Fried Bread Power is Scary!
Bread Pile
Japanese Title あげパンパワーおそるべし!

Agepan Power Osorubeshi!

Season Sharp
Episode № 24 (75)
Air Date July 24, 2000
Screenplay Yumi Kageyama
Storyboard Akinori Yabe
Episode Direction Akinori Yabe
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears!
Previous Episode Using new powers to Rescue Hana-chan!

Opening Clip

A mysterious figure is shown on top of a pile of a shadowed object, soon revealed to be a huge pile of fried bread. The boy eats and eats and eats before proclaiming fried bread is ALL he needs.


The ojamajo attempt to help their friend with his dreams of becoming a sumo wrestler... but is that what he really wants?


Some day after the Oyajide incident the girls are out taking a walk at the Misora Shopping District. Hana happens to spot some cute stuffed animals and the girls admiringly observe them. Doremi sees Kotake checking out a poster and watches him curiously...

The following day at school, Kotake and Kimura are discussing how they need a final guy to join their sumo team for the upcoming tournament. As he observes the other members of class, Susumu sees that Onpu didn't eat her fried bread. She informs him that as an idol, she is usually watching her calories and she lets him have it.

After school Kotake asks Susumu if he would be interested in joining them. He refuses until they offer to give him their fried bread. Once he agrees, they shoot past down the pathway, nearly running over the ojamajo in the process. The girls are angry, but they decide to forget about it and head to work...

At the maho-do, the ojamajo are tending to the flowers while Majorika and Lala play cards and Pop is occuping Hana-chan. Eventually Onpu realizes the time and she leaves for work elsewhere, only to stop upon seeing the three boys at a nearby park and she sees Kotake throwing Susumu down, which she informs Doremi of the following day at school when she gets to see everyone again. Doremi then recalls a few days ago when she happened to see Kotake observing the childrens sumo poster. He and Kimura wanted to join in order to win a video game, so they got Susumu to join them. This has the girls a little concerned, and unknown to them, Shimakura happened to be listening...

As some students go to tend to some work in the school, Kimura and Kotake are discussing how weak Susumu is. But since they picked him and sorta forced him into this, they would feel bad just ditching him at the least second, so they have to train him even harder then the day before.

Later in the day when it's almost evening, it's busy at the Maho-do and the girls are all at work. When Majorika doesn't see Doremi, they inform her she's at the park observing the boys. As this goes on, someone from school happens to be watching and taking pictures...

The following day at school Doremi informs everyone of how it's going. She is very concerned they will not stand any chance at all of winning and she thinks they may give up on him very soon.

Meanwhile the boys are trying to think of some improving ideas. But nothing comes to them and the girls happen to see the violent photographs upon reaching class. This is quickly put to an end as Kotake takes them all back however, and calls this rude. As Shimakura tries to defend her actions, Tamaki says a very rude comment until they realize Susumu happens to hear it....

And he's actually supportive of the comment. Kotake tells him that if he's actually angry he shouldn't just try to hold it inside himself. He has to express it and demands that Susumu hits him. But Susumu insists he doesn't understand and claims he isn't angry at all.

Eventually lunch comes along and he happily eats lunch while Kotake angrily thinks about Tamaki's behavior earlier. The ojamajo show concern, which turns to panic and worry after school ends and Kotake is more hell-bent then before to help Susumu!

As the girls watch, Onpu compares this training to hell while Susumu begins to beg to stop, practically in tears while Kimura tries to tell Kotake he's being too hard on him. Susumu claims he just wants to quit and Kotake tries to explain that as a man, he should be angry!

In hopes of teaching Kotake a lesson, the ojamajo decide to cast magic in order to help Susumu out and give him hope, and also show Kotake. Unfortuantly they were trandformed into sumo wrestlers...

except for Onpu, who remains as cute as ever!

They quickly get to work by claiming Susumu is fine an with proper training he will be very good at this. But this goes horribly as he only runs from them. But with a little luck they manage to get him to win against the "professional sumo wrestlers" and they decide to take their leave. Kotake and Kimura are very impressed by this and they try to convince Susumu to enter with them anyway, since they want him to see all of his hard work. Eventually he agrees, only for everyone to fall over in shock once he points out how hungry he is!

Eventually the tournament approaches. The girls go to show their support. To everyone's surprise they see that besides the video game, another prize is a whole, HUGE pile of fried bread...

With such grand prizes, all three boys put their all into winning and manage to get into the final rounds of the tournament. Unfortuantly, they lose the final round after Kotake is thrown down with ease. As a result, his team wins the second prize, one year's woth of Misora Bakery's fried bread!

As Susumu happily goes on about the prize, Kotake and Kimura wish him luck in becoming a true sumo wrestler. But he informs them that he wants to become a baker while the girls comment on how surprisingly scary the desire of fried bread can be as the episode comes to an end...


  • Sumo wrestlers, come out


  • Oddly Majorika shows teeth when she tries to hide her cards from Lala.
  • Onpu lacks her ponytail when she says "no, not yet". After Susumu runs into Hazuki. It happens again after he knocks Aiko down
  • The hero of the game Kotake wants resembles a very masculine witch frog


  • This is the first episode to show the royal patraine modified opening.