Karen Morino
Karen Shy
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Fuuko Misaki

Karen Morino is a girl studying to become an Actor. She met and befriended Onpu Segawa during an audition. 


Both Onpu and Karen had reasons for partaking in an audition for a drama. But after Karen froze and forgot her lines, Onpu cast magic on her to help her. Karen won the part and Onpu took off to meet up with her Father after the anouncements were held. Since then, the girls have kept in contact.


Karen has pale skin and large auburn eyes to match her long hair. Her normal attire consists of a white dress with a peach vest, red socks, and black flats.

She was shown to have shoulder-length hair as a child and wore a dark shirt with a jumper and sneakers.

For the play Karen wore a pale yellow top with dull peach and white lining, a long peach skirt, and a pair of sandals.


Karen is reserved and awkwardly shy. She tends to fluster easily, but can become stern when she has to. She appears to be a bit clumsy when nervous or anxious, and is very kind with others. Since being helped by Onpu and winning the audition, she has began to open up.


After her initial appearance, she appears again in episode 24 of Dokkan in Battle Rangers acting as Commander Lady White.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

Karen makes a few minor appearances throughout Ojamajo Doremi 16. Onpu mentions that Karen is still performing as an actor and has been signed with a company for some time now.

Onpu kept in contact with Karen as she had been in hiding, and because she was trying to find a new company to sign onto, she called Karen. She got her an interview with one of the workers of the company and Onpu was signed on.



  • In the dub, Karen kept her entire name. However, her background was changed, instead of her father dying from illness, the family had gone poor and lost money, therefore he had to get a paying job and could no longer act.


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