"Kotake's problem must be something stupid anyway."

Grand Opening! Maho-dou
Japanese Title 新装開店! MΑHO堂

Shinsō Kaiten! Mahōdō

Dub Title Witch Conya of the Lunaverse
Season Season 1
Episode № 5
Air Date March 7th, 1999 (JP)

October 8, 2005 (US)

Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Takao Iwai
Episode Direction Takao Iwai
Animation Direction Toshie Kawamura
Next Episode A Liar's First Friendship
Previous Episode It's Not Scary if We're All Witches

Opening clip

Kotake paces around, worried about a secret he's been keeping from everyone. Stopping for a moment he wonders why he can't say anything about it- although he wishes he had the courage to do so.


Kotake shows up at the Maho-Dou for nothing but mockery on Doremi's part, but when the girls are informed only those truly troubled find the shop, Doremi decides to follow him. 



The maho-dou opens today!

One noisy morning at the Harukaze household, Doremi and Pop awaken to their feuding parents. Haruka is angry that Keisuke was trying to sneak out instead of cleaning out the gutters like he was supposed to. But before it gets very far, they get distracted when Doremi runs past them in a hurry.

At the Maho-do everyone is just finishing going over the inventory and they share a congratulations with the store opening. Majorika angrily interrupts to lecture them on how they changed the store without her permission, but they laugh it off and accused her of being jealous that she didn't have any say in the matter. 

Meanwhile, a frustrated Kotake is walking through town when he happens to notice a flier for the shop's opening. He chooses to ignore it and tosses it into the nearby trash.

Around one PM, the girls are disappointed that their first day will go to waste when it's revealed they haven't had a customer yet. Majorika claims it is their own fault since it lost it's original mysterious vibes that made it popular before, but the girls don't believe that.

Dela arrives~!


Suddenly, everyone stops as they hear singing from the nearby closet. A strange woman pops out of it and introduces herself as Dela, but is immediately cut off by Majorika- who is suspicious of her sudden appearance. She mentions that it isn't a day to pay, and Dela goes on to mention that with the shop remodeled, she brought them a gift. She shows them a very chic, cute cash register, which is quick to catch the attention of the girls. She doesn't plan on giving it to them for free though, even if it is a gift, and the girls feel saddened as Majorika claims they don't need it.  

Please part 2

After she sees their expressions though, she is quick to give up. But that doesn't stop her from making an attempt to keep Dela from adding the new register to the current bill. 

Aiko suddenly feels inspired on how they can attract some customers and she explains that maybe if they go out, they can find some people to come by. They run from the shop and attempt to locate anyone, including a startled couple and a couple of school girls. With some convincing they manage to get people to start showing up and Aiko manages to convince the couple to buy a charm. This seems to be working, and while Hazuki handles the Cash Register, Doremi frets over how poorly she is doing. 


Tough Luck Doremi

She grows further annoyed as Kotake suddenly shows up to ask them why they are working there. They are quick to claim that they have been helping Aiko's cousin's grandmother, so Kotake drops it by insulting Doremi. But before she can make a fuss, Hazuki is quick to pull him to the side to show him around. He eventually finds something that picks his curiosity, but claims he is only purchasing it to mock Doremi later on.

After he leaves, Majorika informs the girls that Kotake must have a problem if he came there; because only people with a big enough problem or desire will find the Maho-do on their own. She also mentions that because the girls are apprentice witch, their items may or may not even work. 


So... Close....

Concerned, Doremi sets out to locate Kotake, to try to tell him about these things. She manages to find him pretty quickly, but he tells her off instead of listening to her, so Doremi decides to follow him from a distance, only to get caught and claim this way to buy some juice. Kotake finds this hard to believe though, considering they passed by the Convenience Store sometime ago. But Doremi claims she only likes the juice from a store further up.

Kotake begins to tease Doremi by asking if she may be crushing on him, but Doremi is quick to deny it and yells at him. She then calmly asks Kotake if something is worrying him, but he doesn't answer her.

Doremi transforms into apprentice witch form and decides to trail after him again, in a way that he wont see her so easily. She flies to his location to find Kotake taking care of a puppy, who he has named Pal. While he loves him and wants to take him somewhere safe, he lacks the courage to confess the truth to his parents and request their permission to keep him.

Unknown to them, the Mean Cat is looming over head. It swipes Pal's food and runs right into the factory while Pal and Kotake give chase. But by the time Doremi and Kotake spot Pal, they see he has fallen into a hole. Kotake locates a ladder and attempts to get Pal himself, but after he starts to climb it from the hole, one of the bars breaks, sending them both back to the ground and knocking Kotake unconscious.

Doremi on the ground


Doremi runs over to the hole in hopes of saving them and tries contacting help. But when she realizes that sand is beginning to fill the hole, she has to hurry up. She gets an idea and uses magic to try to freeze the sand, but in the process she accidentally covers Kotake and Pal in ice. This wakes up Kotake but Doremi has to hurry up before they freeze to death, so she uses a rope, to try to pull them up. But her magic misfires and it yanks her into the air instead. 

With one last try, Doremi accidentally startles the Mean Cat, causing it to knock some old tires and an empty crate into the hole Kotake and Pal are in. This allows them to escape and Kotake decides that he cannot risk letting Pal live in such a dangerous area any longer. So he goes right to home to ask his parents. 

By the turn of events, Doremi has become very happy. But she begins to panic again after realizing she is still hanging from the ceiling. She attempts to cast a spell, but happens to notice that she has also ran out of magic spheres. But as she worries that she may never be free, the rope suddenly gives out and she falls to the ground.

The following day, the ojamajo happen to see Kotake walking Pal outside. This makes them all feel happy, but they wonder why Doremi helped Kotake anyway. She claims it isn't important though, and they rush off to work to begin the brand new day while the episode ends!

Spells Cast

Major Events


  • Hazuki: Why do you always say mean things?
  • Aiko: I know! Majorika feel's left out, that's why she's pouty.
  • Majorika: Don't say such idiotic thing's!

  • Doremi: it's not like I'm following you! It just happens I'm going this way too!

Dub changes

Episode 5 Dub Changes


  • Error

    Possible error!

    During the scene where Majorika asked, "What's so good about merchandise made by Apprentices?" her Crystal Ball is missing, but in the scenes before and after, it's there.
  • When Majorika's head turned red the shine spot was light green. But when her back is shown it is white.
  • A possible error exist on the sign where Kotake heads to. The sign says "Factr", but it is assumed that it was meant to say Factory.
  • Pal's inner ear is pink, but when he is shown up close it is orange, matching the orange colored ear.
  • While Doremi realizes she is still tangled, her wand is very thick and big. Also note the lack of connection for the light pink rim of her hat and the pink on her gloves, and when she claims to be out of spheres, she was shown having a few just before that specific moment.
  • Notice the tape on the poster that lands on Kotake. From the back-side of the poster, the tapes lines can be seen when they shouldn't, because the tape was put on the front.
  • As Doremi uses her magic to try to save Kotake and Pal, the beads on her bracelet go missing as she's on the ground.
  • Aiko claims that nobody would come into Majorika's old shop, but prior to their remodel, two customers had been shown in there: Doremi and Maki.


  • Characters introduced: Dela, Pal, Kotake's parents.
  • This episode was the first to hint Kotak cares about Doremi more than he lets on. He claimed he only came there to tease her after purchasing a charm she made, but he was shown to have put faith in the charm to help him.
  • It is unknown what school the girls Aiko talks to attend, given that their uniform colors never show up again in the series.
    • Also note that one girl resembles Onpu.
  • The pink object that floats above Doremi's head is shaped like an Onsen symbol. The onsen symbol relates to Hot Springs to show when something is hot.
  • The sign shown at the place Kotake enters says, "Do not enter, Misora industries."