First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze House!
Hana Crawls
Japanese Title はじめてのハイハイ!?春風家、大パニック!

Hajimete no Haihai!? Harukaze-ka, Dai Panikku!

Season Sharp
Episode № 16 (67)
Air Date May 21, 2000
Screenplay Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Direction Naoyuki Itou
Animation Direction Chuuji Nakajima
Next Episode Hana-chan's Crawling Exam
Previous Episode Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother

Opening Clip

The ojamajo silently watch and observe Hana-chan as she sits up to start crawling for the very first time.


Doremi brings Hana-chan home to let Majorika and Lala catch up on some lost sleep; but problems arise when the Magical Baby goes missing. 


The girls are on their way to the Maho-do when they are informed that Hana-chan is sleeping. They start to work when a tired Lala comes into the room. They find Majorika and sit down to discuss how much sleep she and Lala have not been getting and they reveal that it has been a few days now. They feel badly, but Majorika points out that she couldn't just ask them to help out since they have school, but because they are there now, they can at least get a nap in before they go. 

Eventually evening comes along. Before the girls go, Doremi asks Majorika if it is really okay for them to leave, but she insists that they will be fine. But come morning, when they finally manage to get Hana-chan asleep, they are dead tired. 

When the girls come to see this, they decide to let Lala and Majorika go away to visit the Hot Springs in the Witch World for a day, so that they can relax and catch up on sleep. Doremi plans to bring Hana to the Harukaze house hold and once they arrive, she and Pop begin to tell their parents that the woman who runs the Maho-do had to leave for Vacation. She asked them to babysit Hana and take care of her, and Haruka agrees to this.

They sit her down to play when Pop shows Hana the drawing she did earlier. Hana happens to enjoy it so much however, that she ends up using magic to bring the crayon drawing to life. But before either parent sees it the girls hide it from them. Just as they manage to calm the situation, the magic suddenly lifts the notepad and a bunch of crayons. But Pop is able to grab them before they can be seen, but when their parents start to yell the girls panic until they see that they are just excited over Hana-chan crawling. 

Everyone watches this for a moment until Doremi decides to inform the others. She calls them to explain what's going on and soon it is getting late. The three girls have fallen asleep, but when Hana starts to cry Doremi gets up. She leaves the room to grab some milk for her, but upon return she finds Hana missing. She frantically begins to look for the baby, not aware that she is crawling around on the ceiling.

The others show up and explain that they wanted to watch her crawl, along with help Doremi since she cries a lot during the night. When they see Doremi search, they ask her what she is searching for; but upon being told they all start to yell at her before getting to work searching. Onpu decides to cast magic and changes them into mice so that they can search the house a lot easier.

Eventually they all regroup with no sign of Hana anywhere. In the process Doremi has even ran into her mother.

Meanwhile, Majorika and Lala are relaxing at the Hot Springs.

The trio watch from nearby as Haruka starts to chew out Doremi for breaking something, then scolds her because she is a fourth grader and should know better by now. All Doremi can do however, is let this continue. 

In another room, Keisuke was busy typing up something when he decides to take a break. He leaves the room, unaware that Hana-chan has come inside and she starts to play with the keys. Doremi comes into the room to investigate upon hearing the sound, but by then, her dad comes in to see her. He asks Doremi what she was doing, then starts to panic upon seeing what happened to the computer. He demands to know what she did. Doremi has no idea what he even talks about until she happens to see everything he did was deleted, and as he begins to accuse her, Doremi has no choice but to take fault again.

As Majorika is shown eating, a stuffed Lala lays next to her.

The girls change back into normal form as Doremi comes to her bedroom. She is too tired to keep looking, so they decide to run outside and cast Magical Stage instead. A strange, little ball appears and starts to bounce around, heading into the home. They give chase and follow it into the bathroom, where it vanishes when they get inside.

There they find Hana-chan crawling around the rim of a filled bath tub. But before she can fall into it, Doremi runs over and grabs the baby witch before falling into the water herself. When they hear Haruka approaching, the girls hide while Doremi quickly changes into her normal form, so that when Haruka comes inside, she sees Doremi and Hana-chan, both fully dressed and laying in the bath. 

Later on, back in her bedroom Hana-chan starts crying again. Doremi gets a call from Majorika right afterwards, where she announces that she plans to stay at the Hot Springs for another night. Doremi tries to get Majorika to listen to what happened, but she ends up hanging up on her. 

As the girls react to this, Pop is shown still deep asleep as the episode comes to an end.


  • Turn us into mice
  • Show us where Hana-chan is

Major Events

  • Hana-chan crawls for the first time in the series. 


  • As Pop tells everyone to stop, the bottom part of her hair is missing.
    • Also note that Onpu was shown with the schools girl backpack. This is an error as she has a purple backpack with hearts on it that she uses throughout the series. 
  • When Hazuki watches Lala, notice how dark her arms and hands are.
  • While Pop is shown drawing, there is nothing in the upper right corner. But in the scene right after, there is a yellow crayon that should have been visible from the other angle.
  • As they hide the crayon fish, Pop's hair is missing from the bottom of her head.
  • The crayon fish vanishes as Haruka and Keisuke get up close to observe Hana-chan. But it reappears a moment later.