I want to see my Mother!
Little Aiko 2
Japanese Title お母ちゃんに逢いたい!

Okā-chan ni Aitai!

Dub Title Mo' Mirabelle's Blues
Season Season 1
Episode № 34
Air Date September 26, 1999 (JP)

January 2, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
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Previous Episode Panic at the Sports Festival


One day Aiko and her family have gone to the beach. Little Aiko finds a shell and she brings it over to show it to them, to which they comment on how pretty it is and they compliment her for such a nice find.


Aiko gets a chance to finally meet her mother after a long time has passed, but when she misses their meeting Aiko runs away from home! 


Aiko is on her way out the door one morning, unaware that someone nearby is watching her. Her dad runs out to remind her that she forgot her PE clothing and they joke around before separating. The figure watching them trails some distance behind Aiko as she heads to school. She attempts approaching her multiple times, but eventually gives up after Hazuki and Doremi come by.

When one of the SOS trio happens to be running late and bumps into her, she checks to make sure he is alright before finding out he happens to share a class with Aiko. She writes a quick note for him and asks him to deliver it, but because he was really late, he is forced to run ten laps.

Later during the day, Sugiyama comes to the Maho-do to give the note to Aiko. He beings to describe the woman's accent and Aiko quickly realizes who she is and takes the letter. After reading it, she angrily yells at Sugiyama for giving it to her so late and demands to know why he did that. He explains that he had to run laps during class because he was late, and he had no idea what was even in the letter to begin with. So it isn't his fault that he couldn't deliver it until now. 


Aiko looks at the time to see it is quarter until six pm, to which she points out it's way too late to go and see her mother. Doremi is able to convince her to go and try anyway though, since she might still be waiting, and Aiko takes off.

She runs as fast as she can all the way to the train station while Doremi and Hazuki trail behind her. Aiko manages to make it to the train station but because her mother had to hurry on to work she had no choice but to leave. Aiko happens to spot as message left behind for her on the message wall nearby and sadly realizes that her mother still thinks she is angry with her. She is joined by Doremi and Hazuki; who find Aiko threatening revenge against her dad for never telling her about her mom's wishes to see her.

Later on when she gets home that night, Aiko is quick to keep her promise. She begins to yell at him and storms to her bedroom after he reveals he had hidden a bunch of letters from Atsuko. He tries to tell Aiko why he hid them but she does not listen to him. Aiko packs up her items and leaves the Senoo household to run away. 

As she stands on the bridge, Aiko has no idea what to do as of now. She ran away from home and it's so late, but when Mimi hides she turns to see Haruka standing nearby. When Haruka questions why she is out so late, Aiko is quick to embrace her and break down in tears. Haruka offers to bring her to the Harukaze household for the evening and informs Keisuke that Aiko will be staying with them for the night. As this goes on, Pop signolizes Doremi to inform her that Aiko will be staying. 

In Doremi's bedroom Aiko goes over the letters her mother sent that she was unable to read before. So Doremi takes the time to ask Aiko why they ended up divorcing when they both seem to be so loving and nice. Aiko voices that she thinks it may have had to do with her and explains that one day when she was little, she went to play by herself when both of her parents were working. 

She fell and got hurt and was rushed to the hospital, and while in there she could hear them arguing with each other. Kouji asked Atsuko to stop working so that she could watch Aiko, but Atsuko didn't want to because she didn't want to abandon the old residents she had been taking care of. Kouji accused her of caring more for them then her own child, and Atsuko tries to tell him that it isn't true. But since then everytime they were together, they would argue. 

Leaving papa

Eventually they decided that divorce was the best decision. Aiko couldn't understand what was going on and when her mother attempted to leave, Aiko tried to question what her dad would do. Aiko then realized that nobody would be there to help her dad, so in the end she made the decision to stay with him; explaining to her mother that he needed her more. The decision really hurt Atsuko, so Aiko tried to convince her to stay, but it did not work, so she left. 

As Aiko finishes her story, Doremi suddenly gets an idea. She mentions that they can just use their magic as apprentice with to fly all the way to Osaka, to visit Aiko's mom. Aiko likes the idea, so when the next morning rolls along they leave very early to head over with Hazuki.  

A bit later Kouji comes to pick up Aiko. Haruka informs him that she and Doremi left really early though, but she doesn't know where they went. Pop points out that they probably went to Osaka when Kouji recalls that Aiko had grabbed her cat piggy-bank, so it is not entirely impossible.

In Osaka, Aiko informs Hazuki and Doremi that her mother lives in Hannan City, but she doesn't remember where she would work, since her mom didn't mention it in any of her letters. The girls decide to return to normal and sit down nearby to think it over. An older woman comes by to ask them for directions to a retirement home a bit after and the girls show her the way after she gives Aiko a small map. When they arrive they decide to check this place to see if Aiko's mom may be here, since she works with the elderly. Suddenly they happen to spot her and Aiko begins to feel weird. She thinks about her dad and why he didn't give her any of the letters, so instead of confronting her mother, Aiko decides to show Doremi and Hazuki around first. Since they came all this way. 

When they return they find that Atsuko isn't there anymore. Doremi points out that Aiko is behaving strangely, but Aiko refutes this. Hazuki then mentions that because they know where she lives, they can just go to visit her. To their surprise however, when they return they see Atsuko holding a baby. Aiko is alarmed by this and assumes her mother has gotten remarried when a man is mentioned. She runs away, all the way down to the beach as Doremi and Hazuki trail behind her. 

Aiko begins to cry again while she tries to make sense of what they witnessed, but after she realizes that Hazuki and Doremi are bawling behind her, she can't help but start to laugh. She mentions how funny they look and after the two exchange glances, they see what she means and crack up laughing. 

It is revealed a bit later that the baby did not belong to Atsuko after-all. It was the baby of someone she knows in the complex, and she was simply watching the baby because the man had to work and his wife is sick. 

Back on the beach, Aiko explains that everywhere they had been that day was special to her and contained special memories. She gets up and thanks them for convincing her to come here, and now she is able to understand things better. She tells them about the beach when her dad pulls up nearby. She approaches him and begins to scold him, but makes it quite obvious that she was only teasing him. She then tells Doremi and Hazuki that they can just ride his Taxi back for home as the episode ends... 


  • Please tell us where Ai-chan's mother works at

Major Events

  • Characters introduced: Atsuko Senoo
  • Aiko sees her mother since her parents divorced for the first time. 

Dub Edits

  • Scene Skip: Aiko yawned and begun to stretch. She then prays for a moment as her dad walks in. The dub skipped her praying.
  • Aiko forgot her P.E. Outfit, in the dub it was Lunch.
  • Aiko was the one who threw the ball, in the dub it was Haley. Also Reanne mentions that a kid from soccer was cute.
  • Doremi says that with so many outbursts, Majorika's head will explode. In the dub Dorie simply says she'd pop a blood vessel.
  • Line and Paint Edit: Aiko gets upset after reading the note, which says her mother took it as a sign that Aiko hasn't forgiven her yet. The dub removed the note so she didn't read anything.
  • Aiko asks Mimi what they should do. In the dub, Mirabelle simply discusses those "special cartoons" were the kids run away, but it never ends well.
  • Scene Skip: Aiko apologizes for showing up the way she did at the Harukaze household, but Doremi assures her that as her friend, she'd always be there for her. In the dub, Aiko bowing to them was cut, and Dorie just said it was like a sleep over. 
  • Scene Skip: Aiko's flashback started at the Hospital while her parents argued because she got hurt. The dub only shows the scene where her mom tried to take Aiko with her, completely skipping the part of her getting hurt.
  • Originally the ojamajo discussed Mt. Fuji, then Doremi adds that they've never gone that far before. In the dub Dorie said it's better then working.
  • Aiko mentions her mom lives in Hannan City and Hazuki points out that she was probably still at work. Aiko added that she didn't know where her mom worked. In the dub they just go and search but have no idea where to look next.
  • Paint Edit and Line Change: Originally the retirement home didn't have a name, in the dub it was titled Shady Oaks. Later in the original the sign says Aozora Village. In the dub the sign was painted over to say 315.
  • Aiko explains the beaches name to Hazuki and Doremi. In the dub Mirabelle makes a joke. 


  • Said boy in below trivia section happens to vanish within the next scene.


  • Near the beginning when Aiko is on her way to school, a boy walks behind her. This boy somewhat resembles Yada-kun in more ways then one. 
  • The general plot for Aiko in this episode happens to Onpu during "I want to meet papa! The dream places on the overnight express".
    • Note how the beginning parts of each title match.