Fathers Arranged Marriage Meeting
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Japanese Title お父ちゃんのお見合い

Otō-chan no Omiai

Dub Title The Date Crasher
Season Season 1
Episode № 47
Air Date January 2, 2000 (JP)

April 2, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Yasuhiro Namatame
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Previous Episode The Witches' Talent Show


As it's the first episode of the new year a special opening was made during this episode. The ojamajo start wishing everyone a new year and thank them for supporting the show while dressed in cute kimono. Near the end of it, everyone else rushes on stage and runs them over while thanking the audience for enjoying the show and for the new year.


Aiko considers ruining her fathers chance for a new relationship while he's on a date with a woman.



Kouji is preparing to leave for work when someone stops him to speak. He then heads home and Aiko comments on the timing; though Kouji explains that he's busier he has been due to the New Year and he has to drive a lot of people to and from the Shrine. 

They sit to eat and he compliments how nice it all looks. Aiko out that she got them on a really big sale and she's sure the food tastes really good. She then goes to grab some wine as he eats before she sits back down. But soon the breakfast turns sour after Aiko sees a nearby photo of a beautiful woman inside of a folder her dad has. She questions it and he tries to tell her, but Aiko is quick to snap and yell until he claims to be trying to find a way to refuse the woman; since the boss forced her onto him. Aiko calms down upon hearing this and they begin to make jokes until she realizes how late it is; then leaves to go meet up with Doremi and Hazuki around eleven.

The girls walk up to the shrine and take a moment to pray before walking off. They grab their fortunes as Aiko prays for her father and Doremi is quick to lament the poor fortune she got. Although Aiko and Hazuki cheer her up by pointing out she would be better off to believe only in good luck. Aiko then begins to discuss the arranged marriage meeting to Doremi and Hazuki; but is quick to add that he wants out of it and since she prayed it will be just fine. They are then joined by Doremi's parents, Pop, and Hazuki's family. They came to pick up the girls to go out to eat and they invite Aiko to come along, but she refuses because she did not wish for her dad to be alone. 

After she leaves they all decide to leave as well to go get something to eat. Unknowingly though, they end up passing Aiko; who has taken a hiding spot behind a few booths. She decides to go and pay Majorika and Lala a visit instead of head home, but to her surprise, when she gets to the Maho-do she finds Majoruka and Majorika are already drunk. Majoruka is a bit upset because Onpu didn't bother to greet her for the holiday and refused to work. Hehe and Lala just decide to watch everyone else and Aiko decides to sit down and eat.

Soon they begin to discuss the problem Aiko has, and while Lala believes Aiko should be more honest with her feelings, Hehe points out how much easier everything will be if she had someone else around. She also thinks that Aiko may be acting selfishly by trying to keep her dad to herself. Lala claims that it's fine though since Aiko is a child, then claims how irresponsible Hehe is. Hehe then retorts by calling Lala old, then Lala critisizes Hehe's revealing clothing before they start trying to beat each other up. After seeing this and noticing that the two witch frogs have passed out by now, Aiko decides to take her leave. 

On her way home, Aiko thinks about how she had caught her mother with a baby, then thinks about what Hehe said while wondering if maybe she has been really selfish. By the time she gets home she sits down with her dad as dinner rolls along; then she gets up to get him a drink. While doing this, Aiko suggests that her father should go this meeting; then reveals how she caught her mother with a baby but didn't speak to her. She claims that she believes her mother has remarried and Kouji tries to play this off by making a joke about it; but he instead changes the subject. 

That night, he comes to Aiko's bedroom to find her still awake. He has decided to go and meet this woman since he realizes there is nothing left to do; since her mother has remarried. Aiko claims to be fine with this decision, although she is kind of upset unknown to him, and they both go to bed. 

The following day, Aiko appears at the Maho-do, dressed up to go with her dad to meet the woman he would be marrying if the meeting goes well. She claims to be fine with it again and decides to look at the positives with the situation, but Doremi and Hazuki are unconvinced. Hazuki then asks Aiko if she's really sure the baby is her mothers but AIko is still convinced of it. She goes on to point out that it may have been a neighbors baby instead, and this instantly causes Aiko to start worrying. Lala scolds her for not checking this to begin with and Aiko points out they don't have the time to go all the way back to Osaka to check now.

Majorika, no longer drunk, comes over and she offers to check using a crystal ball; scolding the girls for not thinking of just asking her to begin with. The crystal ball reveals that Aiko's mother is alone, about to eat when someone knocks at her door; a neighbor who asks to borrow something. The girls recognize the baby the woman happens to be holding and to the girls shock, they realize it does not belong to her mother after all and Aiko is quick to run away to try to get to her dad before he goes to the meeting. Majorika gives Doremi and Hazuki permission to follow her and calls Pop to come to the shop in the mean time. 

At the meeting location, Aiko clears everything up with her dad, but he insists that he can't cancel the meeting at the last second since it will just make him look bad. Then he goes into the nearby room to change while Aiko makes a plan to make the woman despise her so much that she wouldn't want to marry into a family like this. Hazuki and Doremi agree to help and the meeting begins. 

At the table is Kouji, Aiko formally meet the woman, Midori. Along with his boss, his wife, and Midori's family. At the suggestion to get to know Midori, he asks her about hobbies and so-on as Aiko angrily watches and starts to act offensively. While everyone seems surprised, she does not realize that Midori is actually enjoying it at first; because she happens to like how open and honest she is being. Aiko starts to worry and when Doremi sees someone carrying a plate nearby, she uses magic to spill it. The waitress apologizes and Kouji goes to clean up and comes back wearing a suit; which also pleases Midori, because she happens to like men in suits. Hazuki then tries to cast a spell this time to make him tell really bad jokes, but Midori ends up liking them too. 

As Aiko and Doremi panic, Doremi takes a moment to yell at Hazuki because she found the jokes to be funny. The wife of Kouji's boss points out that Kouji and Midori may have trouble speaking to one-another with everyone there, so her parents, the boss, and his wife decide to give them a little privacy. Aiko is also asked to stay behind and they walk off, so she excuses herself to the bathroom and scolds Doremi and Hazuki for messing up so much. She decides to change into her apprentice clothing in order to handle this herself. 

Meanwhile, Midori and Kouji discuss his divorce. Midori promises that if they were to marry, she would quit her job in order to stay at home. Aiko, who finds the romantic mood to be troubling then uses her magic to make all of the fish splash out of the pond they are near in order to surprise them. But again this ends up having a reversed effect.

To their surprise, Onpu appears. She reveals that she came because of an interview and photo-shoot she had, but they have just finished. She critisizes their location of magic while Aiko watches as her dad and Midori walk away. She explains the problem to Onpu, who finds it to be amusing. She mentions that Aiko could just use magic to change Midori's feelings, and even offers to do it for her since Aiko isn't being honest with her feelings. While Doremi and Hazuki are shocked, Aiko loves the idea and agrees to do it. However, she decides that she will not be using magic; but her words.

Midori and Kouji resume their walk while they now discuss Aiko. Aiko happens to show up to them and she admits flat-out that Midori is wonderful. But she misses her mother, and she knows that her dad does too. She is sure that they would be happier with her and apologizes for just not being honest with her feelings to begin with. Kouji embraces Aiko and while Midori is saddened, she understands their feelings and willingly agrees to step out of the proposal for their sake. Aiko thanks her for being so nice and Midori takes her leave. While her family is understanding, Kouji's boss is pretty angry and storms off in a huff. 

Aiko then points out how perfect Midori was for Kouji, and he admits that he liked her a lot. But they know they both want Aiko's mother back, so they end up laughing about the situation. Aiko then teases her dad by saying that Midori could find someone better anyway; and with that Kouji chases her around as the Doremi, Hazuki, and Onpu watch them. 


  • Fall down, plate
  • Come out, the coldest joke
  • Have all the fish in the pond jump out

Major Events

  • Kouji Senoo is set-up with a woman and later on goes on a date with her. 
  • The New Year Festival took place.

Dub Edits

  • Aiko mentions the food they have as being items left over from the store. In the dub Mirabelle just mention that it took long to make.
  • Aiko gets her dad some wine, in the dub it's tea.
  • Aiko is angry regarding the arranged marriage. In the dub Mirabelle thought he got a raise he had been trying to get, but it ended up just being a trick.
  • Skipped Scene: Doremi prays at the shrine for passing the test, eating more steak, and getting a boyfriend. Hazuki prays to pass the exam also, and to also be more bold with her parents. Aiko prays that her dad not get into any sort of trouble or remarry someone else. Then Doremi and Hazuki open their fortune scrolls.
  • Paint Edit: Hazuki and everyone else that wore a kimono had their outfits edited to look like a coat in Magical Doremi and rid of the elements that pointed out that this was a Japanese Festival. 
  • Scene Skip: While Aiko is playing her harmonia, a single image was shown. In the dub it used this time for a montage of an earlier episode. 
  • Doremi points out that Aiko may get a new mother, which Aiko responds by saying she can help do chores. Dorie claims to know how Mirabelle feels and that she wants her parents to get back together also. Mirabelle then says it would be hard since her mom remarried.
  • Aiko purposely tries to embarrass her dad by calling Midori an old lady, then saying her dad usually bets on horse races and sings in the bath. In the dub she claims he has burping problems.
  • Hazuki mentions that there will be bad consequences if Onpu uses bad magic. But in the dub Reanne claims they would get into trouble just by association with her.


  • The flowers on Haruka's kimono vanish after they show her up-close and they begin their discussion of going out to eat. They reappear when Haruka claims Doremi is embaressing.
  • If one looks, as Kouji and Midori first walk away, the very bottom of the frame of their bodies is missing with every other step.


  • The apartment complex that Aiko and Kouji lives in is called "Mondo Nagamine".
  • This episode was the first of the year 2000.