Name くみこ Kumiko
Gender Female
Debut Majorika goes to Kindergarten
Voice Actors
Japanese Fumiko Miyashita

Kumiko is a classmate of Pop Harukaze as well as one of her best friends. Her other friends are Rie and Sayaka.



Kumiko is a fair-skinned little girl with big grey eyes and dark blue-black hair pulled into low pigtails with short, straight cut bangs and two thin cowlicks. Originally she wore the Sonatine uniform with a dark blue skirt. Her normal attire afterwards consists of blue suspender-dress over a pale pink shirt to match her pale pink socks.


As one of Pop's closest friends; she is usually seen hanging around with her. She is normally cheerful and perky, and enjoys fantasy stories related to princesses.


  • During episode 39 of Motto, she played Cinderella in the school play.
  • Kumiko seems to be a reference to Aiko, like how Rie is like Hazuki, and Sayaka is like Onpu.


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