Dub Name Felina
Gender Female
Theme Color Blue
Owner Majoruka
Debut A Rival Appears! The Maho-do's Big Pinch!
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroko Konishi
English Jessica Calvello

Hehe is Majoruka's fairy.



Hehe's personality is similar to her owners- which is a reason why they get along very well. She loves to tease Lala, because Hehe is actually younger than her.


She has brown skin. She wears a white hat on her head, with her bangs sticking out, along with long curls of hair that match her antennae/hair that all fairies have. Her eyes are something between orange and brown. She has yellow flower earrings.

Hehe wears an outfit that is more revealing than Lala's and Baba's. It consists of a white body suit with a red gem in the center and a big décolletage. At her feet she has translucent blue legwarmers. She wears on both wrists blue bands.

As a cat, Hehe has blue fluffy fur, but her face and her ears are brown.


  • She disappeared after the first (or second) season because her voice actress decided to retire.



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