Level four exam is Dododododo!
Rabbit and Turtle
Japanese Title 四級試験はドドドドドー!

Yon-kyū Shiken wa Do-do-do-do-dō!

Dub Title Obstacle Schmob-stacle
Season Season 1
Episode № 36
Air Date October 10, 1999 (JP)

January 15, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi

Hideki Hiroshima

Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode There's a lot of Witch Frogs!
Previous Episode The Transfer student is a Witch Apprentice?!


Doremi runs on a long pathway dressed up as a turtle. She is sure that she's doing fine at her own pace until she spots Onpu, dressed in a rabbit suit while riding her broom. Doremi thinks she will win because the hard-working turtle will keep going while the rabbit naps. But Onpu, as the rabbit points out that she doesn't like to take naps; which causes Doremi to fall over as the scenery keeps spinning. 


The fourth exam is coming up and the Ojamajo have to do it doubled with their Yousei, will they manage to pass and beat the Tortoise and the Hare?


As the yousei are playing, the ojamajo discuss the events from earlier. They are very disappointed that Onpu is a rival witch apprentice and Majorika scolds Doremi after she mentions that she should have tried to use magic to win the audition. Majorika reminds her how dangerous forbidden magic is, and the consequences can be very scary. But because Majorika doesn't know what the consequence is, the girls find it hard to take seriously. But they do decide to warn Onpu anyway; hoping that maybe she just does not know it was forbidden. 

Throught the school day the girls try to speak to Onpu in private about the magic, but they are unable to; due to how many classmates Onpu consistantly has swarming her during free time. At the end of the school day, Onpu says goodbye to everyone and the girls finally get their chance to speak to her; but they hardly get to say anything, because her ride has arrived and she has to go for work. 

That evening, Pop plans on trying very hard to stay awake. She knows that she can't rely on Doremi this time since she failed to get her up last time, so she attempts to go and make some coffee to keep her awake. But before she can drink any, their mother catches her and forces her back to bed while Pop protests and quickly falls to sleep.

In her bedroom, Doremi transforms into her apprentice outfit and goes to wake up Pop. Only to stop when she sees that Hazuki and Aiko have come to lend a hand. This is easier said then done however, and they arive late and beat up. They explain that they couldn't wake up Pop and Majorika tells them to just stop since she can immagine what happened just by looking at them. 

They go into the
Yousei Bed
magical world and find Mota and MotaMota waiting for them outside of their exams booth. Before they say anything they use their magic to summon the yousei before they head to the test location once the yousei change into their normal forms. 

The girls are surprised to find that a massive crowd of witches have shown up to watch their fourth exam. It is explained that the ojamajo will have to race against the Tortoise and the Hare and partner up with their yousei. The girls are also warned that they will not be allowed to use magic to mess up anyone participating in the race; only for obstacles. They also cannot use their brooms, but Doremi is not worried since she assumes the Tortoise and Hare will be slow and lazy, but this turns out to be further from the truth. Even Majorika and Lala are shocked and they find it unfair, but since nothing can be done the girls are on their own. 

The girls reach their first obstacle; a giant wall that they are not allowed to summon their brooms to use. Aiko informs the other two that they can just use their magic, so Hazuki casts a spell to make a hole in the wall, so that they can just crawl through it; which works until Doremi goes through and gets her odango stuck. Aiko is quick to begin tugging and yanking Doremi out while Hazuki tries to tell them to just enlarge the hole. Her words go unnoticed and eventually Aiko and Doremi both land on the ground with enough yanking. 

Next they run into Majopon, who informs them they have to have a three legged race with their yousei. Aiko and Hazuki are fine but Doremi struggles greatly until so far when they are able to change back to normal. When Doremi complains over being tired, Onpu then shows up. They ask why she has come, and she just flat-out tells them that Majoruka wanted her to come and mess up their exam. Onpu then comments on how cute their yousei look before she reveals that her own yousei, Roro isn't there right now. They both just do what they want, so Roro is just off watching television somewhere.

The girls then make an attempt to try to tell Onpu about forbidden magic, but to their shock Onpu is already well-aware, she just doesn't care very much. She reveals her special charm Majoruka made for her, and she explains that it protects her from the bad magic. So Onpu reminds them of the exam and then takes off. 

The girls eventually come to a row of twin beds and find the Tortoise and Hare asleep. They think this is a chance to sneak by, but Majopon stops them to inform the girls that this is the final obstacle. They have to go to sleep and enter the dream gardens to locate the rare butterfly hiding there. While Doremi and Aiko are able to get to sleep, Hazuki isn't very comfortable and struggles until she is knocked out when Aiko accidentally hits her. In the Dream Garden the girls see many butterflies but they have no idea which one they need to find; so they just attempt to chase after a bunch until their yousei manage to sneak up behind a butterfly sitting on a flower. They grab it and the girls are woken up to continue; which allows them to get into the lead since the Tortoise and Hare have not caught their own yet. 

The ojamajo are coming to the end of the race when they find that the Tortoise and Hare are quickly approaching from behind. They try to run as fast as they can but the girls are unable to run very fast. Dodo inspires Doremi on an idea to win the race and she remembers how the yousei played baseball earlier. They grab their yousei into their hands and proceed to throw them across the finish line to win the race for them. Everyone cheers for the girls and they are congradulated. 

As they are recieving their rewards for this, Onpu happens to stop by again and comments on the event before taking off. 

The girls then begin to discuss Pop, who is shown to still be passed out in bed, talking her sleep... 


  • Make a hole appear in the wall

Major Events

  • At some point the yousei either learned how to change clothes, or they learned to transform into alternate outfits. 
  • The Ojamajo pass the 4th exam. 
  • Onpu has passed the 4th exam. 

Dub Changes

  • Scene Skip: Majorika leads the ojamajo on before admitting she doesn't know the answer. Dorie only says part of Doremi's line before the scene skips right to school.
  • Doremi can't get through the hole because of her odango. In the dub her hair is called "pigtails". 
  • The witch is called Onee-san (older sister) by the ojamajo. In the dub she is simply the Witch Tester. 
  • Onpu talks about Roro, while in the dub Ellie just discusses how her previous day went. 
  • Onpu decides she's going to go shop for a while, in the dub she plans to go and fix her wardrobe for an upcoming music video.


  • As Lala states how bad using magic on peoples minds is, notice the lack of detailing with her hand. 
  • At the first shot of the classroom, Itoko's sleeves are the same color as her dress. They should really be pale lilac.
  • Before going into the magic world, Hazuki's tap is missing it's center piece.
  • As Onpu discusses Roro, her tap lacks detailing and it remains the entire scene (except for an up close shot of her charm) This alos happens to the Ojamajo until they resume their exam.
    • This also happens again when the ojamajo run forward and find the beds.
    • In each of the three cheering/clapping scenes, the two ojamajo in back are missing their tap details.
    • This happens a final time before they get the idea to throw their yousei.
  • Mota and Motamota lack mouthes when they say the ojamajo are late.
  • When Onpu shows up to see everyone before the exam begins, it's hard to make out but a part of her hair isn't colored in.
  • While Doremi laments after the yousei show up, Dodo appears bigger then she should be. This happens a few more times during the episode.
  • Before Hazuki lands on the ground, her glasses lack the opaque quality they normally gain when she's shocked, and her tap is also lacking in quality.


  • Roro is mentioned in this episode but she does not make an appearance until the final episode of the season. She also gains a formal introduction in the first episode of Sharp.
  • This is the first time the 4th exam appears. It would come back again during Sharp (which Pop partakes in), and finally in Dokkan (Hana-chan).
  • Doremi's meet with Onpu during the opening of the episode is exactly like how it happens in the episode, however they're not in costume.


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