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Laura Benex

Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Imai
 Laura Benex is the granddaughter of Majotourbillon.



As a little girl Laura had large brown eyes and light brown hair worn short in a style reminiscent of pigtails. Her brangs were brushed to the side and held with a clam-shaped clip. She wore a lilac dress with mauve accenting over a white puffy shirt, along with brown shoes, each with a black bow. When it was cold out she would wear a scarf.

As an adult, Laura's hair appears slightly thicker and the cowlick that stuck up now hangs loose with her bangs. She wore a similiar outfit as the dress from childhood, but wears a white cloak over it.


Laura is a cute girl who loves cats, especially Baba. At first she was close with her family, but while growing up grew apart from them and broke ties.




  • She has five siblings (MarianneNataschaAngelaIngridRoy).
  • Her mother died early, so her grandmother took care of her.
  • Majotourbillon made her a scarf with Baba on it.


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