"Why am I the only one who failed? I'm supposed to be the most senior apprentice. How could those two pass me? I'm really the unluckiest pretty girl in the whole world..."

Opening Clip

In a very gray scale scene, Doremi is walking throughout a street in the Witch World. Around her she hears many voices and sees the shadows of the witches all talking about how she failed. Eventually she gets fed up and yells at them to just get over it.


As Doremi and Majorika lament her failure they learn that Doremi can take a "make-up exam". But when they learn how different it is will Doremi be able to pass this time? Or will she be the only witch apprentice to fail a second time?!


While Aiko and Hazuki are tending to the Maho-do, Doremi and Majorika are moping over the fact Doremi
happened to fail her exam. The nearby chest pops open to reveal Dela, who has come by to collect her payment. Majorika admits that they do not have the money and points out that Doremi happened to fail her exam.

Dela is honestly surprised by this, but believes she may have information that will make them feel better. But as usual she refuses to give it to them for free and waits until Majorika agrees to reveal that Motamota will be turning nine hundred ninety-nine years old. Since it is her birthday, a special one at that, they have decided to hold a make-up exam for anyone who failed their recent exams.

While Doremi is really happy, Majorika isn't very convinced that she will be able to pass. But with not much of a choice they decide its worth trying anyway. Before going, Dela hands over some extra magic spheres and they run to the backyard to have Doremi practice. Her lack of casting anything right makes everyone worry - but she claims she will pass no matter what and they call it a day.

Come evening, Doremi changes into her witch uniform and proclaims that she will pass the exam. Before she can go, she is spooked by Pop, who bursts into the room. She takes off after Doremi realizes she is only sleep walking.

As they lay in bed, Aiko and Hazuki think about Doremi, worrying over how things will go. They decide to go and watch her, asking their yousei to cover for them in the mean time. They quickly head to the Maho-do and follow the others as they go through the portal.

As Doremi and Majorika begin to bicker, they happen to notice that nobody is at the exams stand. Since Mota and Motamota's home is nearby they decide to head over there, only to find out that MotaMota has gotten sick. They suggest that Doremi returns in one-hundred years for the exam, but that is too long to wait so Majorika asks if they can have Doremi fetch the herb Motamota is in need of. Mota agrees and she gives Doremi a map while Majorika and Lala stay back for some tea.

Doremi leaves and is surprised when Hazuki and Aiko join her. They explain that they showed up for some support and were hoping to make sure she passed. In a better mood, Doremi explains what she has to do and shows Hazuki the guidebook they gave her.

While exploring the witch town, the trio's stomach growled and realize how hungry they are. Hazuki is concerned that they may be wasting time, but she is roped into it as they point out it would be better for them to work with a full stomach. They head into a Ramen shop and start to worry over the price until the Witch running the shop recognizes Doremi. She offers to let them have the Ramen for free if she can get an autograph from the apprentice who failed her exam. For the price of her dignity, they enjoy their quick meal.

Take a broom...
By now Doremi is upset to know that her failure got them a bunch of free food. They stop by a Takoyaki shop, and also a cake cafe and ask the witch working at the cafe where the Meadows are. When they realize that they don't have very much time left, they take their leaves and come to the meadow full of broom-like trees. Doremi considers taking one of the brooms but it stopped by a witch, who demands to know what they are doing and then refuses to let them pass if they can't answer her riddle, which is as follows: "Thin in day, thick at night, disappears when it sleeps, what is it?"

Doremi manages to solve it, with the answer being a Cats Eye. They continue on their way and come across a very small door, so they cast magic to shrink themselves and enter it. They come to a dark area and soon are almost run over by a pack of giant rodents. They get outside and returned to normal size, frightening the rodents into hiding. They spot the Sneeze Grass up ahead and attempt to nab it; but to their surprise it hops up and starts to run away.

Doremi attempts to chase it until she realizes that she has little to no chance at getting it like this. With some material she makes a lasso and captures the grass the old fashioned way. Hazuki and Aiko congratulate her and they head back, with the trio realizing the sneeze grass was right behind their house.

Once inside, Majorika asks Doremi how she could have missed it, and she admits that she didn't bother to look. She just headed straight towards town. She is granted a Pass and receives her yousei, Dodo. But when Hazuki and Aiko start to cheer they are caught spying on them.

They return to the Maho-do and decide to celebrate by throwing a little party. Majorika scolds Doremi for this ordeal and they watch as Dodo floats by them and collides with a wall nearby. Everyone starts to muse that she is a lot like Doremi, and she complains about this, causing them to laugh.

Major Events

  • Doremi passes her level 9 witch exam
  • Dodo is born
  • MotaMota turns 999 years old. 


  • Dela: What's with that attitude?

  • Dela: Actually... I have interesting info..
  • Majorika: Interesting info? What's the info?
  • Dela: How much can you pay?
  • Majorika: How do I know? I don't even know what it is.
  • Dela: Well... what if I say I know a way to make that apprentice catch up with the others?
  • Majorika and Doremi: What?
  • Doremi: What do you mean?!
  • Majorika: What's the info then? Tell us!
  • Dela: So you're gonna pay for it?

  • Doremi: I'll catch up with them if I pass the exam!
  • Majorika: Another exam...?
  • Doremi: What? Why are you so gloomy? Aren't you happy?
  • Majorika: Are you really confident you'll pass the exam?
  • Doremi: Of course I'll pass the exam!

  • Majorika: Doremi, I beg you. Don't fail the exam. My life as a witch would be over if you keep on being an apprentice.
  • Doremi: Please don't give me pressure, or how else am I going to do my best?
  • Majorika: Your best?! What best! You're only an annoying little witch who couldn't make goods or ride the broom!


  • As Hazuki suggest they all look together, her and Aiko's legs are missing.
  • In the scene right after, for a entire two seconds Doremi's odango are gone.
  • While walking through town, Hazuki's lower half is missing as she reads over the book.
  • As they run after leaving the cake shop. A black space keeps appearing behind Aiko for every arm movement she makes.
  • Many times throughout the episode, Hazuki's bangs are drawn in a way that makes them look messy. 
  • When Doremi takes a few steps from Mota and MotaMota's home, the band of her witch hat is missing, showing the background behind her instead. 
  • Notice how different the cover of the book looks when Hazuki covers her mouth with it. 
  • The ramen witch's eyeshadow goes missing when she states that Dela has been spreading Doremi's fail around the witch world. Also, in her very first scene her curl is shown black, but in scene's afterwards it has her hair color.

Dub Changes

Dub Changes


  • It is shown in this episode that the witch world uses Magic Spheres as currency.
  • Despite the ojamajo not knowing magical stage yet. They managed to cast magic together in this episode in a way unique to it.