Hazuki 16

Hazuki Fujiwara is a character in the Ojamajo Doremi 16 light novels. Her featured book is novel 2, Naive

Hazuki is a student of Karen Girls' Academy and has exclusively began studying the violin to become a professional. She maintains a friendship with Tamaki Reika, and is privately dating Masaru Yada, her childhood friend.



Hazuki is a fair-skinned girl with big brown eyes and long pulled back into a thick ponytail held by an orange ribbon. Her fringe is cut short, while her bangs are slightly longer than in childhood.


Hazuki is the gentle and friendly girl she was from before. She is kind and always supportive for those she cares for, and is normally calm with an easy-going mentality unless angered or frightened. She expresses a motherly side towards friends and will be stern with them if they do something inapropriate, although she is also very forgiving. She is trusting towards others, and she has grown out of her eager-to-please phase while retaining her consideration.

She can be blunt or bold with her words if giving an honest opinion- mainly directed towards Doremi and with her best interest in mind. She has gained more confidence in herself and is genuinely happy with who she has grown up to become.


Novel 1

Hazuki reunited with Aiko and Doremi during the class reunion being held before highschool began. They enjoyed the after party held at a Kareoke room before taking off to keep their discussion going, only to find the Maho-do standing despite being torn down some years prior. Upon getting a better look, they learned from Majorika that she has decided to come back to the human world and asks them to return working there again and become Apprentice Witch. They agreed, but Hazuki made sure to tell her that she could only afford to work on the weekend due to her now busier lifestyle.

In this time, she was helping Doremi and Aiko out, along with Tamaki at one point when her boyfriend began to act strange. She was also trying to deal with her own problem regarding a rumor involving her relationship with Yada after someone took a picture of them standing near a Love Hotel. She later found out that a dear friend of hers started the rumor out of jealously, but would go on to forgive her.

Novel 2

Novel 3





  • Hazuki is the only girl who started the series in an established relationship.