Help Santa!
Merry Christmas
Japanese Title サンタさんを救え!

Santa-san wo Sukue!

Dub Title Saving Santa!
Season Season 1
Episode № 45
Air Date December 19, 1999 (JP)

March 18, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Takuya Igarashi
Episode Direction Takuya Igarashi
Animation Direction Yoshihiko Umakoshi
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As the camera looks over the dark town of Misora, snow crystals begin to slowly fall as a magical sleigh appears. In it, all five ojamajo. They see the viewer and wish them a Merry Christmas!


The ojamajo are tasked with helping an elderly man after realizing he is Santa Claus and needs help delivering presents. 


Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko are busily decorating the Maho-do for Christmas, but they are a bit annoyed because they would rather be at home to enjoy the holiday. Aiko claims that Majorika is taking advantage of the holiday; to which she admits to have done, but points out they need to do whatever they can to attract more business. Doremi accuses her of being greedy but Majorika reasons that Doremi should be more willing to work harder; since it's her fault that she's like this anyway. Hazuki is able to calm every by reminding them that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, and Lala asks where Pop is. Doremi informs them that she will be busy over the next couple of days. 

It is revealed that Pop and her friends are busy setting out on an expediction to locate Santa. They come to a bench and stop for a moment and wonder if they will locate him this year. Pop is sure to know how he operates, and explains that Santa somehow manages to secretly sneak into town to see everyone and learns about what they want. With that she decides their break is over and they resume looking. 

The ojamajo leave the Maho-do as evening comes. They spot a cute display for the holiday, then spot a banner for the concert Onpu will be holding as a Christmas Event. Hazuki then brings up that it was probably put there to draw more attention to the shopping district; which inspires Doremi to try to do the same for the Maho-do. However, Aiko and Hazuki shoot down the idea pretty quick. 

They continue on home when Doremi accidentally walks right into an elderly man. He claims to be alright but the girls are unconvinced when they see how weak and frail he appears. He walks past the girls as Aiko begins to lecture Doremi to be more careful. But Doremi happens to spot that the man has dropped something and she goes to return it to the man. He thanks Doremi and takes off as Pop and her friends approach. Doremi stops them to scold Pop since she had told her that she was going to be busy with work. But Pop and her friends inform the girls of their true plans to track down the real Santa Claus to tell him something very important. Doremi calls this foolish while claiming that Santa would never wander on the streets like this; but this ends up angering them and they storm off in a huff, even more focused now. 

The following day, the ojamajo are back at work and have been bored all day. Due to the holiday they didn't get any business. 

Pop and her friends are still on the look out and have no luck. That is, until one of them spots Onpu. They all run over as Pop angrily reminds them about Santa Claus, but her words go unnoticed. Onpu doesn't really know the boys but recognizes Pop and greets her before asking if they came to watch her concert. Pop explains what they're really doing as her friends hide behind her; somewhat flustered being around Onpu. Then they continue on their way while Onpu questions their plans. 

Later that day the ojamajo take off from work and see the old man from the previous day slumped down nearby. They bring him inside to get some water while trying to hide Majorika. But she accidentally falls from the top floor portion of the shop and bounces right in front of him. Everyone panics until the man is able to recognize Majorika as a witch frog, much to their shock. Majorika is able to recognize him as Santa Claus and the elderly man explains that he is has become quite unhealthy due to the severe cold he got recently. But since it's still Christmas he has to work and he spent an entire year gathering the information he needed to find out what every child wants. The book Doremi gave him was a list, so he has to get back to get the presents.

He gets up to leave but they notice he's not in any condition to work, so they volunteer to help him out. But since everyone has their family plans to attend to, he allows the girls to wait until their families have gone to sleep later in the evening. The girls, knowing they will need help then confront Onpu to inform her of the situation going on. Doremi asks Onpu for help and she agrees, but informs them that she has too many plans to help out. She has her concert, and an interview right after. It is then someone from the sidelines call for Onpu and she takes off; much to their frustration.

At the Harukaze household, Doremi critisizes the "steak made out of chicken" dinner her mom prepared for the family when she notices how upset Pop looks. She doesn't say anything until after dinner when she informs Pop that she met Santa, and that they need to help deliver presents. Pop begs to come and at first Doremi scolds her, only to see how upset she looks again and she agrees to it, but warns Pop not to fall asleep. But unfortunetly, Pop is unable to stay awake and misses out. Doremi does try to awake her, but she ends up recieving a beating for it. 

In the maho-do backyard, the girls and Santa all transform before he summons his sleigh by ringing a very special bell. Everyone gets into the sleigh and he steers them to Santa Land while they admire the evening sky and scenery below them.

Upon arrival, they question the fact there are a whole bunch of Santa's in the building. Santa informs them that these are the only Santa that look over Misora City and prepare the gifts. Plenty of other places like this are also located around the world. He then shows them the present maker and notes that there seems to be a jam in the system. He questions it and the others do not think it can be fixed because they can't get this jam to move or fix. While all of the Santa Claus' mope and morn the struggle they had gone through, the ojamajo try to help get the giant present maker to work again by casting magical stage. 

They are able to make it work and everyone cheers before they resume work. But as they are running a little behind they have to work twice as hard and fast to get everything ready. Santa asks the ojamajo to help sort out the items and they plan on using magic, but realize they are already out of Magic Spheres. 

Meanwhile at home, Onpu finds a note left to her from her mother, explaining that she had some things to do and wouldn't be home until late and her dad wont be home at all. But she left some dinner for Onpu in the microwave and ends the note. Onpu sits down and instead of touching the food, she thinks about the others and how they asked her for help.

Back at Santa Land, the ojamajo work on bagging the toys using their hands with the Santa Claus' while lamenting the fact they can't go any faster.  But suddenly they hear a new, but familar voice. The girls are very surprised to see Onpu behind them and she casts magic to make all of the presents begin to sort and bag themselves while everyone catches the full bags. Onpu comments on the Land of Santa before Doremi embraces her as thanks for help. Onpu claims to have had some free time, so she just decided to come help out. 

Santa approaches to thank the ojamajo and asks them to help now deliver presents to make sure they can get them all sent out in time. Once they agree, the Land of Santa's cloud splits itself into seperate parts in the area in order to begin delivering presents. 

As Doremi goes to deliver one final present, she comes to see Pop sound asleep. Rather angry over being beat up, Doremi begins to mock her until she realizes how sad Pop really looks. The other ojamajo and Santa have all finished and they find Doremi standing outside of the window. She asks Santa if there would be anyway he could meet Pop, given how much she wanted to see him but he tells her it's actually forbidden for Santa to meet children. The other three try to offer up their own presents in exchange for Pop's wish to come true, and even offer Majorika's gift in hopes he would reconsider. Seeing their generosity and kindness, Santa uses his magic to appear to Pop and all of her friends in their dream in order to comfort them. 

In the dream, Pop and her friends run into him. He speaks to them all before giving them all a big hug. They thank him for bringing them presents and the dream soon ends. 

Having finished, Santa thanks the ojamajo for all of their held. The girls discuss how much fun they had when suddenly, the notice a bunch of glowing petals falling from the sky and recognize it as the Witch Queen. She appears to them inside of her carriage and she thanks the girls for all of their help, and as a reward she gives each of them their next certification sphere. She then takes off after they thank her and she wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

As the four ojamajo all claim this Christmas is the best, they realize it had began to snow and they stop to admire it as the entire town of Misora recieves the wonderful white blanket of snow....


  • Help the Santas
  • Put the presents in the bags


  • Note: Good job on the concert. Mama has to do a bit more work for you, so I'll be late. Papa is doing the night shift again. Sorry, but please enjoy the microwaved dinner. Merry Christmas.

Dub Edits

  • Doremi and Aiko got angry with Majorika for only decorating in hopes of increasing sales. Then Hazuki points out that Christmas is a happy time, which Majorika slightly agrees with. In the dub, Dorie says she is tired while Mirabelle claims it's just because of all the sales lately. Then Patina mocks them about Santa.
  • The ojamajo discuss the Christmas spirit. In the dub, Dorie wishes for a new sister, then Mirabelle points out she'd be better off making a realistic wish.
  • Doremi thinks Santa is nice but she still prefers cake and steak. In the dub she talks about getting a big steak.
  • Paint Edit: Onpu's concern sign was edited to read "Ellie Craft's Holiday Concert".
  • Onpu asks if the ojamajo came to her concert, while in the dub Ellie asks them if they are excited for Christmas.
  • Onpu asks Pop if they happen to be searching for the real Santa. In the dub Ellie just asks them why Santa would be there.
  • Paint Edit: Doremi's bloody, battered face had been cleaned up for the dub; removing the bruises and blood. 
  • The note left to Onpu explains that her mom had some things to do for Onpu and she'd be home late, as well as that she left dinner in the microwave for her. In the dub her mom mentions being invited to a party and that Ellie could watch a Christmas DVD they had.
  • Onpu explains that she took a look around Santa Land and found it fun. In the dub Ellie just claims she took longer because she got lost in the clouds.
  • When asked why she was helping Onpu claims it was because she had free time. In the dub, Ellie just mentions that she was given directions to do this from Petunia.
  • The ojamajo thank the witch queen while talking to her. In the dub they just wish her a Merry Christmas.


  • Notice when Onpu turns her head to Pop's friends, her scrunchy looks to be pinkish in color, not a pale mint color as is normal.
  • As the ojamajo cheer when the machine starts to work, Aiko has a pair of orange earrings on. They revert to blue when they jump into the air.
  • From episode 44, the preview for this episode showed that the santa's white coloring (facial hair, outfit accents) were gray in color. During the episode though, everything is white.