Haruka Harukaze is the mother of Doremi and Pop. The wife of Keisuke Harukaze. She grew up with a dream to become a professional pianist but unfortunately had to give it up after an injury for some time. Now she has chose to settle down and focus on the life of a home-maker/housewife. But she does enjoy to play the piano still and go shopping sometimes.

Haruka loves her family dearly, even if she and Keisuke often get into comical arguments and posses a temper like Doremi does, but she is also very mature and friendly to children of all ages and is very warm and motherly.


Generally Haruka is a sweet and caring mother who always does what she can to help others. She always has advice to give to adults and children alike. She also possesses excellent mothering skills, as shown when she taught Doremi and her friends how to properly tend to Hana-chan and her needs.

Despite her sweet demeanor, Haruka has a violent temper and easily gets into fights with Keisuke all the time! While he does earn the money and bring them dinner sometimes, Haruka struggles to deal with how much he'd rather go and fish then help her do any of the household chores.

Haruka was also very happy when Doremi got her "job" at the Maho-do. But she does not let Doremi leave until she does her homework or chores. Often she mentions how happy and proud of Pop she is, due to how smart and independent she is. But she is still aware of how little and young Pop is, so she may ask Doremi to help in watching her.

When Doremi or someone else acts suspicious, she generally notices this as well.

When she was younger, Haruka used to play the piano and grew up wanting to be a professional pianist until she suffered a hand injury during her pregnancy with Doremi. During this period she considered suicide after shock began to set in, and she kept trying to play but nothing seemed to work...

She stopped however upon hearing Doremi crying and now states that Doremi's birth had saved her. Since then she has gotten back into playing the piano, once her hand was all healed up. She also taught Doremi how to play and accidentally pushed her dreams onto Doremi and as a result, caused Doremi to have an incident during her first recital to which she learned she pushed Doremi too hard. Which was why she didn't want to force Pop into learning until Pop came to her one day to ask her for lessons.

She only wants whats best for her family and has a lot of faith in Doremi and her decisions.


Haruka is a average weight adult, not too thin, but not overweight either. She often works on this, exercising to burn off calories and such. She wears a big, peach-pink colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a loose neck, and buttons going up the center. Regular blue-gray jeans or pants. And off purple colored slip on shoes. Underneath her top is a white colored undershirt. She has short, ruffled brown hair, and matching colored eyes.

When she exercises, Haruka wears a two piece, red pink colored bikini like piece. Under the tank top is a white tee-shirt and under the lower part are dark blue spandex shorts. She also wears light colored shoes and light purple leg warmers and a headband.

For bed, Haruka usually wears lilac pajamas with pink slippers.

For the new year event, Haruka put on a pale blue kimono with purple sash around her waist and purple flowers decorating the sides of the kimono. She also had white socks on and a pair of dark wood sandals.

Family relations

Doremi - Haruka's first born child, Haruka had ended her career as a pianist during her pregnancy after a hand injury. Despite getting annoyed with Doremi, Haruka is very close to her daughter. Which may be because having Doremi kept her from commiting suicide.

Pop - Haruka has a lot of faith in Poppu but she still worries about her because she's so little. Because she feared pushing the piano on Pop, Haruka never taught her. But because of this Pop thought Haruka favored Doremi.

Keisuke - Her husband, a writer in a fishing magazine. They really love each other but during the series their relationship is often joked around. Haruka often starts a comically old styled dust ball fight with him and he childishly responds to this.

The ojamajo - While not the others mother, Haruka is very motherly towards them and is always there for a supportive shoulder.


  • Haruka is possibly one of the only characters to consider suicide in the series.
  • In fan media, she is often shown to have really long, curled at the bottom hair when she was younger so its possible her hair was like Doremi's when worn down when she was younger. But as she aged she cut it.
  • Techniqually she's responsible for Doremi's love of Steak. Though Keisuke was the one who had Doremi try it first.
  • Haruka is the only mother of the main cast to have a temper.
  • Haruka is the only character to have their name spelled in their last name: Haruka Harukaze