I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion
Japanese Title お母ちゃんに会える! あいこ涙の再会

Okā-chan ni Aeru! Aiko Namida no Saikai

Season Sharp
Episode № 20 (71)
Air Date June 25, 2000
Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yasuo Yamayoshi
Episode Direction Yasuo Yamayoshi
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
Next Episode The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb
Previous Episode Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight

Opening Clip

Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki, and Onpu enjoy a nice time at Kusatsu with Hana-chan while singing about the lovely visit.


The ojamajo help Aiko out when she finally has a chance to visit her mother on the same day she was supposed to have a nice dinner with her dad. Will they be able to pull it off? 


The episode begins at the Smile Smile Home Geriatric Care Center where Atsuko is looking over the letter Aiko sent her on Mother's Day, asking her how she was and how work had been. It's then an elderly woman approaches with someone and asks Atsuko about the letter. Atsuko shows her a picture of Aiko and she mentions having met her previously during the fall when she got lost. Aiko had been around and helped her out, much to Atsuko's pleasure and surprise...

Meanwhile, at the Senoo household, Kouji has decided to give Aiko his bonus and Aiko serves dinner, some leftover curry. He complains, though she claims it's much better now and she agrees to make a brand new dinner next time. Kouji goes to rest while Aiko does the dishes, stopping when mail comes to see she's recieved a letter from her mom.

The next day at school, Aiko explains to the others what the problem is. Onpu claims that Aiko gets to see her dad on a daily basis, so he would understand. But Aiko is concerned that her dad would be sad if she went to go and see her mother, so she doesn't want to break the promise. Doremi and the others agree to help Aiko out and they go to inform Majorika and Lala of their plans to bring Hana-chan with them to Aiko's place while she goes to visit her mother, as well as keep their parents from worrying. And so the girls each take turns pretending to be Hana-chan's parents in order to get permission from their own parents...

Eventually, Aiko is busy preparing dinner when Kouji comes by to see her dressed up strangely. When he comments on it, Aiko claims she dressed up for their nice dinner, only to then refuse him dinner to explain what is going on. Kouji is concerned that Aiko may have too much trouble but she claims they will be fine since Hazuki and Onpu are going to come and help out. And just then, Hazuki and Onpu show up!

After Aiko sees Doremi hiding, she transforms and changes Doremi into herself before she takes off for the train station. After finding her mother and sharing a hug, they leave for a nearby hotel while Atsuko stays for the evening....

Meanwhile, the ojamajo are keeping Kouji busy. Hazuki apologizes for how in timing they came, but he simply tells them it isn't a problem before calling them cute. After accidentally sending everyone into shock, given that "Aiko" doesn't sound round, Onpu distracts Kouji by asking him if he'd want more alchohol. So far Kouji is very impressed by the turn of events, especially his surprise that a child idol is serving him beer.

Back at the hotel, Atsuko asks Aiko to spend the night with her since it's so late already. Aiko agrees before admitting she actually hadn't told her dad about this, but it's okay since her friends are helping out. The two embrace before Aiko's growling stomach ruins the moment, however Atsuko claims to be hungry also so they go out to eat. Aiko is very impressed when her mother admits that she has just started to learn how to use computers, then comments that her dad hasn't learned how to use a VCR yet.

At the Senoo household, Kouji is busy making jokes and so-on and once again, Doremi ends up making an accident much to their surprise. But when Hana starts to cry, it snaps everyone out of this shock and they tend to her quickly.

At dinner, Aiko explains what she's been up to lately. Like helping out at the Maho-do, Majorika's weird name... she keeps going until Atsuko points out that Aiko hasn't started to eat yet.

Back at the house, Kouji suggests they all go to the bath house now. Everyone is excited but Onpu refuses and explains that she's famous and it would be a breeding ground for the media, and Hana-chan is too small to go anyway, so she'll just look over the house.

Aiko is very surprised to see the bath in the hotel. Atsuko asks her if she's ever gone to a hotel before, which Aiko explains they never travel, so it's her first time. After a little while, Aiko asks if she's the reason her mother left. Atsuki then explains that their divorce didn't have to do with Aiko, the real reason they divorced was because he didn't approve of her job, mainly because of her miscarriage that he assumes was caused from it. 

Aiko is very surprised by this and asks, to which Atsuko explains that Aiko would have had a younger brother or sister, but they died before they were born and Kouji wasn't able to comfort her, instead he put all of the blame on her working too much and she would get angry because he didn't seem to think she wasn't in any pain because of this...

Later while they are in bed, Atsuko mentions that if she had quit her job then they may have still been together. Aiko asks to share beds with her mother before asking her why she just didn't quit working then. Atsuko mentions that neither of their parents approved of this marriage. When Aiko was born her grandmother died and she wasn't able to see her before she passed away. In order to make up for it, she began to work at the geriatric care home.

With this said, Aiko falls asleep while Atsuko asks her if she would have like to come back to Osaka with her. So she takes this as a sign and falls asleep...

The following morning, the girls are outside talking with Kouji while he prepares to leave for work. He mentions that now he realized how selfish he was in the past by wanting Atsuko to have another child. But he quickly apologizes for talking about such things so early and leaves for work.

At the train station, Aiko and her mother share one last discussion before her train arrives. Before she leaves, she promises to come back during her next vacation to see Aiko again.

Later on, Aiko is talking to the ojamajo and informs them that she was going to ask her mom to reunite with her dad and make up, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The others comfort Aiko and suddenly, full to the brim with energy Aiko races off to school as the episode comes to an end!


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