoved off of a cliff side and falls into drainage pipes.
  • Doremi falls down the steps
  • Doremi goes into shock after she sees how poorly she did on a school exam. She remains passed out for sometime after.
  • Hazuki falls off of her broom out of surprise, inches from the ground.
  • Aiko and Doremi both fall to the ground during the second part of the witch exam.
  • Near the beginning of episode 14, Naomi hits the SOS with her arms and chokes them.
  • At the intro in episode 15, Majorika trips.
  • Doremi falls off of her seat when Pop comes into the maho-dou.
  • When Majorika falls, she bounces on the ground once before Pop catches her.
  • In her sleep, Pop ends up crushing and choking Majorika with her legs/feet.
  • Doremi feigns a stomach ache to leave class.
  • Doremi falls from the kindergarten roof into a bush
  • In episode 16, after the tank cracks, the ojamajo are washed down the steps.
  • In episode 17, As the ojamajo land in the warehouse, Doremi falls off of her broom upon landing.
  • Yada punches Seki-sensei in the stomach when he gets angry.
  • In episode 18, the focal point of the episode is the fact that Lulu (dog) got hit by a truck.
  • At one point Hazuki has a big bolder land on her head.
  • When fleeing from Dela, Majorika ends up smacking right into one of the shelf doors and thrown to the ground.
  • Dela drops Majorika to the floor.
  • The ojamajo fall over after realizing how easy it was to become level 7 apprentice.
  • The giant flower chasing the ojamajo falls to the ground.
  • The rabbit Nanako was keeping for the weekened, Lulu, was attacked by the Mean Cat.
  • Lulu knocks the garbage pail over and it lands on her. 
  • While trying to stop Hazuki from casting forbidden magic, Doremi and Aiko fall to the ground.
  • Hazuki uses forbidden magic in order to heal Lulu. Which leads her to get sick.
  • In episode 19, Doremi ends up momentarily choking on breakfast.
  • One of the brothers hits the other for his gun play.
  • In episode 20, Majorika gets thrown to the floor when she tries to flee Dela.
  • Doremi ends up shoving Majorika into a drawer and crushes her while trying to keep it shut from her mom.
  • Majorika shoves Doremi to the floor right after.
  • Doremi falls off of the swing
  • Episode 21, Tamaki ends up passing out because of the weight and heat coming from the outfit she had on.
  • Another student got sick from eating too much of the bread he likes.
  • After the ojamajo tease Majorika, the episode ends when she begins to chase them. Given how it looks as the episode ends, Hazuki was about to fall on her face.
  • Episode 22, Majorika is flung onto a nearby window by incident.
  • As a result of the bad magic spreading, Haruka ends up hurting her back, Baaya gains a fever, and Kouji is really tired and working himself sick.
  • When Majoruka gets angry it's enough to send the bat to the floor.
  • In episode 23, Kouji trips over the garbage cans after he exits his taxi.
  • Haruka falls over after Doremi thinks her mother won the best prize in the lottery.
  • Kouji smacks Aiko
  • Keisuke ends up twisting his ankle
  • The ojamajo each end up with bleeding hands from using the axe for so long.


  • In 24, Majoruka and her staff get beaten up by angry customers after she yells at them with enough force to knock them out of the shop.
  • Majoruka crushes Hehe while they argue over her crystal ball.
  • Majorika falls to the floor while hopping towards her crystal ball.
  • Majoruka is knocked unconcious when an object makes contact with her head.
  • In 25, Poppu summons giant pudding and it falls on everyone.
  • While flying on her broom, Pop nearly runs over Doremi causing her to fall onto the ground.
  • As he falls asleep, Kimitake runs head first into the jungle gym.
  • Kimitaka takes a hard pillow to the face.
  • During episode 26, Kanae falls off of the chin up bars and twist her ankle.
  • Kanae mentions her mother being in a car accident. While it wasn't serious she has to stay at the hospital.
  • Dela pushes on Majorika's head when she sees the beckoning cat.
  • In 27, The main character of Hazuki's dads film was injured.
  • During episode 28, Lala had been squished up against Majorika.
  • Majorika runs right into the door as Doremi closes it, then falls to the ground.
  • Doremi spins Tamaki around, then gently smacks Tamaki with her tennis racket to make her stop.
  • Doremi smacks Hazuki's back roughly.
  • Doremi accidentally hits Hazuki so hard that she falls off the bench!
  • Lala incidentally smashes Majorika into the wire-fencing of the tennis court when she serves the ball.
  • Doremi falls near the bottom of the ladder.
  • Oyajide gets a nosebleed, then falls over a moment later.
  • In episode 29, Majorika gets hit with a dart
  • The pickpocket runs into both Doremi and Seki-sensei, knocking them both down.
  • Doremi as a horse is kicked by the heel of a shoe in order to start running
  • Yuki-sensei's friend is thrown off of Doremi when she speeds up to grab her tap
  • After grabbing her tap Doremi falls down the rest of the hill
  • Doremi and Kotake collide near the end of the episode. 
  • The robber falls onto Kotake's skateboard, then face plants onto the ground.
  • In episode 30, Aiko and Doremi are forced to tackle Hazuki to keep her from running away!
  • Hazuki bowls everyone over after she is sent into a panic.
  • Shimakura is sent thrown to the side after someone runs by her.
  • During ep 31, Doremi finds Pop with her eyes taped open. Causing them to look very red and aggitated.
  • Pop slaps Doremi hard enough to send her flying down to the floor and leave a red mark.
  • While on Doremi's head, Majorika beats on with her tiny fists.
  • (no injuries to report in 32)


  • In ep 33, Poppu squeezes Majorika, almost choking her. Happens twice.
  • Majorika angrily bounces around the maho-do before crushing Lala.
  • Doremi drops the baton and while trying to catch it, it hits her knee.
  • The sacks holding the balls burst and hits the younger children.
  • While cheerleading, Potan accidentally knocks down every girl surrounding her in a chain of mistakes.
  • Sachi ends up tripping and getting stuck during the relay race.
  • Some kids wind up rolled over with a giant ball.
  • Few kids fly into the picnic area.
  • Both sets of pyramids fall down!
  • Mid-way through the episode, a whole bunch of students are shown lined up at the nurses station.
  • Pop grabs Majorika in a hurry to get back to the festival.
  • All of the parents get hurt during the rope pulling event.
  • Doremi hurts her knee after she collides with the line drawer.
  • As Doremi and Aiko join the race, they knock Tamaki and Shimakura to the side.
  • In ep 34, Sugiyama runs into Aiko's mom.
  • Doremi mentions that Aiko hit Kotake with a ball while they work. 
  • Aiko's memory of getting hurt and winding up in the hospital comes up during this episode.
  • Aiko trips/falls after running from her mothers house.
  • In episode 35, Doremi head desks/bangs her head on her classroom desk.
  • Tamaki claims not to feel good and leaves to go home.
  • Doremi falls over when its announced she lost.
  • In episode 36, Majorika is knocked unconcious by the yousei's ball of clay.
  • Dodo is also knocked unconcious from spinning so much.
  • Doremi is run over by a hoard of boys that go to speak to Onpu.
  • The ojamajo get beat up trying to wake Poppu.
  • Dodo falls to the ground asleep.
  • Doremi is painfully yanked through the hole in the wall the ojamajo made. And then Aiko pulls so hard, they both are sent flying to the ground.
  • Doremi and Dodo struggle to run right and they both crash to the ground. Happens twice.
  • Hazuki falls to the ground in the dream world after she is knocked unconcious when Aiko kicks her in the face with her foot.
  • In ep 37, The seperated witch frog ends up smacking her head repeatedly on the stairs.
  • When the witch frog is shown a little later, she has two bumps on her head obviously having recieved another injury.
  • Onpu ends up giving Oyajide a nosebleed. Then he froze so she simply shut him off.
  • One witch frog asks the ojamajo to fly slower, as one is getting sick.
  • Doremi trips when she runs over to be in the cameras shot.
  • In episode 38, Doremi yells so loudly it sends Majorika flying back.
  • After Doremi wakes up from her nightmare, Seki-sensei's face collides with the chalkboard.
  • Ryota is playing with a bunch of little kids and they eventually cause him to fall over when they jump on his tail.
  • Doremi jumps off of one of the shape things but ends up falling straight to the ground, face first.
  • Aiko accidentally hits Doremi and causes her to collide with her clay piece.
  • Doremi incidentally runs over one of the little kids until Hazuki shoves her to the side.
  • In ep 39, Doremi falls to the ground, then rolls right off of the piece she had been standing on.
  • Doremi rolls off of the piece again and face plants the ground.
  • As she leaves down the hill, one of Mika's skate straps comes loose and she almosts collides with a tree. But Shuzou got in the way, so instead she collided with him and his back hit the tree, causing them to both fall down.
  • Doremi yanks on Majorika's face, pinching it.
  • Majorika beats Shizou and Majoruka up.
  • In episode 40, the ojamajo once again take a beating trying to wake Pop.
  • In 41, Pop throws Majorika down after smelling alchohol.
  • While chasing her classmate, Doremi ends up running past him and into a pole...
  • In ep 42, The vice-principal yanks Onpu around by her wrist early on in the episode.
  • After Dela insults Majorika, Majorika falls to the floor.
  • After being startled by Kota's sudden movement Shimakura falls to the floor.
  • The six boys end up fighting violently. Then the ojamajo end up momentarily involved in this fight.
  • The ojamajo try to run away and end up tripping over the fence and fall in a bundled heap.


  • In 43, Aiko violently mentions what she'd like to do to her dad.
  • It's mentioned that Shiori can attend school again because she's healthy enough.
  • Tamaki's dad reveals an incident when Tamaki was still really little and she accidentally pulls a very hot cup of coffee on herself. Causing her to be rushed to the hospital from the burns.
  • Then a while later, he smacked her after she almost fell over the fencing of the upper deck in their vila because of careless-ness.
  • Shiori was getting sick and feverish and had to be rushed to the hospital once the adults found the girls.
  • Tamaki's dad slaps her after she struggles to try to get away from him.
  • In 44, Kotake is forced into submission as Mutsumi locks onto his arm.
  • Mutsumi's brother painfully grabs onto her leg/lower half.
  • Candy had her opponent locked by the leg.
  • Candy falls down when her shoelace gets tangled in the ropes.
  • Mutsumi is knocked down
  • Aiko falls over after she holds up a very heavy pair of weights.
  • Candy and her opponent are both knocked down, then her opponent bit her arm and bends her leg painfully. 
  • Candy kicks her opponent, then manages to pin her down and win the fight!
  • In 45, Doremi ends up running into a man, causing them to both fall over.
  • The ojamajo find the old man in front of the maho-do. Slumped down and weak.
  • Majorika falls from the upper-floor of the Maho-do and bounces around, landing front on her face.
  • Doremi gets beaten up by Pop, again. But this time has a black eye and bloody nose.
  • Doremi falls to the ground after being crushed by a present bag.
  • In ep 46, Doremi's chair falls over as she reaches for Dela.
  • Michiaki mentions that his dad twisted his back.
  • Aiko momentarily knocks Michiaki unconcious when she hits him with the magicians stick.
  • Michiaki is knocked over when he pulls on the flags from his top hat
  • In 47, The ojamajo are knocked over when everyone rushes on stage/into the room.
  • Lala and Hehe get into a violent scuffle when they both start arguing with each other.
  • As the episode ends, Kouji seems to be inches from falling to the ground as he tries catching Aiko.
  • In episode 49, Aiko and Doremi play around by playfully yanking on each other.
  • When Hazuki points out the time, Aiko and Doremi collide with her causing them to fall to the floor.
  • Onpu falls down a set of stairs.
  • In episode 50, Aiko and Hazuki wind up in a heap on the floor because of how tired they are.
  • The girls run past Dela, causing her to get dizzy.
  • Onpu simply shoves Majorika to the ground with her broom.
  • A big stone lands on Hazuki's head after she realizes she forgot to use magic.
  • Doremi bangs into a structure while chasing a bird. She ends up skinning her knee.
  • Majoruka falls over when Onpu teases her.
  • Kouji is knocked over by the girls mothers.
  • In 51, Onpu falls over after the curse takes over and passes out.
  • The ojamajo head desk the table before Aiko slams her fist into it.
  • The ojamajo fall over when Majorika yells at them.
  • Majorika falls to the floor after reverting to her witch frog form.
  • Poppu collides with the ground as she flies to the magical stage location.
  • Pop crushes Majorika while hugging her near the end of the episode.

Sharp/Ojamajo Doremi #

1 - 12

  • When Doremi and Majorika meet, Majorika suddenly yells at her, causing her to fall backwards.
  • In episode 2, Hazuki is momentarily knocked unconscious when a can of powder collides with her head.
  • Doremi's mother reveals she had attempted and contemplated suicide many times until realizing she was pregnant with Doremi.
  • In ep 3, Yada-kun falls over after Doremi plays a little joke on him
  • In ep 4, Dodo is strangled by Hana-chan
  • Hana-chan gets a terrible cold
  • Haruka slaps Doremi
  • Onpu's mother had suffered a terrible injury when she fell down a set of stairs as a child while on stage, which led to the fownfall of her career when she had gone into a state of shock. This also led to the two of them getting into a fight when Onpu wanted to perform in the same location.

13 - 23

24 - 34

35 - 49

  • Onpu uses her magic to cut Doremi loose from Puppet strings, but as a result Doremi ended up being flung forward and gain a few scratches on her face.
  • When Onpu met Tohru (her Flat 4 equivilent), only later to be attacked by Oyajide, she quickly tackled Doremi out of the way of a bunch falling planks of wood. However one ended up partially crushing her ankle, causing it to become bruised. However despite this minor injury she performed her role anyway.

Ojamajo Doremi Motto

  • Hana-chan suffers a cold/minor aches and pains and the blame is put on Momoko.
  • Onpu gets physically ill to the point of throwing up in one episode after eating something her body can't handle well. Later on in the episode she is forced to do it again, but only passes out for a few minutes instead.
  • During Gym Class Onpu ends up passing out and is forced to rest in the Nurses office.

Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan!!

  • Doremi twists her ankle when she hops into the air near the beginning of the season.

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho

  • Doremi momentarily passes out in the first episode after going through shock upon seeing her low test score.
  • Momoko is hit right in the center of her face with a baseball. Which left a big red imprint of it on it her face for a day. But she suffered no other injuries from this.
  • Fami-chan ends up falling multiple times, and hit with a heavy ball in the face/head while hiding in a bush during the final episode/episode 13.
  • Non-chan had Cancer and ends up dying at the end of episode 12.
  • In one episode when Onpu was accused of breaking a classmates instruement a flashback shows her during a race the class was in when she fell and suffered minor scrapes and bruises as a result. She did get up and continue to reach Aiko however. Which allowed them to win.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

  • Doremi became distracted by a hair pin coming loose and trips down the stairs.
  • Majorika spanks Hana-chan, as revealed during chapter 2 when she tells Doremi the reason she was allowed to come back to the Human World.
  • Onpu's mother worked too hard and it made her suffer a minor stroke. But she is said to be recovering from it.


(Injuries that do not occur in the light novel, or any part of the anime or movies should be listed here.)

  • During the Dokkan opening, near the ending of it Doremi trips, causing the other ojamajo to laugh at her.
  • During the Motto opening, Majo Rika gets kicked by Lala for eating all the cookies and then towards the end, she gets hit in the face by the camera.
  • During the Motto eyecatch, Doremi gets freaked out that there is two of her and then she tries to run away, only for the two to smash into the background behind them.
  • During the original eyecatch in the first season, after Dodo hops onto the lever of the cash register, Majorika is shot at the screen! In the second part of it, Dodo hits the lever with her head.