"Candy may be small, but she does a lot of training, so she's very strong!"

I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!
Mutsumi Candy
Japanese Title 女子プロレスラーになりたい!

Joshi Puro Resurā ni Naritai!

Dub Title Candi is Dandy
Season Season 1
Episode № 44
Air Date December 12, 1999 (JP)

March 11, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Genki Yoshimura
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
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Previous Episode Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories


A wrestling ring is revealed and on two opposite corners are the Kudo children, Mutsumi with her wrestling idol Candy, and on the other side her older brother. Mutsumi has no intentions of losing to someone so cocky and the ojamajo cheer for her to win. Someone rings the bell and the two siblings begin to fight!


The Ojamajo encourage a classmate to follow her dreams of becoming a female pro-wrestler after she finds out her idol will be retiring. 


One day in class, Mutsumi and Kotake are wrestling with each other. Kotake plans on stopping her winning streak but she is able to grab him and releases him upon surrender. It is announced that this is her fifteenth match won and she thanks everyone in class for supporting her. When lunch comes along the ojamajo comment on how much she is able to eat. Mutsumi explains that she has to eat a lot in order to grow bigger and get stronger though, but the girls assure her that she is fine like this; since she is already pretty strong for someone her age and size. 

Later that day, at the Kudo household, Mutsumi is watching Candy on television as she wrestles a woman named Fumita. Fumita manages to grab ahold of candy and forces her down, but while Mutsumi panics, the wrestling match goes on break. It's then a Candy commercial comes on, offering special action figures for those who purchase enough of the iced candies. As she watches the commercial, her brother comes along and claims that someone like Candy shouldn't be pro-wrestling since she is so small, but this results in the two of them arguing. When the show returns, Mutsumi is very happy to find that Candy has won. Her brother claims that it was only a coincidence or luck, rather then skill. 

As Mutsumi angrily tries to argue with her brother, she claims she will beat him one day. Their mother then comes into the room with a package for Mutsuki; although she tells her to stop playing roughly before handing it over. It turns out to be the Candy Action Figure she had tried to get and Mutsumi comments that she had gotten a whole bunch of the iced candies in hopes of getting it. Her brother continues to critisize Candy while saying that she is too weak to be anything special. .

Mutsumi retreats to her bedroom and sticks the Candy figure into a special compartment while commenting on how she would like to take it to a real Candy fight sometime. She imagines what it would be like for a chance to fight along-side Candy some day afterwards. 

That following day at school, Kotake is challenged to take on Mutsumi again. But he runs away out of fear and Hazuki points out that Mutsumi has battled a lot of the 3rd graders already and there probably isn't anyone left for her to fight. Even the SOS don't want to try, until Mutsumi suggests she simply takes all three of them at once. They think they will win, given the numbers but the ojamajo aren't very convinced they stand a chance at all and in the end, the boys run away. It's then Mutsumi asks Aiko to become her practice partner, as she is very strong and she thinks that would be good. Aiko isn't very willing, but when Doremi and Hazuki claim they would do it if they could, Aiko eventually agrees and Mutsumi asks them if they would like to come over.

At Mutsumi's house, she shows them the special action figure she received and Doremi and Aiko admit to not knowing who Candy is. Surprisingly however, Hazuki knows who she is and she reveals to them a lot of information, then mentions that she's watched wrestling a couple of times. This makes Mutsumi happy to know as Aiko comments on how small Candy is in comparison to the other female wrestlers. But Mutsumi believes being small has its advantages, as well as her strength. Mutsumi then offers the ojamajo to get some more iced candies, and mentions that there is one more item with Candy Itou on it that she wishes to collect.

So everyone goes to the living room to enjoy the frozen treat. Mutsumi tries to have them eat as many as they possibly could, as shown by how many she happens to have on hand at the time. She points out that Candy will be coming to a nearby gym next week and she asks them if they would like to come with her to see Candy wrestle. They agree, when Mutsumi's brother appears. Once again he insults the action figure and he flees, having not known the ojamajo and Mutsumi had already been in the room. After Mutsumi mentions how much her brother happens to love wrestling, the ojamajo ask her why she didn't ask him to fight with her, but she reveals that he's too strong for her, so she wants to be able to beat him, and he also hates Candy. So she wants to prove to him that Candy isn't a weak wrestler. With this being said, Aiko and Mutsumi get to work!

Afterwards at the Maho-do, Oyajide tries to convince the ojamajo to bring him along, but they refuse since he only wants to go and see the females wrestling, he doesn't sense any of the cursed cards...

Come wrestling day, everyone watches as Candy and Fumita begin to fight. After she sees Candy's shoelace has become loose, everyone tries to tell her but she couldn't hear them and her shoelace gets tangled on one of the ropes surrounding the wrestling arena. This unfortunately seals her fate and she loses the match when Fumita manages to pin her down!

Outside, the four girls sadly try to figure out what happened as Mutsumi sadly mopes. The ojamajo manage to convince her that it was only bad luck that made her lose and she agrees pretty quickly.

However, at home, her day goes from bad to worse when it turns out Mutsumi plans to quit wrestling if she loses her next match, but this is only if she loses, which she has NO intentions of doing. Mutsumi has faith in her, but her brother manages to deflate it with some harsh words...

The following day, the SOS try to challange Mutsumi and they claim she will lose if she doesn't wrestle against them. Mutsumi isn't in the mood at all, but she agrees after they do this. Unfortuantly, Mutsumi is knocked over after the three of them manage to simply jump onto her back. Much to her chock, the others who happaned to be watching all make comments on this until she runs .

Outside, the ojamajo find Mutsumi sadly mourning her loss and Candy's future as a wrestler. Aiko claims that she shouldn't feel bad about losing since the SOS had an unfair advantage anyway, but she claims she doesn't care, she's only concerned with Candy and questions why she would try to bet her wrestling career to such a tough opponent. But when the ojamajo claim she'll probably win, given her strength and talent, they cheer her up and the four agree to go and cheer Candy on again, as they had the previous day.

At the Kudo household, the four girls watch as Candy practices for her next match and ends up injuring her knee. Mutsumi is very worried, while Aiko and the others notice something very strange going on and she thinks it may be a cursed item indeed, so they have to bring Oyajide with them tomorrow... 

The following day, the ojamajo run off and ask Mutsumi so save them some seats. They hide from their friend as she tries to find the restroom, but she accidentally finds Candy instead. She tries to get Candy to reconsider, but Candy explains that the reason she chose to go against a hard opponent is because she would rather lose to a stronger opponent then one who is weaker then she is. Since it wouldn't be a real victory that way. And so, Candy asks Mutsumi to continue supporting her and the two girls leave the room while the ojamajo watch.

The ojamajo resume trying to find the cursed item while Mutsumi gets seated and the fight begins. At first, they seemed to be equal and the ojamajo still cannot find anything, until they hear someone yell nearby and go to investigate. They run into the arena and realize where it's coming from, the Candy action figure!

The ojamajo flee and transform in privacy so that they can remove the cursed card from it and give it back to Mutsumi. In the end, Candy wins!

Mutsumi decides that she will one day become a pro-wrestler so that she can fight with Candy. The ojamajo cheer her on and she resumes imagining what it would be like as the episode ends...


  • Cursed card, come out

Dub Edits

  • Mutsumi Kudo is renamed Melissa.
  • Candy's name is spelled Candi, in the dub.
  • Hazuki wonders if Mutsumi will win her fight while in the dub, Reanne instead asks if fighting is really allowed in school.
  • It's said Mutsumi has won 15 times, in the dub it never came up.
  • Scene Skip: Mutsumi and her brother wrestling each other. In the dub, it cut the fight and instead shows Mutsumi already on the floor when their mom walked in.
  • Mutsumi claims she'd never let her brother touch or play with her Candy figure, since he doesn't believe in her abilities as a female pro-wrestler. In the dub, Melissa claims that she is going to prove to him that females are as good as males.
  • Mutsumi wants to take her action figure to Candy's next match. In the dub Melissa just says she has something to remind her of Candi. When Mutsumi challanges the SOS trio, everyone claims the fight to be unfair. In the dub, everyone just made fun of the SOS.
  • Hazuki claims that she would be happy to be Mutsumi's practice partner but she isn't as strong as Aiko. In the dub, Reanne only mentions Mirabelle's strength, not her own view.
  • Aiko admits that she thought Candy was a rock singer. In the dub, it's Model.
  • Hazuki admits that she's watched wrestling on occasion because she feels she's very weak and not at all physically strong. Then Doremi mentions that Candy is both pretty and strong. In the dub, Reanne simply says that Candi is strong while Dorie said she'd hate to run into Candi in a dark alleyway.
  • Skipped Line: Doremi comments on how nice it is to eat iced candy while in a heated room.
  • Aiko points out that this will be Candy's 36st straight win and worth it. In the dub, Mirabelle only asks if they will get to shout and stand on chairs.
  • Paint Edit: The sign outside the stadium has kanji wrote on it. In the dub it was repainted to say "Port Mystic Stadium".
  • Another sign shown had been blanked.
  • Mutsumi asks the ojamajo what they happen to be looking for, then mentions that she went to use the bathroom. In the dub Melissa said they had been acting weird all day, then wonders where they went.
  • Candy tells Mutsumi that it wont be a real victory if she beats someone weaker then her. In the dub, Candi claims that if she doesn't retire she can't make room for future champions.
  • Scene Skip: Candy and Mutsumi leave the room together while the ojamajo adoringly admire Candy for being so nice and cool.


  • During the beginning Mutsumi was shown wearing a pair of tall, dark red boots from a distance. But in another shot, she seems to not have anything on her feet.
  • When Aiko asks about Mutsumi's desire to get stronger, notice how her eye colors seem to be inverted. There is more white then black, when it should be mostly black as shown a second later. It happens a second time before the scene transition.
  • During her practice match Candy wore a pink top. But when the door is shut so that the ojamajo can talk, her shirt is blue colored.
  • When Mutsumi explains why she asked the ojamajo if they wanted to eat some of her iced candies, the lines on Doremi and Aiko's upper faces appear red. But usually when such an emotion is displayed it is blue or black, instead. 
  • Also during the scene mentioned above, the Candy doll is shown facing the front/Aiko, but as Mutsumi is shown eating her iced candy, it's facing her and remains that way until Aiko gets up, then it's facing her again.