"If you make me laugh from the bottom of my heart, I'll forgive you..."

Laugh and Forgive Me!?
Opening cry
Japanese Title 笑って許して!?

Waratte Yurushite!?

Dub Title A tall order
Season Season 1
Episode № 14
Air Date May 9, 1999 (JP)

December 10, 2005 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode Majo Rika Goes to Kindergarten
Previous Episode Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam


The opening shows someone in a dark room holding a ruffled outfit. The camera shifts to a sad girl who begins to cry while holding a dress. She then says, Idiot, to no one but herself as it draws to an end.


Normally the SOS trio's jokes are all in good natured fun when one day they insult the tallest girl in class, Okuyama, who happens to be very insecure reguarding her looks. 



 In P.E. the girls and boys have divided for a game of basketball. The boys are doing a lot better and the girls are having trouble keeping up until the tallest girl in class happens to steal the ball away from them, right before they can score. With some aid from Marina the girls manage to win the game. Which makes them all happy, and the guys feel quite annoyed, along with Tamaki; who is very unimpressed and only thinks that cool girls are the ones who can be popular with boys.   The SOS go into the equipment room to clean up while Sagawa is getting an earful from the other two members. He was the one who let them down, but he claims it to be Okuyama's fault and they begin to tease her when she shows up with the other girls. She grabs onto all of them and begins to choke them until they surrendered and promise to quit, then they run off after she releases them, so she gives chase. The ojamajo simply watch from nearby and comment on how this is a frequent occurrence. 


Later on everyone is on their way home while discussing how cool they think Okuyama is. She doesn't seem to agree, but Doremi tries to explain how her height is a good thing. Okuyama only points out the problems with being so tall, and complains over how quick she tends to outgrow her clothing pretty often. She then brings up her birthday and mentions how she doesn't have anything nice to wear for it, so the girls get inspired and come up with an idea to let her borrow something from Hazuki, since she gets a lot of outfits from her mother and doesn't even wear them. 

But finding the right outfit takes some time...

Eventually the girls settle on something by asking Okuyama what she would like to wear. She begins to describe a dress she used to wear when she was younger and draws a picture of it for them. This once again gives the girls some inspiration and they claim to have seen something similar in Hazuki's closet. They run back into it and explain the idea to Hazuki, who casts a spell to make the dress after she transforms. 

Soon enough, the party arrives. Everyone is surprised by how different Okuyama happens to look wearing a dress, but they all think she looks nice. The party ends a while later and Okuyama has said goodbye to everyone and offers to walk the Ojamajo home. They claim to be fine though, and they are seen by the SOS Trio, who quickly begin to harass and criticize the way Okuyama looks in her dress. 


This upsets the ojamajo and they quickly yell at the boys until everyone sees that Okuyama has began to cry. Upset over what has occured, Okuyama takes off and the girls begin to tell off Sagawa for being so rude and mean. He claims that he didn't do anything wrong though, causing the girls to chase after them until they are able to lose them.

The next day in school comes along and Okuyama is running late. But when she finally shows up they assume she's just fine and watch as she starts a discussion with the ojamajo.

As the SOS attempt to put on their usual act, none of the girls are amused and Okuyama leaves. Hazuki tries to suggest that they apologize, and this time Sagawa is willing to attempt that much since he has began to see how upsetting this is. But
Okuyama ignores it and mentions how hurt they made her feel, so they cannot forgive them unless they are able to make her truly laugh. They assume this to be easy but it proves not to be easy at all... 

The ojamajo go to the Maho-do and attempt to think up a good idea with Lala as they make crafts. They get inspired and attempt to cast magic in hopes of fixing things and leave to find the SOS once again trying to put on a funny act. They try to make them funny, but their magic just can't fix their terrible jokes!

Suddenly, a bunch of frogs begin to appear. They begin to circle the SOS when Sagawa takes off the frogs follow him. He runs into the school and up the nearby set of steps only to bump into Okuyama and hide behind her.

Unfortunately, Okuyama is afraid of frogs too and they have no choice but to flee. They run through janitorial equipment, a science class skeleton, and other objects until the two of them are cornered at the top of the school building. They see a ladder and climb up it while the frogs begin to vanish. On the nearby roof, Doremi and Co are watching the scene from nearby as the other two SOS members show up. Okuyama and Sagawa take a moment while trying to figure out just what the heck happened, but when Okuyama sees how Sagawa looks, she can't help but laugh!

He starts to laugh as well, all though the ojamajo still do not understand they are happy the problem has been solved anyway.

The next day at school the SOS trio begin to once again try to be funny. Resulting in Okuyama chasing after them. The ojamajo are happy everything is fixed, but note how everything is exactly the same as it was to begin with.

Spells used

  • Make a dress like the drawing
  • To make the SOS trio's act funny

Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Naomi Okuyama, The SOS trio (more specifically Sagawa).


  • Aiko: Thats the best you got?
  • Doremi: So cold... *cringes*
  • Hazuki: *sighs* instead of lame jokes, why don't you apologize to Okuyama-san?

  • Doremi: I'm afraid its impossible for SOS to make Okuyama-san laugh from her heart.

  • Doremi: They're all the same...
  • Hazuki: Yeah.
  • Aiko: I wish they would stop.

Dub Changes

Laugh and Forgive me?//Dub Changes


  • Missing glove
    At the 7:19 mark of the episode, the group examining the notebook seem oddly drawn. 
  • While Doremi comments on how impossible it seems to make Okuyama laugh, Hazuki's one pupil looks much bigger then the other one.
  • As the Ojamajo stare in shock while in Witch form, Aiko's hand is skin colored when it should be her glove.
  • When Okuyama starts to laugh after seeing how dirty she and Sagawa look, the two thin noodles hanging over her face are brown, like the thick ones. They are supposed to be light, as they appear in the next shot. 
  • Before Sagawa and Okuyama reach the roof top, notice his shirt lacks any of the markings except for those on his shoulders.
    • Also note they are red in color when they should be yellow.