Lies and Truth in Flower Language
Marina Sharp Op
Japanese Title 意地っぱりとデイジーの花ことば

Ijippari to Deijī no Hanakotoba

Season Sharp
Episode № 6 (57)
Air Date March 12, 2000
Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
Next Episode Hana-chan's Health Examination
Previous Episode So Long, Oyajiide

Opening Clip

Marina is outside tending to the school flower garden while watching the Soccer team and other students play on the track below. 


After Kimura insults Marina she struggles to deal with her feelings and begins to close herself towards others. 


Marina smiling

The boys are busy playing Soccer when Kimura stops to greet Marina. He thinks that tending to the flowers every day like this must be tough, but she thinks he may feel the same way when it comes to soccer practice. He comments on the flowers and she begins to remind him of a year ago, then discusses flower language and the meaning for Daisies. They are interrupted by the SOS Trio; who start teasing Marina and Kimura by claiming they are a couple. This flusters Marina, but highly offends Kimura and he calls her ugly before storming off while saying he hates her. 

Later on at the Maho-do the girls are busy working when Marina stops over for a visit to look at the flowers. Hazuki explains what they are when Doremi asks her for help regarding the millions of seed packets she has. Marina is able to quickly deciphers each pack and makes sure to tell Doremi of each one, but she struggles to remember after noticing how upset Marina looks. The girls question her on it, but she insists on being fine before taking off. Hazuki is still concerned though, so she tries to follow behind Marina to get her to open up a little more to her. 

They reach a bench nearby and sit down to begin discussing the situation. Hazuki is very easily able to determine that it has to do with Kimura though, like last time, and she gets pretty angry after Marina explains what happened to her earlier. Unknown to them, Doremi and Aiko have also trailed behind them and listen from the bushes. 

The next day Kimura is preparing to leave when he runs into the three angry Ojamajo. He asks why they are there and when they demand he apologizes he simply refuses before leaving. He sees that Marina has not shown up up, and throughout practice he continues to watch for her. After practice comes to an end, he just accidentally happens to run into Marina afterwards and notices that she is holding a watering can. At first Marina tries to be nice and greets him, but when the SOS show up again to mock them once more, he storms of again. 

The girls have been watching from overhead as this goes on, and Hazuki wonders if maybe Kimura may be too embarrassed to admit his feelings to Marina with so many people around. So they decide to use their magic, first Hazuki casts a spell to make sure Marina and Kimura will wind up on the same path. Then Doremi uses her magic to summon cows; something that surprises Aiko until Doremi explains on television that a lot of cows tend to do this, but Aiko points out that she has only summoned three cows. 

Before they can really think of much to do though, the girls spot Kimura nearby and quickly run into a bush to hide. Kimura turns away when he spots the cows, so Doremi summons even more until he starts to panic and tries to make an escape. He runs through a big bush and winds up bumping into Marina; but when he tries to explain what is going on she takes off. 

The girls decide to head back to the Maho-do for advice after, but Majorika does not even care. Onpu, who has shown up points out to them that this is something they can't use their magic to solve. Even if they feel bad and want to help, it is something only Marina and Kimura can work out. Their discussion is interrupted soon after when a customer comes in, so they resume getting to work. 

Kimura is on his way home when he spots Yada-kun practicing his trumpet. It is clear he wants to speak to him, but Yada decides to leave after an awkward silence. Kimura stops him and forces himself to talk about his problem, which Yada is able to figure out with ease before convincing Kimura with his blunt behavior to just apologize. Kimura does take his words to heart but he has no idea how to go about it. 

At work Hazuki finds herself too distracted and worried over Marina to focus. 

Kimura has run to Misora City's Flower Shop but to his annoyance it is already closed for the day. He tries another shop but they happen to be out of the daisies he was looking for and is told they will not get another stock for two weeks. He runs around while thinking of earlier, then back to a year ago when he and Marina had officially became friends. 

Unknowingly, Hana-chan is floating around outside of the Green House when she comes to a small field of shut yellow flowers. Doremi runs by in a panic when she finds Hana missing, causing Hazuki much alarm before they quickly begin to search for her.

As this goes on Kimura happens to come by the Maho-do. He tries to get the girls to pay him attention, but he goes unnoticed when they eventually spot Hana-chan. He tries to tell the girls how important this is and follows them outside to spot the huge field of flowers. Amongst it is a single daisy; the one plant he has been searching for this entire time.  

Later on Kimura goes over to the Koizumi household and tries to get Marina to speak to him. At first she shuts the door on him and stands by it, only to open it just a little to see a daisy inside of a decorative pot being held by Kimura. He apologizes for his behavior the past few days and she slowly accepts the gift; explaining to him the true meaning of daisies: Truth. 


  • Come out, construction sign
  • Come out, cows
  • Come out, even more cows


  • When Kotake and Ryota congradulate Kimura on his good shot, Ryota's one thumb is discolored.
  • As Kimura sees Marina mid-way through the episode, his eyes lack the black part/iris.