Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomo Saeki

Igrashi-Senpai is an upper classmen who makes few appearances throughout Ojamajo Doremi. Star player of Misora Elementary school, he started out as a shallow love interest for both Maki Takahashi and Doremi Harukaze. Unfortuantly, Doremi's crush on him was one-sided since Igarashi didn't even know her. 

After Maki confessed to having feelings for him, Igarashi did the same and they have been dating since then.

Igarashi was in 6th grade during the first season, so like Maki, he went to middle school during Sharp. However, since he attends a private school famous for its soccer team, his relationship with Maki is strained a little bit.


A real team player, Igarashi is a very popular upper classmen who seems quite humble and decent regarding his skills. He just loves to play soccer. He seems strict, serious, and focused but he's also very compassionate, gentle, and friendly. He has great sportsmanship and tries his best to help others when they seem to be struggling. However, sometimes this leads to the other person simply growing jealous of him in rare cases, due to how easy he makes it seem.

Igarashi is a people person and quite charismatic. He always judges people fairly, no matter what they did or how they play.


Igarashi is a tan skinned boy with dark blue-black colored hair worn at about chin length with a few bangs in his face. His eyes match his hair color.

Normally Igarashi is seen to wear the soccer uniform worn by Misora Elementary students, which consists of a blue top with white and red markings, baggy white shorts with blue markings, long white socks with a single red stripe along the top, and blue, white, and red soccer sneakers. On both wrists he wore a red sweatband.

Igarashi's basic attire (which appears in Sharp) seems to consists of a green, dark blue, and dark green top, dark blue baggy jeans, sneakers, and a yellow and white themed jacket with dark purple-pink markings.


Igarashi was usually shown playing soccer or showing others how to play or fix something. Although he's left the elementary school during Sharp, he would make an occasional visit to see how the Soccer team was playing or if they would need some tips.

During Sharp, Igarashi's relationship with Maki seemed just slightly strained, but they did manage to work it out. In Motto, he ends up breaking an arm and cannot play soccer anytime soon as he needs to let it heal properly. Due to this, he becomes a temporary coach over the soccer team back at the elementary school and begins to help Kotake for a while. Despite his injury, Igarashi was able to keep playing soccer however.


  • Igarashi's name came from the director of Ojamajo Doremi, Takuya Igarashi.