Hazuki 16

Hazuki Fujiwara is a character in the Ojamajo Doremi 16 light novels. Her featured book is novel 2, Naive


Hazuki attends the Karen Girls' Academy and has been exlusively studying the violin to become professional. It is said she has dropped everything else because of this, but she seems to be happy just the same. She is also dating her childhood friend, Yada-kun but lately they have been struggling to keep their relationship with the stress of having to keep the relationship private. 


Hazuki is a tall, fair-skinned teenage girl with big brown eyes worn with a pair of thin circled glasses. Her hair is the same color with a small golden hue to it (depending on the light) and appears to be a little longer. She wears her hair with a long orange ribbon tied into a bow with all of it in a loose ponytail. Her fringe is about neck length. 


Hazuki is the sweet and kind best friend. She is mature and gentle and normally appears to be calm, except when frightened or angry. She is very motherly towards others and while kind, may scold them or tease them if they do something inapropriate. She isn't the type to hold a grudge or be rude for no reason though, even forgiving a girl she thought was her friend and acted out against her due to envy. 

Originally a very shy child who only wished to please others, Hazuki has since grown out of that. She is still highly considerate towards others and their own feelings but she has also learned to speak up for her own. She can come off as a bit bold or blunt when she gives an honest opinon. However this is mainly towards Doremi and out of her best interest at heart. She has gained more confidence in herself and generally seems to be happier now than she did in the past.  


Novel 1

Hazuki reunited with Aiko and Doremi during the class reunion being held before highschool began. After attending the after-party at a Kareoke room the girls began to walk away to keep their discussion going, only to find the Maho-do still standing despite being torn down some years prior. Majorika revealed to the girls what was going on and asked them to begin working in the shop again, however due to her busy schedule Hazuki was only be able to come during the weekends. 

In this time, she was helping Doremi and Aiko out, along with Tamaki at one point when her boyfriend began to act strange. She was also trying to deal with her own problem regarding a rumor involving her relationship with Yada and Love Hotel, which was later proven to be false when a friend admitted that they were the one who started it. 

Novel 2

Novel 3






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