PDVD 075jyu

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Ietomi Yohji

Jyunichi-Sensei is a new teacher of Sonatine Kindergarten who appears during Sharp. He appears to be the object of affection for both Pop , and Doremi , and later on Kanako-sensei.


Jyunichi-Sensei teaches and helps out at Sonatine Kindergarten; where his goofy behavior and charm seems to attract girls towards him. Pop developed a crush on him after he helped her when she fell from the Jungle Gym and he happened to find her very cute.  


Jyunichi is a youthful looking adult with tanned skin and very light eyes that appear to be dark from a distance. He has long dark brown hair pulled into a low ponytail with his bangs spiked and somewhat messy. He was depicted in a blue top with dark indigo pants, and at school wore the apron the teachers were required to wear. 


Jyunichi at first glance seems to be a very handsome and charming man. However, he can become flustered or nervous easily when put into new situations, and his awkward behavior usually results in injury or amusement. He is sensitive, but very nice, and really was hoping to befriend the children; which he manages to achieve after helping everyone when the sheep ran loose.