Hazuki-chan Learns how to Dance!?
Reiko little
Japanese Title はづきちゃん踊りを習う!?

Hazuki-chan Odori wo Narau!?

Season Sharp
Episode № 11 (62)
Air Date April 16, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
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Previous Episode High School Student Aiko is "The Girl Who Ran"!?

Opening Clip

In a flashback, a young girl plays with a hand sewn doll and begins to speak through it. In the background is an older woman sewing as the girls responds to the doll. 


Hazuki is forced into performing traditional dance and does not like it. To solve it, the girls try to help her become more honest with her feelings and mother. 


One afternoon, Hazuki is busily making something. When her mother comes in with a bag she puts down the sewing she was working on to see what she wants. She has come to get Hazuki to try on a brand new outfit she bought for her, explaining that her father has an upcoming business party, so she would like for her to wear it. After revealing the poofy, frilled dress, Hazuki is not very happy with it, but she claims that she likes it after Reiko asks. 

Unknown to either of them, Baaya happens to be watching. 

At the Maho-do, Majorika is pigging out on a plate of cookies. The girls come into the room to inform her that they are finished, so she and Lala tell them to just sit down and relax. Although she refuses to share her cookies, the girls are easily able to snag one away from her after Pop grabs her and tries to force-feed them to her.

As Onpu walks away from the others, she happens to spot Hazuki still busy sewing in the other room, while watching Hana-chan. She comes into the room and offers to watch Hana, but Hazuki tells her it is fine, then shows her the bib she has been working on. Onpu has the others come to see and everyone congratulates her on how cute it looks. Having seen the bib the girls mention how flowery and lacy Hazuki's clothing tends to be a lot, and Hazuki admits that she really hates those types of outfits. But because her mother likes them so much, she wears them for her sake. She then claims to be worn out and heads home. 

To her shock, she sees that her mother has picked up a traditional kimono for her. Reiko explains that she met a Japanese Dance teacher earlier, so she set up some lessons for Hazuki. She is sure that Hazuki will get along with the woman, but gets close to tears as Hazuki tries to refuse this. Hazuki is able to calm the situation though, and Reiko brings up how she always wanted to learn traditional japanese dance when she was little. Then she informs Hazuki that her first class will the begin the following day. 

Unknown to them, Baaya happens to be watching again.

After school the following day, Hazuki explains the situation to the girls. She tells them that she doesn't really want to do this but her mom will start to cry if she tries to tell her how she feels. Doremi insists that Hazuki is too nice, while Onpu suggests that they just try to use their magic to help her out. Hazuki tries to tell them not to bother, but the others have no faith in her abilities to be truthful and are sure she can't do this yet. In hopes of getting them to reconsider, Hazuki claims that she will give the dance lessons a try anyway, since she is sure she will like it after. 

She quickly begins to reconsider as she makes an attempt to move or breath while wearing the super tight and uncomfortable kimono. The lessons then begin, with the complimenting Hazuki by saying that she has been doing pretty well lately. With neither of them noticing how worn out and flustered she has been getting.

Meanwhile, at the Maho-do, Pop is playing with Hana-chan while the others are outside tending to the plants. They are really concerned over Hazuki, but they decide that they can't do anything about it just yet, since she said she would deal with the problem herself. 

Back at the Fujiwara household, Hazuki is tiredly laying on her bed when Reiko comes inside to talk to her about how well her class went. She happily embraces Hazuki, which causes her to worry that now she has no chance of telling her mother her true feelings. 

The following day, Pop is beginning to annoy Hana-chan with toys but doesn't notice it until Onpu gets up to tend to Hana-chan after she cries. Onpu mentions that Hana clearly expresses her feelings, which causes Hazuki to start lamenting over her situation. The girls decide with that, they need to help her, even if she doesn't exactly agree with it right now.

The next time Hazuki has a class, Onpu, Aiko, and Doremi transform and begin to make all sorts of incidents happen. They make her drop her bag and cause it to bounce along the path until the teacher is worn out and she is forced to wait a long time at a crossing road, then finally, they use magic to make the steps of the Fujiwara household very long. By the time she reaches the front door, she is too tired to teach that day and takes off after informing an understanding Reiko of what happened to her. 

The plan has worked sucessfully, which makes the ojamajo happy. But Hazuki feels really bad for how sick and tired the dance teacher is now because she couldn't face up to her feelings. She heads into another room to find her mother looking through fabrics for a brand new Kimono, but she cannot decide which one to pick. Hazuki is pretty stressed out, and she struggles to make a decision; which causes Reiko to notice how unhappy Hazuki looks. Which causes her to start crying and run off as Hazuki tries to claim that she is fine.

Hazuki makes an attempt to determine what just went wrong as Baaya comes into the room and re-rolls the fabrics. She explains to her why Reiko is always pushing these things on her afterwards, saying that as a child she had a very strict mother who never wanted to spend money on unecessary things. Reiko did not have a very happy childhood as a result, and never had the courage to ask her mother for a talking doll that changed outfits; which were popular back then. Baaya did not like to see her look so sad, so one day she showed Reiko that she could make the doll she had, talk by itself. This actually impressed the other girls, and Reiko's mother even made the doll, Lily, a new outfit. Since then, Reiko learned the value of saving things. 

Hazuki goes on to question what this actually has to do with anything, since it doesn't answer why Reiko is so forceful with her. So Baaya states that Reiko had to suppress her own wants and desires when she was little, so as she doesn't want Hazuki to feel like that she tries to give her what she thinks Hazuki wants. 

Now understanding, Hazuki asks about the doll and Baaya shows her how dirty and worn out it has become in all of this time. Hazuki asks to borrow Lily, then transforms into apprentice form after she runs off to her bedroom. Using her magic, she fixes Lily, then changes back to normal before coming to her mothers bedroom; where she is crying over what happened. 

Hazuki leans down and opens the door, using Lily to peek into the room; where she starts to talk through Lily. She expresses how she feels, and says that she doesn't really like such things, but because she cares for her mother she is willing to keep doing what she wants or likes to make her happy. They are able to reconcile and then embrace.

Later on at the Maho-do, Hazuki tells the girls what happened, but mentions that she plans to keep trying the Traditional Dance anyway, which ends up annoying the others since they went through a lot to help her. She is thankful for what they did though, then goes on to reveal the cute, frilly, flowery bib she made for Hana-chan; which everyone, including Hana-chan find a bit too much for their tastes. However, Hazuki remains blissfully unaware.


  • Drop that teacher's bag and make it bounce
  • Have the teacher rest a bit
  • Make Hazuki-chan's house further away
  • Make the doll pretty again


  • In the scene right before Hazuki admits she hates flowery outfits, her eyes turn fully dark brown. Later on throughout the episode whenever this happens her eyes would be light brown.
  • When Doremi goes to cast her spell, notice the area near her broom and glove. It's blue like the sky, when it should be colored like her skin, as her leg is there.