Hana-chan's Health Examination
Japanese Title ハナちゃんの健康診断

Hana-chan no Kenkōshinda

Season Season 2
Episode No. 7 (58)
Air Date March 19, 2000
Next Episode Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Moms Secret!
Previous Episode Lies and Truth in Flower Language

Opening Clip

Doremi desperately reaches for Hana-chan while an unknown force keeps her away from the ojamajo. This force is revealed to be Majoheart, who deems them unfit to raise Hana. She turns her back to the girls while saying they will no longer raise her.


The girls take Hana-chan for her first exam in the Magic World and struggle to impress the witch doctor in charge. 


One day at the Maho-do, Aiko goes to work the shop while Hazuki is watering their magic seed plants outside in the backyard. Doremi brings a man inside for some advice but panics when she spots Hana-chan floating nearby. The girls quickly try to get her down while Doremi leads him away, then returns to warn Aiko about this. They are able to get Hana-chan to lay back down and Doremi attempts to scold her over this, but Hana-chan does not want to listen and is a little fussy. Lala points out that newborn magical babies usually just float about 5 centimeters, but Hana-chan can actually float around anywhere; even way-higher then most, so she may very well be a genius. 

Before they can discuss it much more, Dela suddenly shows up to ask Majorika if she's made any money yet., then goes on to remind them of the upcoming Health Exam Hana has to take. The girls are frustrated with this news and point out that they were not told about any sort of exams beforehand, but she tells them she wrote it down in the Health Manual ; which they claim to have never received either. Dela is quit sure she gave it to them, and looks to see that she actually forgot. She hands the girls the book before taking off, and they quickly begin to check it out. 

Majorika makes a comment that when she had to take care of a baby, her weight, height, and other health related things had been checked. Then she just had to give it milk, which causes the girls some reflief. Until Majorika mentions how strict the doctor happens to be. 

With this in mind, Lala goes to find Onpu to get her there so that they can go take the exam. Not too much longer after, Onpu arrives and they prepare to take off. Majorika is quite worried and decides to stay back; as MajoHeart has yelled at her quite a lot and she does not wish to see her. 

The girls arrive to find a bunch of witch with their own children, including Mota and MotamotaHachitaro and Surumeko; who introduce the girls to their baby, Atarimeko. The girls are pretty confused by this, since neither the squid or octopus possesse magic abilities, but it is explained that the Witch Queen gave Atarimeko permission to be in these exams since she is the first and only known Octo-Squid. While everyone is catching up, they don't notice that the exams are about to begin until Majoheart comes out to yell at them for not paying attention.

She flat out then informs the girls that she doesn't trust them because she doesn't think children, more-or-less human children could ever raise a magical baby. But since the Queen has appointed them to this assignement, she has no choice and was forced into accepting Hana-chan for the exams too. They take Hana to be weighed in the examination room and point out how she is a few grams and centimeters too little. Which causes the other witch to talk down to the girls, since they believe this is unhealthy. MajoHeart is quick to shut them up though, and points out that the worst thing a parent can do is compare their own child to others like that, and since Hana-chan is lower, rather then too high she is completely fine. 

She then moves on and decides to test the babies floating abilities. Mota and MotaMota manage to pass but the girls struggle when it comes to get Hana to float for them. They beg her, then ask if they can use a toy to help, but when this does not work MajoHeart decides to fail them since it seems that Hana-chan isn't even capable of learning basic magic. The girls panic and Onpu is quick to notice that Hana has been observing a little butterfly that came into the room. She uses her magic to catch the butterfly, using it to lure Hana-chan up to the ceiling. Which happens to work; as everyone watches with amazement as she floats around to reach it, then release it upon grabbing it. 

She tries to cover up her surprise and decides that now it is time for everyone to try to feed their babies. The witches are pretty surprised when the girls don't use their magic in doing so; and they explain how they want to raise Hana-chan the human way, since using magic is not them showing true love for her. But when Hana and Atarimeko still have some left, they are informed that they only have two minutes to finish it all; but Majopi and Majopon also point out that Majoheart does not mind if one part of the test is failed, since everyone has their weaknesses. However, the Hacitaro and Surumeko are worried that their elder may not accept that they failed even one part of the exam. Hana-chan, who happens to feel concerned for them then casts her magic to drain the bottle of milk and transfer it to her own right after; but luckily she is able to finish all of the milk just as the time finishes.  

They announce that the final part of the exam will be taking place, and in it, everyone has to be able to put their baby to sleep. It sounds easy and provides to be the case for mostly everyone, but Hana-chan is wide-awake. Aiko uses her magic to summon a mobile but Hana but it provides no use to her; and after Aiko accidentally yells at Hana, Hazuki makes an attempt to rock her to sleep but she uses her magic to make the mobile even bigger; causing an unpleasent sound to resonate across the huge room and wake up all of the babies.

Doremi quickly rids of it with her magic but the girls are in a lot of trouble because the other babies do not want to sleep now. Hazuki tries to plead with Hana but she refuses to listen. So Onpu tries to sing to Hana-chan when she realizes they don't have much other choice. This singing begins to tire her and everyone else, and soon the other ojamajo join her in putting the little ones to rest. 

Majoheart then announces the end of the exam; and to everyones joy they all pass. She stramps the book Hana-chan was given for her health, then tells the girls that she will be even more strict with the girls next time.

It is then Majorin comes in to ask for the girls to see the Witch Queen, and once they head over there she reveals that she wants to give them a special, useful reward. This being a magical phone that will allow them to keep connected to each other, and even perform magic together if they may not be in the same area. She also tells the girls to keep working hard. 


  • Come out, spider web
  • Mobile Toy, come out
  • Disappear, mobile toy

Major Events

  • The girls attend their first baby exam with Hana-chan.
    • Later on it is revealed they passed. 
  • Mota and MotaMota have been given witch babies to watch over.
  • Majopi and Majopon have made their season 2 debuts.
  • Since last seeing them, Hachitaro and Surumeko have had a baby.
    • Atarimeko is also the very first Octosquid.  


  • During the opening while Doremi tries reaching for Hana, one of the extra white spots in her eye is not the same size as the other. 
  • When Dela claims she gave the girls the health manual, she has a pair of earrings on. This is an error as she does not normally wear earrings.
    • Also note that when she realizes she forgot to give the girls the health manual, she lacks her turqoise eyeshadow.
  • Onpu, Aiko, and Hazuki lack their gloves during the segment when time is counting down. 
  • Hazuki picks up Hana near the end of the episode and has some strange loose hairs by her very long bang. These are spare lines that were either not erased, or colored in. 
  • As the ojamajo are shown to stand up while Hazuki holds Hana, Aiko's top is missing the white segment at her chest.
  • While the girls manage to put the babies back to sleep, one witch has very crudely drawn hair that is gray-silver in color; while her bangs are brown, as was the rest of her hair in previous scenes. 
  • As Mota plays with her baby, it's hair turns green at one point. 
  • When Surumeko and Hachitaro look at the girls struggling to put Hana-chan to sleep, the entire back and skirting of Onpu's uniform is white colored.
  • When the magical phone is shown first inside the container, notice how close the red button is to the gold tab. When the girls are shown holding the phones, it is suddenly inches away from it.
    • Also note how the string was shown to be very light at first, but then it is darker. 


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