"Alright! With the 10 million yen, we're gonna help Hazuki-chan."

Hazuki-chan is kidnapped!
Papaya Brothers
Japanese Title はづきちゃん誘拐される!

Hazuki-chan Yūkai Sareru!

Dub Title Uncle Mick and His Sidekick
Season Season 1
Episode № 19
Air Date June 13, 1999 (JP)

February 18, 2006 (US)

Screenplay Atsushi Maekawa
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
Next Episode A Rival Appears! The Maho-do's Big Pinch!
Previous Episode Don't do it! Forbidden Magic!

Opening Clip

The Papaya Brothers are behind stage after their latest act thinking about the 10 million yen they are to pay for. They're running out of time and the smaller brother asks the bigger one what they can do. It's then the bigger one smirks, stating they will do "that" and he gets up while the younger one questions it. However, he gets up to follow the taller brother as he tells him it's time to leave.


Hazuki is kidnapped by a couple of desperate comedians and its up to Doremi and Aiko to save her, but are the kidnappers really such bad guys?


It's Hazuki's final day of punishment for using forbidden magic. She marks it off of her calendar while thinking back
Mr. Sun
to how she saved Lulu last week, then attempts to use her Tap to see if it works yet. But alas, nothing happens. She realizes soon after that she may just have to wait until the following day to actually use magic, since it wasn't clarified before-hand.

Meanwhile, outside of the Fujiwara home the Papaya Brothers are busy watching when they decide to steal the owners child to make the money they desperately need. When they see Hazuki leave, they quickly get into their car and follow her until she happens to catch them. They make up an excuse and ask where the doctors office is. Hazuki points them in the direction, so the man attempts to ask for the Dentist instead, since it's further in town. He asks Hazuki to get into the car, in order to point out the direction and seeing no harm in it, Hazuki agrees. As they happen to drive past it however, Hazuki slowly begins to realize they never planned on going to the dentist at all; their plans were to kidnap her.

Meanwhile, a very late Aiko has just made it to the Maho-do to find out that Hazuki hasn't showed up yet. This makes them worry, since she's never late but because Doremi is never on time, nobody worries over her.

Back at the Harukaze household, Doremi is in the middle of eating breakfast and Pop points out that it's noon and she slept in too late.

At the Papaya brothers messy home, the brothers are discussing what they should use to tie Hazuki up. But she points out that because of how messy the place is, she couldn't really move around anyway. So there isn't much point in tying her up to begin with. The taller brother starts writing a ransom note until the shorter one realizes that Hazuki is missing. But they find her fixing up the ransom note by fixing the spelling mistakes. They compliment Hazuki for being very smart and the phone begins to ring and she gives them her number after pointing out it would make more sense to just call her ransom, rather then write it.

Doremi is about to leave home when she happens to hear the phone ring. She doesn't understand it and assumes it to be a prank call until hearing Hazuki's name. She then rushes to the Maho-do to inform Aiko of the news. While concerned they wonder why they called Doremi instead of Hazuki's parents, but they head right over to their hideout in a hurry. They don't have any money to save Hazuki, so for now they hide in the nearby bush to make sure nobody spots them. They try to think up an idea and use their magic to try to summon money, but because they do not know what it looks like, it doesn't work.

Hazuki thinks she heard Doremi and goes to look, but the taller brother grabs her and tries to pull her away from the window. Doremi and Aiko catch sight of this and think Hazuki is in trouble, and accidentally scare the brothers from hiding after trying to turn into the police and accidentally making the sirens go off. So Doremi and Aiko get on their brooms and quickly trail behind the brothers and stop time, thinking they could do it in order to free her without notice. But this fails after realizing they can't get the door open.

They continue to follow them until reaching a forest when Aiko tries to cast magic again. But she struggles to focus, causing a strange chain of events to follow. The Papaya brothers think it may be the work of a strange demon fox, but the taller one refuses to believe it and keeps claiming it to be the younger brothers imagination. ally out of the forest, they come to the road and decide to stop for a lunch break. Hazuki seems surprised by how good the food they make is before she begins to ask them why they kidnapped her. They explain that they want to become stars some day but at the moment their not very popular and they actually come from the country. But as they were ready to give up, the brothers had been visited by someone and they promised to make them famous stars, but only after they could pay for it. So they kidnapped a rich child in hopes of getting 10 million yen and Hazuki points out a flaw in their plans before she asks them to show her their act, out of curiosity.

After they show her, Hazuki begins to laugh as Aiko and Doremi show up. Hazuki tries to warn them not to attack the brothers but they don't listen until they manage to get the brothers stuck at the very top of a tree! Hazuki asks Aiko and Doremi to forgive the brothers, and they promise not to kidnap anybody ever again. Aiko then tells Doremi to get them out of the tree since she used all of her magic spheres. Doremi is out too and Hazuki can't even use her magic yet.

Just then, the branch begins to snap! They have to act fast before the brothers fall. With no other option, Aiko and Doremi fly up to try to save the brothers but their too heavy so they can't get them both down at once. But they don't have time to get one down, then get the other one either. Hazuki notices the sun is beginning to set and she transforms into her witch apprentice uniform. If the sun hurries up she may still be able to save them!

Hazuki taps at the buttons on her tap but nothing happens. Hazuki asks for the witch queen to help the poor Papaya Brothers and she notices her tap beginning to glow and play music. Then her poron pops out! Hazuki quickly casts magic onto the brothers to save them and bring them down to safety and she goes to hide.

The Papaya brothers try to figure out what happened when they see two very strange foxes who dive behind a bush to meet with Doremi and Aiko. They're revealed to be Lala and Majorika! Upon reverting back to normal she scolds the ojamajo for being so careless and letting people see them in their apprentice uniforms. But Doremi claims they didn't have a choice since it was an emergency. Aiko questions how Hazuki was able to use her magic when the sun hasn't finished setting just yet. Lala and Majorika mention that the witch queen must have been watching over them and she granted Hazuki's wish to save the brothers.

That evening, the Papaya brothers bring Hazuki home to drop her off. They apologize for kidnapping her, but she doesn't seem to be mad and she hopes they do become famous comedians someway before telling them to take care and saying farewell. The guys, now once again inspired to become great comedians and they leave. Sometime later, the Ojamajo are watching them on a set of televisions and see their not exactly that great, but Hazuki laughs and they seem to be having a lot of fun and come end of the day, that's all it matters.


  • 10 million yen, come out (twice)
  • Turn us into the police (twice)
  • Stop time
  • (3 spells not stated)
  • Please, Stop
  • Punish the kidnappers
  • Please save the Papaya brothers

Major Events


  • Aiko: Instead of stop, were you thinking "tomato" ?

  • Taller Papaya Brother: We're not popular yet, so sue me!

Dub Changes

Dub Edits


  • When Doremi finishes transforming, none of the beads on her tap are visible.
  • As Aiko casts her magic for the yen, neither she or Doremi have visible beads on their taps.
  • Beads go missing when Aiko and Doremi are almost hit by their car when they drive away.
  • As Aiko points out Doremi had frozen Hazuki as well, her tap beads are missing.
  • As Hazuki asks why the Papaya brothers kidnapped her, the spoon in her cup is missing.
  • When the older brother finds Hazuki working on the note, notice that her glasses lack the opaque quality they should have.


  • This episode marks the first time a group transformation was missing a person.


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