"If I were a witch, I could use magic to confess."

Opening Clip

Due to this being the very first episode, the opening clip is made as an "intro" to the series. Stock footage from the episode is shown of Doremi casting a spell as random clips start to play. She talks to the audience and says "New TV Program I summon you! I'm Harukaze Doremi, I've just started learning magic. I'm still not very good... but thanks to it, everyday is full of surprises. Everyone will cheer me on, right? I'll be the shining heroine in this ultra-hyper new TV Program: Ojamajo Doremi! Look forward to it! Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do...Arrre?"


After a rough morning, clumsy girl Doremi Harukaze comes across a strange and unusual shop. Excited, she heads inside to find something within that she never expected.


Inside a creepy magic shop is a school girl observing magical charms made by the owner. The owner watches with amusement and warns her that while her wish will be granted, it is unknown what may happen to her.

Meanwhile, it is an average day at the Harukaze House. The eldest daughter, Doremi, has just finished reciting a spell to give herself courage and takes a moment to observe the book before preparing to leave for school. She tries to be quick in order to avoid her annoying little sister, Pop, who exits from her bedroom at that second to question her motives for leaving so early. Doremi tries to lie but Pop sees right through it and tells her it's useless. Before Doremi can make a good comeback they're interrupted by their feuding parents and the fight soon turns violent as Haruka yanks Keisuke into another room, giving Doremi the perfect opportunity to take off.

On her way to school, Doremi takes the time to introduce herself formally to the audience and hides upon arrival. She observes the handsome Igarashi-Senpai, but fails to witness the chat between him and Maki. Maki has come by to make a promise with Igarashi, saying that if he wins she will tell him a secret. Igarashi is rather confused, but he agrees and leaves to prepare for class, walking right by the nervous Doremi. Who, after realizing he has left, runs off to class while scolding herself.

In class Doremi tries to read over her witch book again in hopes of finding what she did wrong when she is interrupted by her friend and classmate, Hazuki. Hazuki tries to inform Doremi that it is her turn to read, but unfortunately, she didn't pay attention to the book she grabbed and starts to read out of her witch book. Only stopping the moment it dons on her and everyone starts to laugh. Another classmate, Kotake Tetsuya, begins to tease Doremi. But from her fit of anger they are both sent into the hall as punishment.

Later on when school comes to an end, Hazuki asks Doremi if she plans to attend soccer practice. Doremi refuses to go and asks Hazuki to take her place instead, standing up to run from the room. But in her hurried state she fails to notice that she accidentally put her backpack on upside-down and everything falls out of it as she flees. Which once again earns her an insult from Kotake as everyone laughs. 

While on her way home, Doremi contemplates why everyone thinks magic is weird. She stops upon realizing she is on a road she's never been to before and notices the creepy building nearby. Doremi decides to investigate and heads inside to greet the old woman running it. While she checks out the various goods- she is unable to resist noticing the similarities between her and a witch. As the woman slowly realizes that Doremi has recognized her, Doremi calls out to her before she can stop her, and in a puff of smoke the witch deflates into a gooey green Witch Frog.

As Doremi stares in shock, the cat the woman held on her lap transforms into a fairy to explain that Majorika is being punished for being caught by a human. Frightened, Doremi tries to leave but Majorika has other plans and stops her, deciding that Doremi will need to become a Apprentice Witch to restore her to normal. 

At first, Doremi is scared out of her mind until she thinks it over and realizes that this is a good thing because she likes witches and magic; so she reconsiders and eagerly accepts.

With that Majorika asks Lala to grab a box from the other room and they go outside, where she has Doremi reach inside to pull out a tap. She tries to explain how they work but Doremi doesn't listen and begins to press the buttons causing the witch uniform to appear. Majorika scolds her while stating the outfit vanishes if the Apprentice can't put it on before the music stops, so once more Doremi tries and manages to get it on. Although after witnessing it, Majorika starts to question the confusing child.

Excited, Doremi attempts to cast her first magic spell- but sadly learns that because she is new to it, it won't last very long. Majorika warns her not to be so wasteful with her magic spheres while Lala refills the wand, but before they can get in another word Doremi quickly rises into the air on her broom. Majorika chastises her impulsive attitude and sends Lala to keep an eye on her.

Lala flies up to Doremi and lands upon the broom to help her float easier before she tries to convince Doremi to return to the shop. Doremi is convinced until she sees the Soccer game going on at the school field and excitedly flies down to get a better look. 

Meanwhile, Hazuki wonders why Doremi didn't come when suddenly the soccer ball flies straight towards Igarashi.

In a minute of panic, Doremi casts magic to try to save him from getting hurt by stopping time. She moves Igarashi and quickly goes to leave before seeing Maki and spotting the charm she saw from the shop. She is unable to escape when time unfreezes, and the two girls exchange glances before Doremi flees for the nearest bush. Unfortunately, because Doremi interfered, the rival team scores a point and Lala lectures her on what she did before mentioning forbidden magic- although Doremi gets distracted when she witnesses Igarashi get an injury.

From their hiding spot, they watch as a worried Maki unknowingly wishes to help him and receives his injury as the charm shatters. She suddenly feels weakened as Lala and Doremi watch, with Lala teasing Doremi over her crush on the older male. Seeing what has gone on though, Doremi feels remorse and freezes time again, trying to fix things and give the team the point they should have had. But in this attempt to help, time unfreezes and the ball comes flying right at Doremi, beaming her in the face and rendering her unconcious.

Seeing this, Majorika uses her own magic to revert Doremi to normal after freezing time again, then unfreezes it to take off with Lala. 

Eventually Doremi wakes up to find herself in the nurses office. She and Hazuki begin to chat until they hear Igarashi and Maki in the other part of the room and spy on them from outside. To Doremi's sadness, she listens as they confess their feelings to one-another and Igarashi requests that Maki goes out with him. She accepts and Doremi begins to lament over her unrequited feelings. She claims to be fine however, as Lala and Majorika curiously watch the display and remark that Doremi will be a pain to deal with. But Lala points out this could also be really fun.

Suddenly Doremi comments on how nice Igarashi and Maki look together, seemingly in a better mood until Hazuki points out that it looks as though Doremi gave up on Igarashi. Being reminded of such pain, Doremi bursts into tears as the episode ends.


  • Big Steak Appear!
  • Make the steak bigger!
  • Time, Stop turning! (twice)

Major Events

  • Introduced: Doremi, Pop, Majorika, Maki, Igarashi, Hazuki, Seki-sensei, Kotake, Lala, Yuki-sensei
  • Majorika is transformed into a Witch Frog after Doremi discovers her.
  • Doremi becomes a witch apprentice
  • Doremi learns how to cast spells, summon her broom, fly, and how Magic Spheres work.
  • Maki and Igarashi become an official couple. 


  • Majorika: But when it grants your wish, you never know what will happen to you.

  • Pop: You're sure up early, must be in love with another boy...
  • Doremi: That's not true! I just have to do something at school this morning!
  • Pop: What a dirty liar...
  • Doremi: It's none of your business anyway!
  • Pop: It's no use but you're still gonna try again?

  • Doremi: My name is Harukaze Doremi. My parent's are always fighting every day. My sister is only in Kindergarten but she thinks she knows everything! I'm the world's most miserable pretty girl. But today, I'm going to become the world's most happiest pretty girl!

  • Doremi: Pretty Witch Doremi chi!
  • Majorika: ...What the hell was that?

  • Doremi: Hey, hey. I can do magic with this stick right? What are the words, hurry and tell me! There's a spell right? Right? Please hurry, hurry, hurry and tell it to me! Spell! Hurry! Tell Me!
  • Majorika: Shut the hell up!

  • Doremi: That's right... another sad chapter in my life!

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • Nanako Okada appears with dark purple hair and a gold blouse while in class. However, she normally has light orange hair and wears a pale yellow blouse.
  • As everyone laughs at Doremi and Kotake, Kimura has black hair instead of brown.
  • For a split second after Majorika starts laughing, the collar of Doremi's top is purple when it should be pink.
  • When Doremi first summons her wand it appears full of beads. But when she asks what to do with it, it's empty.
  • As Doremi holds her wand for the first time, it vanishes right after she poses. In the scene right after, she is shown holding it again. 
  • For a split second when Doremi falls down, the bottom part of her broom vanishes.
  • When Doremi holds up her recently filled wand, her hand is glove-less.
  • When Doremi is hiding and watching Igarashi, part of her shirt strap is missing.
  • After casting her first spell, Doremi's hat looks red as she questions why her steak is missing.
  • The Magic Spheres keep changing color as Majorika and Lala explain them to Doremi. 
  • Doremi's musical notes when casting magic are pink or dark pink. When she casts magic at the soccer field, one of them is green.
  • When Doremi lowers her wand to check the soccer ball's location, the rod is neon pink.
  • Near the end of the episode the formation of the guys doesn't remain consistent. Six in total are shown when time freezes, but note that their order is different than the one shown prior. Then as Doremi moves them, there are suddenly seven boys.
  • Doremi was never told what buttons to press in order to gain her wand and broom, as well as her dress. Normally an apprentice needs to be told her specific pattern or else it doesn't work.


  • The english dub Magical Doremi aired 9 months after the Naisho season ended.