I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Places on the Overnight Express
Watching the Train
Japanese Title パパに会える! 夢を乗せた寝台特急

Papa ni Aeru! Yume wo Noseta Shindai Tokkyū

Dub Title Train A Comin'
Season Season 1
Episode № 49
Air Date January 16, 2000 (JP)

April 15, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Episode Direction Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode The Final Witch Apprentice Exam
Previous Episode Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter?


A train is shown moving while the wind strongly blows. Onpu watches this overhead before she turns around to watch the train pass her by. She greets it, knowing this means the return of her father.


Onpu gets a chance to see her father on the same day she has auditions. Along the way she meets a shy girl and has to decide if she wants to risk missing her dad or helping her new friend.


One day in class the ojamajo overhear a bunch of their male classmates discussing trains. Suddenly when Onpu begins to show her vast knowledge regarding a brand new train, the boys are left in awe, while the ojamajo are quite surprised to think their rival may be a total train fanatic. Though Onpu is quick to disarm this by explaining her dad is the driver.

On her way home, Onpu is busy reading over the role of a girl she will be trying out for in a new role when her
Onpu first season

Onpu overlooking a script

mom mentions the girl is the younger sister of a boy that will be played by a very popular boy actor/idol, Akihiro Matsuzawa. Onpu promises to try her best for the sake of this boy and by the time they get home, she notices a message from her father and sits down to listen to it. He informs them that since he will be the first rides conductor for the train he bought tickets for Onpu and her mother and hopes they can come. 

Onpu is very excited to hear this since she will finally get to see him since she's last saw him, but her mother, Miho, points out that she has work to do that day so she herself cannot go. But Onpu still wants to be there no matter what and claims that she will be capable and fine enough to handle it on her own. 

Later that day, Onpu is by herself while the ojamajo walk by and happen to spot her. They notice she seems sad and approach to ask if anything is wrong, and she claims to be fine and mentions her important news. She also explains that it's been a couple of months since she's last seen him, and while he does make occasional visits at the house; she is usually too busy working and ends up missing him. She then takes of afterwards. 

Sometime later, Onpu is waiting with a bunch of other girls taking the same audition. She and the girls happen to see one flustered girl when she accidentally drops a bunch of cups and she heads outside to continue practicing. Onpu happens to come by the girl and learns that her name is Karen and compliments her for how well she sounds. Karen admits that she is nervous, but this role is very special to her and she really wants to win. Onpu then leaves the area by claiming she will be winning the role, in hopes of encouraging Karen. Soon both girls are then called to come in for their turns to audition.

A while later, Onpu receives mention that she has made it to the final auditions and she and her mother happily celebrate. 

The following day, the ojamajo come to Onpu to speak to her about passing the first rounds of audition; although Doremi was also hoping to get Akihiro's autograph. Onpu informs her that it will have to wait until she wins the final tryout; which is this Saturday. Hazuki points out that Onpu's dad was supposed to come that day but Onpu points out that he wont be there until 6:00 pm. So she is sure that she will have plenty of time to get there. The girls go on to point out how much they want to be there to cheer for her, so Onpu decides to invite them to come see the live, broadcast event of the final auditions. 

Come audition day, the ojamajo arrive and comment on how many people have shown up. But they understand since this role is apparently very popular, as is the boy. Everyone wants to see who the lucky girl will be to play his sister and while the girls are sure Onpu will win the role; a part of them is concerned that she may try to cheat to assure victory. 

Onpu meanwhile, is about to leave when she's stopping by Karen. She explains that because she listened to Onpu, she managed to make it here. Onpu approaches her and makes it clear that neither girl wants to lose this, but at the same time only one of them can win it. As the stage lights begin to go out, they head backstage while Karen talks about her father to Onpu. She explains that he always got nervous before he auditioned and because he always failed he never got any decent roles. He used to take her to watch the sunset on the skybridge when she was little, to which Onpu comments on before she continues.

About three years ago he got a chance to appear in the drama version of this thing they had been auditioning for today. But before the shooting could begin, he got very ill and had been bedridden; then eventually passed away. That is why she really wants this role, for the sake of her father in hopes of making his dream come true. 

Eventually it's Onpu's turn to try out. She does amazing, like everyone figured. But as she goes back stage she sees her mother, who announces that she has to leave now. She worries momentarily about leaving Onpu on her own but she assures her she would be fine, so she says farewell to her mother before noticing Karen hiding. She is
Karen 2
then forced onto stage and Onpu stops to watch her, but upon noticing how much Karen is struggling she runs higher up int the building onto a pair of big support beams and transforms into her apprentice outfit. She then casts a spell on Karen to help her with the audition, but nobody notices it other then the ojamajo. 

Karen is able to begin her audition, and now that she is no longer frightened she does very well. But known to Onpu, her magic charm that kept her safe from using forbidden magic has shattered. But she doesn't seem to think much about it as she's more concerned for Karen at the moment. Though she does notice that she ran out of Magic Spheres, but she is sure she can still make it in time so she's okay. 

It is then announced that Onpu and Karen have made it to the finals and only one of them will be winning this role. Onpu walks along the hallways before she happens to notice the time. She momentarily stops to think about seeing her father now, but she happens to see Karen and stops thinking about it. Karen greets her, then goes on to say how unbelievable it is to go against someone as talented as Onpu; but as it turns out, bot hgirls are looking forward to it.


After both of the girls finish, it's announced that Karen has won the role. While the ojamajo are surprised, Onpu isn't the least bit upset. She is quick to run out and change, but as she runs through the building she falls down the stairs after tripping over a small trash bin. Onpu tries to force herself up, but she realizes that the time is too late now. She only has ten minutes left and ran out of Magic Spheres. 

The ojamajo run by, trying to locate her when they find her in the hallway where she fell. They try to convince her she has time but Onpu reveals the problem to them. The ojamajo get angry with her when she reveals she used magic on Karen, but they cheer up when it's revealed it was to help her out. So in order to help Onpu they tell her to leave for the train station and cast magical stage. 

But as Onpu makes it, she has just missed her father and the train takes off. She sadly turns to leave, but to her surprise, she finds herself on the train suddenly. 

After she looks around she happens to spot the others outside flying near the window. A worker brings Onpu to her father, who happened to be waiting for her. As she meets with him she mentally thanks the ojamajo for helping her while they fly away from the train; happy that they were able to help Onpu as the episode ends.


  • Cure Karen-chan's nervousness
  • Let Onpu-chan make it to her father's overnight express!

Dub Edits

  • Doremi mentions how much boys usually like things like trains and cars, then Hazuki adds that her mother said that guys always like childish things no matter what age. In the dub Dorie instead claims not to understand why guys have interest in such things, while Reanne claims to not understand anything about boys.
  • Onpu describes the train to everyone, while in the dub she just says her dad drives it.
  • "The Bridge of Happiness" was renamed "Bridge of Yesterday".
  • Scene Skip: While Onpu is in the van she reads over the book given to her for this audition. In the dub, only the up close shot of her face was shown.
    • This scene was suspected of being taken out due to the fact Onpu was not shown with a seatbelt. 
  • Paint Edit: The kanji on the book is erased.
  • Onpu's mom mentions that Onpu's character role is a girl named Akane. In the dub Ellie's mom just talks about making her wear a pair of high heels and the male lead. 
  • The ojamajo discuss Onpu's dad driving the train, while in the dub they only talk about homework.
  • Onpu says it has been 3 months, in the dub it was changed to 6 months.
  • Aiko comments on how happy Onpu seemed, while in the dub Mirabelle claims it's important for her and her dad to see each other.
  • The number order "50 through 60" is changed to "50 through 70" in the dub.
  • Scene Skip: The flashback Karen has of her dad.
  • Karen mentions how her dad often failed his auditions and by the time he finally got one, he ended up getting ill and later died. In the dub, Karen instead claims they had money problems so he was forced to work in a factory, so he is proud of her for auditioning for it and she wants to get the role as a tribute to him. It was also said that he did it once as a play. 
  • Scene Skip: Onpu was not shown turning to trip over the trashcan in the dub. The scene also skipped the part when she gets up and started to cry. The dub instead cuts to the girls trying to talk to her after the winner of the audition was made and she left. 
  • Scene Skip: the ojamajo convince Onpu to go to the train station and she is shown flying to it, along with the Magical Stage. The dub skips to the point where she missed the train after the girls talk to her.
  • Scene Skip: At the end of the episode Onpu is shown when she was little with her dad again after the girls discuss how happy they are now. The dub episode ended with their discussion.