Collectables from the series Ojamajo Doremi. A figurine comes in all shapes and sizes and can found in many locations and ranges and prices, depending on the rarity of the figurine.

Ojamajo Doremi


Royal patraine - During sharp, royal patraine figurines had been made. They each come with a wreath poron and a small, single colored yousei. Hana-chan, as she is a baby does not however. Instead she comes with Majorika.


Motto - Like the sharp themed figures they each come with a single color fairy, but this time they seem to be much lighter in colors. They also come with wands.

Gashapon patisserie and witch - Released in 2005, these cute figurines come on small, basic pink stands. There is one of each ojamajo and these are infamous for being the figures most people try to counterfeit.


Ojamajo - A small figure that comes on a white stand. While all the ojamajos have a fairy next to them, Hana-chan is next to Majorika. They all come in separate boxes.  Ojamajo scenes - PVC made, these cute scenery figurines can usually be found in seperates or a box of ten pieces. They consist of: Momoko watching Doremi near the sunset, Onpu singing as Momoko cheers, Aiko walking to school with a flustered Hazuki, Doremi holding Hana-chan, and Hana-chan in her majo ranger outfit.

Gashapon dokkan - Just like the patisserie gashapons, they all come with a stand. However, when you arrange them properly you can get a heart shaped stand. 


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Devil Onpu - Produced in 2006 by the company "Organic", this Onpu figurine is one of a kind. She was based on the same TCG card. It is somewhat easy to find on many locations, but can be expected to be anywhere between $40 dollars to $70.

She comes on a big plastic stand and has a small piece that holds her onto it. Also note that her name is misspelled on the package as "Ompu".

Ojamajo Doremi Evolution Toy - Special figurines of almost everyone in their first, second and third season attire. Released in 2010, these are one of the latest pieces of Ojamajo Doremi merchandise. They come with their porons, wands, and yousei as well as clear stands and multiple hands and faces.

Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki, and Onpu were released in that order while Momoko was first found during the Wonder Festival 2010 that took place during summer. Pop was also released one year after Momoko as an Evolution Toy exclusive which also came with mini-figures such as: Hana, Majo Rika, and Fafa.

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  • Season 2
  • Season 3

Ojamajo Doremi Furyu - These are Ojamajo Doremi Fine Quality figures that are already in fixed poses. Doremi Furyu was released in July of 2015 while Onpu Furyu was released in November 2015. Doremi's pose slightly resembles the pose she will do after she transforms. Doremi is holding her right arm out instead of straight up. Onpu's pose has her holding her hat and holding out her right arm. This may imply that the rest of the Ojamajos will be getting Furyu figures made of them.
Ojamajo Doremi Banpresto - There are Ojamajo Doremi Prize figures that have the Ojamajos in their Dokkan outfits. They are large figures that are set in a basic pose with articulated arms and legs. These figures were created in 2002.
Ojamajo Doremi Romando - Similar to the Banpresto figures, the Ojamajo Doremi Romando figures are based on Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan. These figures are one of the highest quality figures for Ojamajo Doremi. These figures are large and are articulated in the arms, legs, hands, and head. There are also kimono versions of these figures. There is also a special Hazuki that comes with her flute and normal clothes. These figures were created in 2005. 
Kotobukiya Ojamajo Doremi - These figurines are rare and most of them are actually garage kits. The first figurines are gashapon prizes. There are two versions of these figures; the only difference between those two are the facial expressions of the ojamajos. 

Festival Figures

Just like the Evolution Toy figurines, these figures were shown on Wonder Festival, Anime Expo etc.

These ojamajo figurines first appeared on Wonder Festival in 2005. However, Hana was showcased a year later on the same festival.

Garage Kits

Garage kits are unfinished(uncolored) figurines.