Kaori Shimakura
Dub Name Penny
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Shihomi Mizowaki

Shimakura Kaori is one of Doremi's classmates and friend (often used as a lackey) of Reika Tamaki.


An amateur photographer and gossip hound, Kaori is always ahead of others when it comes to news - even if she has to make some theories with little info provided. She is a talented writer and usually spends her time gathering pictures and interviews for her published articles.


Kaori is a young girl with slanted or squinting light brown eyes worn behind oval-shaped glasses. Her short, light brown hair is pulled into pigtails held with light purple accessories. Her normal attire consists of a sky blue button-up work shirt, light purple pants, and a pair of lilac and white sneakers.


Shimakura appears to be very nosy with a low level of respect for others. She isn't mean, but she can come off pushy and indifferent to personal problems, due to her interest in gossip an snooping. She has no problem with exaggerating or telling lies about what she is able to find, and tends to make enemies with people pretty quickly.

However, she seems to be a lonely girl who truly values her friendship with Tamaki. She usually argues with her if she doesn't agree with her, and will express concern if she is truly worried about her. Over time, their bond strengthens into that of a true friendship, and Tamaki starts to use her for personal interest less.

At one point it was admitted that Shimakura is self-conscious of herself, but she slowly starts to get over it with the help of Tamaki and the Ojamajo.

Ojamajo Doremi 16/17/18/19

Shimakura, like the others is now a teenage girl and minor character in the light novels. She is still known as the Queen of Gossip and the girls often speak to her if they're curious about something. She is still friends with Tamaki as well, and is most-likely treated better than before, due to Tamaki's own change in personality.

She appears twice in Novel 1 of Doremi 16, meeting up with the others after they leave school and celebrate the reunion with Karaoke. She reveals some recent information she learned to everyone and brings up Doremi's awkward graduation. She is then brought up in the second-to-last chapter in novel 1, when Hazuki asked her if she knew what was going on with Tamaki lately, although Doremi points out that the news could have been exaggerated.

She makes another appearance in Chapter 2 of Novel 2, when the girls track her down to learn more about Akira Narita, a boy associated with Sora Miyamae and the club he's in at school. She describes Akira as a hard-worker and brings up that he often hangs out with a girl they recently tried to befriend, named Yuuna. The girls are unable to understand what she is getting at, so aggravated by their lack of understanding Kaori is forced to elaborate further. But by the time she finishes, they start to wonder if Akira is the type of boy she would be into - given how excited she got by the discussion. However, they don't bring this up and she leaves.