Dub Name Felina
Gender Female
Theme Color Blue
Debut A Rival Appears! The Maho-do's Big Pinch!
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroko Konishi
English Jessica Calvello

Hehe is Majoruka's fairy and the only antagonist fairy shown in the series.



Hehe has brown or tanned skin with hazel eyes and long, thick light blue hair. Her bangs stick out beneath her hat, which has two tips on the end rather then one. She wears a revealing white one-piece with a diamond cut on the chest beneath her gem, along with teal sheer fabric on her ankles and wrists. Her earrings are shaped like flowers.

As a cat, Hehe resembles a blue main coon or persian with a brown face, ears, and darker brown paws.


Hehe is fairly antagonistic and often delivers blunt advice towards others, causing her to sound care-less or mean. She loves to mock Lala or those who annoy her, and takes pride in her appearance. She would rather slack off or go to do something fun instead of work, and at times has disagreements with Majoruka.


  • After the second season Hehe disappeared from the series. This is due to her actress deciding to retire.