Name かなこ先生 Kanako-sensei
Dub Name Miss Houlihan
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Tobimatsu Kanako

Kanako-sensei is a teacher at Sonatine Kindergarten. She appears throughout the series as the teacher of Pop and her friends. 


Kanako teaches at Sonatine Kindergarten with one or two other staff members. She is fairly reasonable and keeps the class in check at all times. 


Kanako is a young adult woman with fair-skin and big gray eyes. She has medium length, very dark indigo (which may be a stylized black) that curls in a few alternate directions near the bottom. A single strand of hair curls down over her forehead. She is usually depicted in a dark mauve and pale orange top with denim pants, a pair of shoes, and a pale yellow apron with a teddybear on it. 


Kanako is a nice adult woman who loves to spend time with her students. She is not a push-over however, and can be stern in times of need. Like other girls she was quick to fall for Jyunichi-sensei after he saved her from the chaos at the park the class went to. 


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