Hana-chan's Crawling Exam
Shocked Group
Japanese Title ハナちゃんのハイハイ健診

Hana-chan no Haihai Kenshin

Season Sharp
Episode № 17 (68)
Air Date May 27, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Mitsuru Aoyama
Next Episode Dodo Runs Away From Home!!
Previous Episode First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze House!

Opening Clip

The ojamajo are flying through the magical world when they notice a big shadow overlapping the land around them. Said shadow is revealed to be Majoheart, who tells them to be prepared before evily laughing as they panic.


Hana-chan's next exam comes up; this time involving Crawling. 


One day at the Maho-do, Doremi looks over Hana's Baby Health Manual. She points out that a new one is coming up that evening, and with how they failed last time, the girls fret they may screw up again. But due to their worry and stress, Hana-chan begins to cry, which snaps them out of it. 

Come evening, the girls take off after a sleepy Majorika and Lala wish them luck. They continue to worry over having to obtain two stamps that evening, but Onpu is able to convince Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko to stop since it is only upsetting Hana.

When they arrive they put her into the nearby play pen to play with the other babies. After Majopi and Majopon arrive, they have everyone follow them outside and explain the theme of this month's exam. The girls are sure Hana-chan can pass this since she can crawl, but Mota and Motamota are concerned since neither of their babies can crawl very well.

Soon they prepare to begin as MajoHeart explains that the mothers will have to guide their babies without physically moving them. At the second checkpoint they will also be required to change them, and at the third they have to take a nap. She also warns them not to race or force their babies to over-work, and with that everyone takes off. 

At the first challange, a bunch of very red, tall posts appear at the center of the path. Hana-chan is able to pass with ease and finds herself inside of a miniature hedgemaze after. She crawls on top of it to get out, and soon reaches the second location. Where the girls feed her before they tend to her changing and head to the next spot. 

There, the babies are required to crawl over a ball pit. After two babies run into the walls of the pit, they accidentally force the wall to burst open and all of the babies and balls pour out; along with most of the parents. 

At this point everyone is a little frustrated, but this clears up as they see how happy the babies are. Then they think they spot the third checkpoint and everyone continues on, with Onpu stopping to notice a broken sign. She tries to determine what it means while MajoHeart watches from a secret location, musing how several of the participants have wandered off of the course. They seem to find themselves back onto it however, and reach an ice wall. 

Eventually they come to the third area and everyone waits for their babies to take their naps. This proves to be problematic though, since Hana-chan is wide awake. Doremi attempts to hypnotize her, but after this fails, Onpu begins to sing, soon joined by the others. 

Once the nap finishes they resume the exam, getting Hana to a bumpy hill structure. With a teensy bit of help Hana is able to get to the top of the piece and uses the long slide to get to the bottom on the other side, as instructed. But she had so much fun doing it that she ends up crawling back up it. 

As she lands back on top, they happen to see Deki and Dekipaki struggling. They had got onto the same part and are stuck, so Mota and MotaMota use their magic to widen the slides gap while Hana-chan and Atarimeko go back down. The babies soon reach the next part of the Exam, which requires them to cross a stepping stone path on top of a small pond. At this point, Deki and Dekipaki are growing sleepy; as Mota and MotaMota did not make them rest like they were supposed to. Hana is too frightened to cross, but she reconsiders after she sees Atarimeko try.

Deki and Dekipaki fall asleep at the middle segment of stone steps, which causes it to falter and tilt as the other babies try to cross it; causing them all to fall into the water. MajoHeart attempts to stop this and get them to safety, but the Ojamajo beat her to it by casting Magical Stage. They start to panic until Onpu points out that the babies have begun to swim, and she mentions how she saw somewhere that most babies can hold their breath underwater and swim; so everyone takes the time to congradulate and check their babies before resuming once again. 

When the Exam finishes, MajoHeart compliments how well Atarimeko did this time, especially during the end when she had to swim in the water. She goes on to coldly lecture Mota and MotaMota over how they neglected their babies sleep, but she does allow them to pass with the warning in mind. She also passes the Ojamajo while telling them they have a lot of problems. The girls begin to cheer, but she quickly reminds them that they need to pass the next exam too while Majopi and Majopon bring out some herbs that will help babies sleep.

With everything said and done, the ojamajo pack up and take their leave as the episode ends.


  • Gigantic steak, appear
  • Save the babies

Major Events

  • Hana-chan passes her next exam
  • Hana-chan is given a pass for her previously failed exam. 
  • The ojamajo gain special sleeping-aid herbs. 


  • As Onpu walks inside holding Hana-chan, her ponytail is missing.
  • As Majoheart tells the witches to go after their babies, notice Motamota's hair is colored like Mota's.
  • When the girls first panic at the beginning of the episode, the baby manual has become entirely white. 
  • Before the girls leave, notice how their taps not only lack the detailing; but Onpu and Aiko's also are circled in shape, now flower.
    • As the girls worry again in the witch world, their taps are circled in shape again. 
    • And again as the girls feed Hana-chan.