Dub Name Laralie
Gender Female
Theme Color White
Debut I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice!
Voice Actors
Japanese Megumi Takamura
English Andi Whaley

Lala is Majorika's full-grown Fairy. She helps Majorika and the girls with work and always provides a level-headed and optimistic view on things, as well as helping the other fairies learn how to use their abilities. 



Lala has fair skin and light purple eyes. Her long blonde hair is wavy and waist length, and she wears a white conical hat with her short bangs sticking out from the bottom. On either side of the head is a curled strand. She wears a white one-piece with a green gem on it and pieces of mint fabric on her waist. She has sheer mint fabric covering her legs. She wears a single bracelet and a bangle beneath her left shoulder.

In cat form Lala is pure white with a long, thin tail and very curly whiskers.


At first Lala appeared intimidating and stoic, but not for long. She is actually very friendly and compassionate towards others goals. She respects others and is kind enough to help when she can, whether is be advice or lending a hand, making her compareable to a parental or sibling figure.

However, she can also be stern and point out a problem if she sees it. She is wise and encourages others, although she is also on the optimistic and playful side, and likes to tease others.

Despite being level-headed, she shows a hot-tempered side around Hehe that often resorts to bickering or physical fights over trivial things or opinions. She is however, able to tolerate the lazy Baba.



Other Dub Portrayels

  • France - Blanche Revalec
  • Germany - Melanie Jung
  • Italy - Elisabetta Spinelli
  • Korea - Yoon Sora
  • Mexico - Irma Carmona
  • Phillippines - Rose Barin
  • Spain - Carmen Podio


  • In the english dub Magical Doremi, Lala is named Loralae.
  • She was the first fairy shown not to resemble her owner.
    • However, her outfit does have green on it, which does match Majorika.