High School Student Aiko is "The Girl Who Ran"!?
Fourth grade
Japanese Title 高校生あいこは「走る少女」!?

Kōkōsei Aiko wa "hashiru shōjo"!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 10 (61)
Air Date April 9, 2000
Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode Hazuki-chan Learns how to Dance!?
Previous Episode The Search for the Herbs! Maho-dou's Bus Trip

Opening Clip

The ojamajo introduce themselves one by one, then mention they are going into fourth grade as of this day. Pop then appears and she mentions that she will be going into first grade today and everyone cheers as the camera pans out through the clouds and towards the sky.


Aiko is asked to read a new story from Nobuko and begins to imagine herself in it upon realizing it is about her. But she becomes so entranced by the story that it is up to the others to snap her out of it while they all begin to question their life as a highschool student. 


It is a lovely sunny morning when Doremi flies down the steps and demands to know why nobody bothered to wake her. Haruka claims that she did try, but Doremi refused to get up. Doremi finds this pretty hard to believe though, and Pop says that Doremi just wakes up badly; which makes her begin to yell. 

On their way to school, Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki begin to discuss how everything feels the same now, and Aiko goes on to point out that they have been apprentice and friends for a year now before they are joined by Onpu for a moment. She teases them for a moment and is driven off and the girls resume walking.

When Aiko happens to spot Nobuko up ahead, teasing some little kids, Aiko greets her and invites her to join them on their way to school. Hazuki asks Nobuko how her latest story has been going, and Nobuko informs them that she has finished it and was showing Aiko it previously, but she's busy working on a brand new story so they need to wait. 

Upon arrival, everyone stands while the Principal gives a lecture before sending them to class. 

Later on in the day, Nobuko comes to Aiko with her new story and asks her to read it. But before she goes, she also asks Aiko not to tell anyone or show them what it was about, and Aiko promises. She takes the book and heads for home, but she is shocked upon realizing that it is about her as a highschool student.  

In the story, it starts with Aiko introducing herself while busily running to school. A boy passes her, which angers her and she chases after him for being rude. The boy introduces himself as Nobuhiko and offers Aiko a hand; which she quickly refuses before storming off before being joined by her best friend, Doremi. 

Suddenly, Aiko snaps out of the story to see Doremi really standing there. They begin to head home when Aiko asks Doremi about highschool, and what they think may happen by the time they reach it. She listens to Doremi before claiming that she will never change, then resumes reading the story. 

An angry Aiko begins to tell Doremi about how frustrated she is with the boy she ran into earlier. She promises to get back at him, causing Doremi to tease her and wonder if maybe Aiko likes this boy. They happen to walk right past him and in doing so, Aiko tries to ignore him, until he tells her that he wishes to tell her something, which catches her interest. But Doremi is quick to push Aiko away from Nobuhiko and claims that Aiko wants nothing to do with him. 

A break in the story occurs again when the girls begin to discuss how people have a habit of breaking up others relationships out of jealousy. Aiko can't help but imagine a date between Nobuhiko and the highschool Aiko, but when Majorika suddenly yells, it's enough to make the girls get back to work. But with all of her yelling, they imagine Nobuhiko talking to his grandmother, who happens to resemble her. She insists that he can't do something so shameful to the family name; liking a commoner instead of someone of royalty or wealth, so despite his promise to stop seeing Aiko, she has security lock him up. But known to them all, his older sister Hazuki was watching. 

It is then the girls spot Hazuki standing behind a wall in the shop. She sadly asks if they purposely left her behind at school, but they claim it to have been an accident, which calms her down. She sees the story and the trio resume reading it and start to imagine the details as they compare the grumpy old lady to Majorika. 

Nobuhiko tries to get help but he is unheard. Until his older sister, Hazuki shows up. She tries to pull the door open but it is of no use, so she asks him to step back and transforms into witch apprentice form, much to his surprise. She summons an explosive and uses that to bust open the cell, then tells Nobuhiko to hurry up before it's too late.

Out of the story, Hazuki starts to discuss how Aiko and Nobuhiko's wedding would be until Onpu interupts to reveal that her work was cancled; since the script for the drama she is a part of was not finished. They then ask Onpu what her comment meant, and she points out how boring a story would be if it was to just end so peaceful like this. Usually there is a much bigger climax and she demonstrates her point by clinging onto Doremi before she resumes the story to tell them what she thinks. 

Late and at the beach, Onpu tells Nobuhiko that she likes him, but he tells her that he is with Aiko and likes her. But before they can resume, a shocked Aiko shows up. Onpu takes advantage of this and claims that she is in a relationship with Nobuhiko, which causes Aiko to run away in tears, telling Nobuhiko how much she hates him. Onpu then stops the story and is complimented by Aiko for making the story more exciting. They ask her to tell them more, but Hana-chan starts to cry, so they go to tend to her.

As she cries the story resumes; where it is the next day and it is pouring rain. Aiko refuses to speak or even look at Nobuhiko for his betrayel, but he asks her to meet with him later at the clock tower. She runs from him and begins to walk through town while thinking over his words, then stops to tend to a young child who runs into her. She stays home for the rest of the day, only to leave the following morning, when it is much nicer out.

She heads out to the Library and begins to look for something until she notices the time. She arrives a while later to wait for Nobuhiko as she notices it is almost three pm, then to her surprise the others show up instead. 

It is revealed after that Aiko was trying to finish the story by herself again, while at school. They confront her and Onpu reminds Aiko of her promise she made the other day, that they could finish it together. So with this, the four resume the story. 

Doremi, Onpu, and Hazuki tell Aiko that she has to realize that she is not being honest about her feelings, and they ask her why that is before telling her that she will regret it if she doesn't go to see Nobuhiko. Aiko then points out how late it is, so they transform to help her by summoning a special pair of shoes; and while initially Aiko does not wish to wear them, the girls push her off of the nearby hill to make her leave. 

They begin to cheer for Aiko until Nobuko claims that those events would never happen, since magic doesn't exist. This annoys the ojamajo, but when she claims there is a happy ending, they grow curious to find out what happens. So she explains that Aiko does reach the clock tower, but then she takes off after a while, thinking she may be too late or that Nobuhiko won't show up. But as she goes to leave, Nobuhiko shows up and the story reaches it's end. 

Nobuko glomp

After school ends, Aiko and Nobuko decide to walk home together in order to discuss the story once more. Nobuko asks Aiko if they will still be friends by the time they reach highschool, and Aiko assures her that they will be; which makes Nobuko happy enough to embrace Aiko as the episode ends. 


  • Break down the door
  • Let Ai-chan be at the clock tower

Major Events

  • Nobuko writes another story. 
  • The ojamajo start fourth grade. 
  • Pop starts her second year at Sonatine Kindergarten.


  • In the Opening Clip, Pop mentions that she'll be starting the first grade. However this is an error as she is still seen attending kindergarten in the following episodes of Sharp.
  • As Pop is looking at Doremi, the top portion of her chair is pinkish-red, like her hair. 
  • During the part when the girls show concern over Aiko and Doremi cries, notice that there aren't any lines on Hazuki's dress.


  • In an ironic twist Doremi ends up being right when she tells Aiko what she thinks her highschool life would be like. She thinks she would get a cool boyfriend and work part time at a steakhouse with him. In Doremi 16, before she and the others resume working at the Maho-do, Doremi had already gotten a job to work at a friends steakhouse, and she has a struggling relationship with someone who has become very popular.