Kanae Iida

Dub Name Haley
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Haruna Kato

Kanae Iida is a classmate of the Ojamajos. After the first two seasons, she is in class with Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu. She is the character of the day during "We are the pureleine" and "Kanae-chan's Diet Plan".</p>

Her family runs a steakhouse.



Kanae is on the chubby side and appears to be a bit short, a trait her entire family has. She has small light brown eyes to match her short hair. Her attire consists of a pink top lined in white with a knee-length pale skirt and dark pink flats with pale pink socks.


Kanae is a kind girl who is somewhat shy and withdrawn, due to her body image. She normally seems to be fine with it, but is always willing to put in effort to make herself healthier.


  • Since her family runs a steakhouse, Doremi insists, Kanae is her "great best friend"