Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers
Dark Night
Japanese Title ねらわれた健康診断

Nerawareta Kenkoushindan

Season Sharp
Episode № 28 (79)
Air Date August 20, 2000
Screenplay Yoshimi Narita
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?
Previous Episode The Herb from the North and the Precious Memories

Opening Clip

One dark, late evening, Oyajide is discussing his latest plans to kidnap Hana-chan with Akatsuki. Akatsuki says nothing while Oyajide keeps talking of his dream to become a baron, then raises his staff as they leave for the witch world.


The next magic babies exam is coming up but with Oyajide a threat and hiding out in the Witch World will this be the one they fail?!


It has been six month's since the ojamajo had gotten Hana-chan and as such, her next health exam is coming up. Everyone comments on how much she's grown and how talented she is now while observing the block structure she has put together. It's then someone comes into the Maho-do and they see it's Akatsuki, much to Doremi's pleasure. He's come to ask Doremi if she wanted to come with him to the upcoming Summer festival. Doremi of course agrees, until she's reminded of Hana's health exam...

At first, Doremi tries to get out of it but Aiko and Hazuki refuse to let her skip so Doremi is forced to down him down. However, Akatsuki is very understanding and he leaves after promising to come back and ask her out some other time.

Meanwhile, at a restraunt in town, Oyajide is pestering a waitress while waiting for Akatsuki to meet with him. He informs the waitress that he had called for the restervation and asks for her to bring food out now. After she leaves he is quick to inform Oyajide of the ojamajo's evening plans with Hana-chan, and points out how much of a valuable chance this is. At first Oyajide doesn't understand, but he soon begins to figure it out while Akatsuki explains it to him. Oyajide insists that he does better this time, though Akatsuki claims he has better plans and he refuses to do his work. So for tonight Oyajide is on his own....

As the ojamajo travel to the health exam's location, Oyajide is shown to have snuck along with them in the basket and jumps out leaving his stomach growl before they arrive. The exam quickly begins with Majoheart explaining that this one shall test the baby's intelligence. For their first task they must locate a panda plush doll in a huge pile of dolls and toys within the time limit. In the pile is Oyajide, who has painted himself white and has a black mask on his face. He will kidnap Hana when she gets close enough to him!

Unfortuantly, when she finds him Hana-chan uses her magic to play with him until the time runs out. The ojamajo are disappointed, but Onpu thinks she has seen this strange plush doll before...

In the next exam, the baby's must build something with their blocks. They're sure Hana-chan can do it, but she keeps making a format resembling Doremi, not what Majoheart asks her to build. She attempts to build the right object, and manages to do it until Oyajide, disguised as a block accidentally tips the blocks over and time runs out!

Eventually the baby's take a break to be fed and played with for a little while. But a fussy Oyajide is growing impatient, and even more hungry. He tries to cast magic, but is too weak that he's easily picked up by a heavy breeze, landing in a basket that belongs to a witch that was going to the Queen's Garden to pick some peaches. Oyajide realizes where he is and he quickly gets out to eat some of them, only to realize how much stronger he is all of the sudden!

Back at the exam's location, Majoheart announces that for the final test the baby's will have to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Hana-chan easily puts it together, when suddenly all of the witch baby's are sucked up into a strange bubble!

Oyajide reveals himself as Majoheart realizes he was the one who had been trying to get a hold of Hana. Everyone begins to demand for their baby back, but Oyajide refuses despite only needing Hana-chan. He promises to give them back if the witches hand over their crystal balls, which they all do. However, he had no plans to give the baby's back and he puts them into a bag and takes off after he uses magic to summon a cage over the witches. To get out of the cage, Doremi casts a spell to summon a key and explain that because they're not full grown witches yet, they can cast magic without the need of a crystal ball.

Before they can go to stop Oyahide, Mahoheart informs them that because of all the magic peaches Oyajide has eaten, he's a lot stronger now so they may not stand a chance. But the ojamajo don't care and they assure her they can still win. They transform into Royal Patraine and quickly make work of Oyajide!

After freeing the baby's, the royal patraine ojamajo confront Oyajide. When Doremi attempts to attack him again, she realizes she's out of magic to use! The others also see they are out, so with his own magic Oyajide grabs one of the magic baby's to use as a hostage. To free Atarimeko, Hana-chan offers herself in exchange and Oyajide releases her.

He begins to make his leave when Hana-chan begins to pester him, causing him to once again fall to the ground. The bag of Crystal Balls busts open and everyone is able to get their crystal back and Majoheart proceeds to attack Oyajide with a thunder cloud and sends him out of the witch world. She then brings the ojamajo right to the Witch Queen in order to discuss the events with the girls. They feel badly for what happened but she tells them everything will be fine since everyone is okay. And because of what the girls did, they pass the health exam and also gain a brand new set of magic seeds.

Majoheart makes it clear that Hana techniqually hadn't passed any exams this time, but it was because of her everyone was safe in the end. Onpu brings up how Oyajide had eaten the Queen's peach and their concern that they may not be able to fight him anymore. But to their relief, she informs them the effects from a peach is only temporary, and as a side-effect he'll end up getting a bad stomach ache, which makes her pretty happy.

Outside of the witch world portal, Akatsuki is standing around when he notes that the exam is probably ending when Oyajide is suddenly flung out at him!

Akatsuki comments on how he failed when Oyajide admits to having a stomach ache and he flees the scene when nature calls. Akatsuki doesn't think much of it and turns his attention to the colorful fireworks going on over his head as the episode draws to an end...


  • Come out, key
  • A giant gloved hand
  • Small hands that cover Oyajide's eyes
  • An arrow
  • A big bed