Goodbye Maho-Dou
Japanese Title さようならMΑHO堂

Sayōnara Mahōdō

Dub Title The Hardest Test of All
Season Season 1
Episode № 51
Air Date January 30, 2000 (JP)

April 29, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Junichi Sato
Episode Direction Junichi Sato
Animation Direction Akira Inagami
Next Episode Doremi Becomes a Mom!?
Previous Episode The Final Witch Apprentice Exam


The ojamajo stand in a line while in witch form before they start speaking and change back to normal. Then they put their taps on the ground and turn their backs, leaving the scene.


The girls have finally achieved their dreams of becoming a witch; but after Onpu falls into a coma they are forced to make a big decision that may change their lives forever... 


Majoruka suggests they that they should use magic to erase everyone's memory after the girls are caught in witch form by their friends and family. Majorika instantly shoots this down though, because Majoruka would be punished. But when Onpu realizes they don't have a choice, she casts a forbidden spell just before they can be called witches; causing everyone to temporarily pass out and forget everything that happened. Onpu then walks through the hallway while claiming that everything will be fine afterwards.

As she walks by, Pop notices that her charm that protected her from bad magic is broken. She tells Majoruka, but before they can say much they hear a loud thump from the other room and run in to find Onpu unconcious. Majorika and Lala discuss what happened to her but they quickly run to hide after everyone starts to wake up. So they quickly change and get Onpu changed as well before revealing what has happened to her. Her parents then rush her to the hospital, along with the girls and Seki-sensei.

A while later, she comes out to tell them that the doctor was unable to find anything wrong with Onpu though, but as she is sleeping all they can do is wait to see if she wakes up. The girls and parents then decide to all head home for the night since nothing can be done right now, but the girls are really upset and they head back to the Maho-do to vent. They are frustrated, but feel really sad for Onpu and want to help her. At first they are unable to think of anything though until Aiko suggests they go to visit the Witch Queen; an idea Hazuki and Doremi like. 

To their surprise, they are told that if Onpu does not recover within twenty-four hours, she will sleep for one-hundred years as punishment. They try to convince the Queen to help Onpu, but she cannot go against the rules. Doremi continues to try though and explains that Onpu only did it to save them, and she knows that Onpu has become a good person since they met her. The girls all break into tears and soon the Witch Queen decides they may have a solution to fix this. She tells the girls to use their crystal balls to try to wake Onpu; but because they are weak they may shatter instead, and if this happens, they must give up being Witch and leave for good. 

She then gives them eighteen hours to decide and the girls take off. Majorika is less-than happy about this and scolds the girls, claiming Onpu got what she deserved; given her original, evil intentions in the past. But the girls decide to think about it, but Majorika demands that she be changed back to normal first. They agree; although Doremi threatens to reconsider after Majorika gives her an attitude. She uses her Magic Sphere to cast a spell and to everyone's surprise, she becomes a witch again. 

But while admiring herself she reverts back into  Witch Frog. Nobody can understand what has happened, but they do consider that their crystal balls are too small to change her back yet; which causes Majorika to angrily tell them that they can't just give up being witches now, because she will be forced to remain this way forever. However, after a long, emotional day the girls return home to go to bed. 

In bed, they struggle to try to determine what to do while laying with their yousei. The girls want to help Onpu, but if they do then they will have to give up being witch, which also means they will lose everything related to it; including their sad yousei. 

The next morning the girls happen to see that nobody can remember what occured the previous evening; although the students themselves happen to note how strange the trio is behaving. 

After school the girls sneak into the hopsital room to see what has been going on so far with Onpu, then leave outside again to continue thinking. They all explain to one-another their reasons for becoming an apprentice, but happen to realize that they will be okay with magic after, because they all have each other to rely on now. With this in mind the girls decide to save Onpu and Hazuki casts a spell to freeze time; in order to sneak inside and grab Onpu to get her to the magical world. 

At the Maho-dou the girls find Majorika, who is not surprised by their decision since she was sure they would do this. She has no say in the matter, and she knows she cannot make them reconsider. Instead, she tells them to hurry up and get inside before time runs out. 

Meanwhile, Pop happens to see a news report that comments on Onpu's mysterious disappearance and she runs off to go find the others.

At the Magical World, the ojamajo set Onpu down and they cast magical stage. At first it seems to work until they realize their magic is beginning to fade and give out; which makes them panic. But suddenly, a mysterious voice calls out and casts magic to combine with their own; to their surprise they find Pop joining them. They inform her that she will have to stop being an Apprentice if she does this but Pop claims that she doesn't care about it before she cares more about Onpu. The four manage to drag the spell on for another moment until seeing it weaken again; causing them more stress. The Witch Queen warns them to quit since their magic can't go on any longer but they refuse to listen; crying out for their magic to help Onpu. 

This proves successful as the magic suddenly gains more power. Onpu slowly begins to awaken and when the magic fades, everyone begins to cry. They are very relieved to see that Onpu is okay, but now they must give up being Witch; which saddens them all. The Witch Queen explains what has happened to Onpu and the girls line up, so that she can take their crystal balls and taps from them. Their porons revert to their original instrument used to make the upgraded wand and the Witch Queen gives them a ride back home. 

In the door way she explains that they will no longer see each other, then she and Majorin say goodbye and take off. The girls are surprised when they happen to spot Majorika, Lala, and the other yousei packing up the shop. Majorika explains that because she can no longer return to normal or run the shop, she has no point in staying here now. She plans to head back to the Magic World and move into the Witch Frog Village before mentioning that Majoruka, Hehe, and Onpu's yousei, Roro, have returned to her own place to pack too after Majoruka stormed out. 

Everyone exchanges farewells and the girls head outside. They stand out outside of the Maho-do; where Onpu apologizes for what has happened. Doremi and the others assure her that it is okay though, because they would rather have her instead of their magic any day. The five girls begin to leave and discuss what they plan to do now, since they are no longer witches and the camera begins to pan up towards the sky; where a small dandelion puff is seen floating through the air... 


  • Turn Majorika back to her original form
  • Turn us all into butterflies
  • Let time stop
  • Please let Onpu-chan wake up

Major Events

  • Onpu is put into a coma; but before the episode ends she awakens from it. 
  • The girls use their crystal balls for the first and last time this season. 
  • The girls give up their powers as witches and apprentice. 
  • The girls visit the Maho-dou and witch world for the last time this season. 
  • The girls say goodbye to the Witch Queen, Majorin, Majorika, Lala, their yousei, Majoruka, and Hehe. 
  • The girls four (five with Pop) person group is officially formed in this episode. 


  • After Onpu starts using her crystall ball to erase everyone's memories, Doremi's eye and earring are blue, like Aiko's.
  • Majorika questions why Doremi's crystal ball is as small as it is, despite being there to see the girls get them. She was even the one who told them they would need to keep working to grow them. 


  • The little dandelion puff that floats around during the credits is based on the same little puff that floated around on the pilot episode.
  • At the original airing/version of this episode, a special sign appears once the episode ends; revealing that Season 2 would be appearing very soon.