Kanae-chan's Diet Plan
Japanese Title かなえちゃんのダイエット作戦

Kanae-chan no Diet Sakusen

Season Sharp
Episode № 26 (77)
Air Date August 6, 2000
Screenplay Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
Next Episode The Herb from the North and the Precious Memories
Previous Episode The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears!

Opening Clip

In a very dreary scenery, Kanae runs and keep forcing herself as far as she can until falling over. Doremi tearfully runs up to her and begs her to stop forcing herself.


After the SOS trio take their teasings too far the ojamajo try to help Kanae-chan lose some weight. But in the process they realize that their plans to help everyone with their weight may have been a little much...


The ojamajo are discussing Hana-chan's appetite while feeding her one day. They are sure she'll easily pass her next exam while Majorika wonders if she's eating too much... only for them to claim she's the one whose eating too much...

Later at the Misora Store, the girls are purchasing some items when they happen to meet with Kanae. She explains that she came to buy a new swimsuit, but since so many good sales had been going on, she couldn't resist buying some other things along the way. Since there is three of them, they offer assistance so that Kanae has a free hand to check out the swimsuits. At the swimsuit section she explains that her swimsuit from last year doesn't fit anymore when the SOS trio suddenly begin to make fun of her gurth. The girls scold them as Aiko points out what Naomi Okuyama did to them last time after they so rudely insulted her height a year ago.

While the SOS are worried, Kanae doesn't seem to be very upset by their teasings. But they offer to buy her unlimited cake if she can lose a couple of pounds, as they believe it to be impossible and they take their leave. She eagerly agrees and even mentions that she would be able to fit into her old swimsuit if she can lose the weight. Kanae asks Doremi for help and Doremi quickly agrees upon realizing she may get some steak out of it!

Later on, Onpu gives advice and some tips on how to lose weight. She provides as much as she can, given that her summer tour is going to begin soon so she won't be around very much during it. Kanae asks if she really has to do excersise, as she doesn't really enjoy it. Onpu tells her she sorta has to, but she can also take walks if she would rather do that. So with this in mind, Doremi and Kanae go out for a walk.

Eventually the walk goes alright, minus the many tempting foods along the way, and they go head back to the Iida household to do some excersise. Doremi becomes distracted as she begins to smell steak as Kanae explains that since it's now dinner, the customers are coming in. As both girls are hungry, they sit down to a balanced meal as Doremi sadly realizes they don't actually eat any of the steak themselves. Though she happily sees Kanae bond with her mother soon after...

The following day, the girls pick up their training to lose weight by jumping rope. But when Doremi gets hurt, they stop and happen to see Sugiyama, one of the SOS nearby as an icecream stand. He resumes taunting Kanae and then takes his leave, and much to Doremi's shock she sees that Kanae has gotten some too!

Later that day, Majorika weighs herself and comments that she lost a little bit of weight, gloating until the girls move her to weigh Hana-chan. Much to their shock she's gained a lot of weight...

When Doremi and Kanae go on their next walk Doremi explains that Hana-chan will be joining them as she's been eating too much lately and really needs to go onto a diet as well. Kanae thinks Hana-chan is fine the way she is, but she has no qualms about it and they go on their walk. Later on at the maho-do however, everyone scolds Majorika for eating so carelessly and meanly in front of Hana-chan, since it will make her want to eat.

Later that day Kanae calls Doremi over to inform her that she's lost some weight. They are both very happy and Kanae explains that helped her was seeing Hana-chan, so she's going to keep working hard to make sure she keeps losing weight.

That evening the girls are worried that Hana may not have lost enough weight and head over to the exam. Upon arrival, everyone discusses how much weight their babies have gained, as well as mention their appetites and what-not. Majopon and Majopi soon announce that the fifth month health examin shall begin and everyone follows them to the next room.

Majoheart explains how this exam will work and the babies all begin to chow down. Hana-chan finishes first and managed to keep herself clean. But suddenly she uses her magic to take the rest of the food from the other babies and begins eating it!

As Majoheart demands an explaination the ojamajo hesitantly admit that they put her on a diet because she gained too much weight and were concerned about her health. She insults the girls and scolds them for putting Hana on a diet during her peak growing period and she asks Majopi and Majopon to bring the scale in to weigh her.

Upon doing so, she comments that it does seem like a lot, but so did her height... she was perfectly fine and with that noted, she passes the ojamajo for a job well done.

That following day, Kanae is busy running when the others see her. They comment on how sickly she looks and she almost faints before recalling that she didn't eat breakfast that morning. She mentions that she lost weight, but the girls point out she has to actually eat, AND excersise. But the advice doesn't pull through and Kanae leaves...

The ojamajo visit Kanae's mother, who informs them she has only been eating salad during dinner and she refuses to eat properly. They go to find Kanae still excersising and try to make her listen by bringing up how they got yelled at for putting Hana-chan on a diet. Kanae simply refuses though, so the girls confront the SOS trio, who refuse to tell Kanae she is fine the way she is. So back at the Maho-do, they try to think of an idea that will help Kanae stop dieting so wrecklessly.

In hopes of helping them out, the ojamajo cast magic stage, summoning cakes and cupcakes and other desserts all over the shop. They try to lure her inside and dress up as maid-waitresses and introduce her to the "Maho-do Cake Tasting Shop" and offer to let her try as much as she wants.

She really wants the cakes, but scolds Doremi for showing her these things now, since she worries if she eats any of it she'll gain back all of the weight she lost. She then storms out and while the girls sadly realize Magical Stage failed, they find Kanae passed out on the ground!

Back at the Iida household, everyone has come by to visit Kanae. The SOS have even showed up and Sugiyama apologizes for all of the teasing he's done. They then show her the little box of cakes they brought for her and they ask her to stop crash dieting the way she's been, since everyone is really worried. Kanae agrees while Doremi claims when Kanae is happy, she's a much better person.

Suddenly Onpu sees a chart on the wall. Kanae explains that she measures her height every year during her birthday. Realizing that her birthday is coming soon and they measure her to see she's grown by 5 centimeters!

The reason her swimsuit no longer fit was because she had gained height, not weight....

With this happy news, the ojamajo head back to the Maho-do to feed Hana-chan. While piggy Majorika happened to over-eat and everyone teases her for it while the episode comes to an end.


  • Help Kanae-chan stop dieting


  • As Doremi gawks at the damage done to her ice cream, notice Hana-chan lacks the stains she had in the scene before and right after.
  • As Hana cheers for finishing her food and her hair ornaments glow, the outter rim of her seat is black on one side.
  • At one scene, when Doremi is walking, the lower half of her body is seen to be missing for every step she takes.


  • Foods Majorika Ate: two ice pops (green with white, and chocolate), chips, unseen snacks, all of the cake from the shop.