Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!
Doremi41 shogi
Japanese Title 父と子·勝利への一手!

Chichi to Ko: Shōri no Itte!

Dub Title There's no Business like Shogi Business
Season Season 1
Episode № 41
Air Date November 21, 1999 (JP)

February 19, 2008 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Yoshihiro Oka
Episode Direction Yoshihiro Oka
Animation Direction Hiroyuki Kawano
Next Episode The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?
Previous Episode Doremi Wins Easily? Level 3 Exam


Shouta Taniyama is playing someone in a round of Shogi. It's his move and he seems to be doing badly, not being able to think of a good move to perform next. When all seems lost, he suddenly finds it and places his next piece down.


The Ojamajo help a classmate rediscover his passion for a game he excels in, fighting against the banishment of the game in his household.


The ojamajo are on their way to school while Aiko and Hazuki try to cheer up Doremi for failing her 3rd exam. They notice Onpu, who claims Doremi won't pass it next time and because she's telling the truth they shouldn't get worked up over it. Before leaving, she teases Doremi with a sarcastic cheer; to act as if she is supportive. 

Later on in class, everyone has finished their lunch and they're returning their dirty dishes to the head of the
class to clean later. Seki-Sensei asks Doremi, as class Representative to come to the office with her to pick up some handouts before the afternoon class starts. Annoyed, Doremi leaves to meet up with Taniyama Shota, the male class represenitive for the day. She comments on how he isn't exactly that noticeable or obvious, as she had no idea he was there nearby; but she is quick to take it back after seeing how hurt he feels by it. 

They make their way to the office and come across the vice principal and Seki-sensei in the middle of a Shogi game. Shota points out the moves that Seki-sensei can make to beat the Vice Principal and is complimented for being so smart. The Vice Principal demands that Shota play him in a game, but because it is time for Afternoon Classes to start, there is no time for it now. 

At the Maho-do, Majorika is in the middle of drinking to get over how sad she is about Doremi's failure. Lala insists that she stops but Majorika won't listen, already drunk at this point. She rants and complains when Pop yanks the bottle away from her and gives a small lecture, promising to best Doremi so that she can take her place and return her to normal. While this makes Majorika super happy, Pop doesn't want to touch her at the moment due to smelling like alchohol. 

After school the ojamajo are talking to Shota over how well he plays Shogi. He claims not to be very good at it though, and Aiko points out that he was able to beat the vice principal; so that must mean he's good. Shota then claims he doesn't want to play Shogi, and that he hates it before running off. Doremi points out that Shota didn't act like this earlier though, and runs to follow after him. 

Shota slows down as he reaches a building where the Shogi Tournament is held. He thinks about when he used to play with his dad when he was younger. They used to play together all the time and his dad was so proud of him. But as Doremi approaches and calls him out on lying, he runs off again. Persistant to talk ot him, Doremi resumes chasing after him until seeing that he stops. She looks back and ends up colliding with a pole by the time she realizes he stopped; then loses conciousness for a few minutes. Shota gets her a wet cloth and he admits he had been lying and he actually loves Shogi. He explains how his dad almost became a pro, but because he turned thirty before he could, he was forced to quit the league. So he spent the days drinking and fighting with his mother, and as a result, she despises Shogi and forbids it in the home. 

Doremi feels jealous and mentions that before elementary school she used to play the piano, but she didn't have any talent. If she did, then she would have kept playing it, and would love it too. She tries to convince Shota to keep playing and go for it, since he enjoys it and posesses a real talent for it. But to their surprise, Seki-sensei approaches them and agrees with Doremi. But he tells them that his parents won't be supportive if he got into playing the game, so they offer to come give him support while he goes to tell them the truth.

It proves to be a lot harder then they assume though, and his mother continues to forbid it. Seki-sensei asks how she can just take away Shota's dreams and talent; especially when she IS his mother, but his father tells them to leave and states that he does not want Shota to get hurt the way he did. Doremi tries to reason with him by saying he hasn't played Shogi is three years and yet he managed to beat someone with a massive amount of skill, and he's also a hard worker, and Shota even reveals that although he has not played in so long, he has done a lot of studying and knows how much talent he has. They decide to agree, although his dad says that it is only if he can win the upcoming tournament. 

The following day, everyone comes by to watch Shota play. Doremi informs Hazuki and Aiko that he has made it to the Semifinals round and they happen to spot his dad nearby. It is then Shota is announces as the winner for this round and he will be moving onto the finals. His opponent is a really tough young man who makes often visits to the dojo. Doremi is sure that Shota will win though, which causes Aiko to teasingly ask her if she has a crush on him. She claims not to, but cheering for him just makes her happy. 

As Shota is about to begin, he suddenly hears a voice and drops the shogi piece out of alarm. Unknown to everyone there, it's the work of evil magic. The match begins as rules are explained. Shota's dad goes out to smoke for a moment and claims that Shota will win, so there is no point in watching. 

Before he starts, Shota asks to use the restroom for a quick break and Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki follow him to see if he is okay. Doremi points out how weird he is behaving and he explains that every time he picks up that one, single piece, he keeps feeling strange vibes and he takes his leave upon realizing that break has ended. 

At the idea that a cursed item may be responsible, Doremi quickly transforms and goes to the Maho-do to fetch Oyajide. She brings him back and they sneak by the window so that he can get a better look. He detects a cursed item and Doremi casts a spell to freeze time, then they use Magical Stage in order to remove the cursed card and return the piece to normal. The game then continues and Shota is close to tears when he realizes he is close to losing. He has no choice but to use the bishop that has provided him with mush stress, and to his surprise, it feels fine now. So he lays it down and is declared the winner. 

The girls congradulate Shota while his father approaches. Shota asks to keep playing and his dad teases him before making a promise to stop drinking before offering to teach Shota some more tips and tricks. The two of them embrace and the episode ends.  


  • Time, stop
  • Come out, cursed card

Dub Edits

  • Hazuki claims luck helped her and Aiko pass, then Aiko says that it will be like Doremi's 9th exam and she will definitely pass it next time. Hazuki also compares Doremi to Onpu by saying that soon she'll start to skip exams too. In the dub Reanne tells Dorie to just keep trying and Mirabelle claims she'll pass with flying colors.
  • Onpu directly claims that Doremi will fail the exam again while telling them how straightforward she is. Aiko then calls her insensitive. In the dub Ellie claims that it will just keep getting harder calls herself as being truthful instead. In the dub Mirabelle didn't even comment on her behavior.
  • Shota Taniyama is renamed Phillip. Later on, it is revealed that has surname is still Taniyama. 
  • Doremi said Taniyama is like a ghost that comes out during the daytime, and he's barely visible before claiming she was only kidding when he takes offense to it. In the dub she claims he looks like he forgot how to come down the stairs and goes on about how she tends to forget important things like tests.
  • Taniyama asks Doremi if she is sad and she asks him why he asked her that. In the dub Phillip points out that she failed the previous two spelling tests.
  • The vice principal says that as a woman, Seki-sensei is ten years too early to challange someone like him. In the dub he just says he's a good player in the game.
  • Taniyama tells Seki-sensei where to move to beat the vice principal. In the dub Phillip only mentions one move.
  • Normally when the school bell plays, a small song performed by bells would play. In the dub it's a normal bell, no song plays.
  • Skipped Scene: Due to being depressed, Majorika ends up drinking. Lala tries to stop her and Pop takes the bottle from her. 
  • Aiko mentions that Taniyama beat the vice principal, who is a first dan (the higher the dan the better the player), so she is sure he will become a pro. In the dub Mirabelle mentions getting to play shogi with her dad because he brought the game home from work. 
  • Skipped Scene: Aiko talks about Sakada Sankichi and Doremi does a strange dancing gesture while saying "Thank you". Aiko insults her and explains that she meant a different Sakada, from a Shogi song.
  • Line Change: Doremi asks Hazuki if she knows about Sakada and when she does not, Aiko complains about the people of Kanto by saying that practically everyone from Osaka knows him. In the dub Dorie just asked to have Mirabelle teach her to play, but she tells her that she can't because her dad rid of it. 
  • Doremi says Taniyama will be a famous Shogi master in the future. In the dub she says Phillip can probably teach her how to play.
  • Aiko tells Doremi she is being nosy, then adds it is a good point for her. In the dub Mirabelle said she should be studying but adds that Dorie finds a way to pass one way or the other.
  • Paint Edit: The poster outside the dojo is changed to be wrote in English and say "Port Mystic Recreation Center, Shogi Tournament this Saturday".
  • Doremi runs into a pole and calls herself clumsy. In the dub Dorie claims it appeared out of nowhere.
  • Taniyama explains that everyone starts at level 6 and works their way up, if you reach level 4 then your considered a pro. In the dub it's the other way around and Phillip claims you start at level 1.
  • Skipped Scene: The alchohol from Taniyama's flashback is removed. The dub skipped to the scene to show his dad sitting around.
  • Taniyama mentions how much his dad drank and his parents argued, which is why his mother doesn't want him to play Shogi. In the dub Phillip only mentions his parents arguing and now Shogi is shogi is just not to be mentioned.
  • Paint Edit: The kanji on the roof of the shop Seki-sensei goes into was edited to say "Japan Noodle".
  • Paint Edit: The sign at the Shogi Dojo was edited to say Rec Center.
  • Skipped Scene: Taniyama's dad leaves to smoke.
  • Seki-sensei asks how Taniyama is doing. In the dub she just mentions that his dad was taking a break, but he's back now.
  • After Taniyama wins his dad claims he will stop drinking and help Taniyama like he used to. In the dub the drinking part of the line is omitted. 


  • As Hazuki and Aiko question if this is the work of a cursed item, the mid-like of Hazuki's glasses isn't drawn in full.
  • Possible Error: Before Majorika hugs Pop, her huge eyes are gray colored. But Majorika's real eye color is red.
  • As Doremi adds the cursed item to the computer, Hazuki's glasses are a light shade of a gray. But in the scene right after, their isn't any coloring in them and she is lacking the ear piece.