An Implied Character is someone who had been mentioned in the series, but never made an actual appearance.

Season 1


Mika was a girl mentioned by Pop in Ep. 15 of Season 1 when she explained why she arrived home late at the beginning of the episode. Since none of Pop's known classmates go under the name, Mika remains unidentified.

Mika was renamed 'Millie' in the dub.




Mariko is a teacher at Primula Kindergarten. She was mentioned by Erika in Motto Ep. 17, when she and Pop had an argument over who Hinako-sensei resembled more.


Tomomi's Brother

Mentioned by Tomomi in Dokkan Ep. 23. All that is known about him is that he told his sister that Orihime and Hikoboshi don't exist.

Witch Queen's Mother

In Dokkan Ep. 50, the Witch Queen told the ojamajos about the witch that raised her. It is known that she was originally a human, but later decided to become a witch.


Light Novel Series

Onpu's Boyfriend

During the light novel series, it was stated that Onpu was currently in a relationship with a boy. However it is unknown if his identity was revealed or not.

Magical DoReMi

Mirabelle's Dog

In Episode 4 of the dub, Mirabelle states that she never told her dad where the dog hid the TV remote. The currently status of the dog remains unknown, most likely possibilities being it has either passed away or is currently living with Mirabelle's mother.

Dorie's Cat

In Episode 8 of the dub, Dorie reveals that was able to solve the riddle since she used to own a cat. This cat has most likely passed away before the story began.