A Fairy (Yousei) is a small creature given to a witch or apprentice after passing her first exam, born from a crystal ball she uses as shelter afterward.

A fairy has multiple stages she will go through, allowing her to do more things.

Skills and Talents

Upon birth, fairies are taught how to behave and hide with the aid of their crystal ball. She can also learn how to take the appearance of her owner but has a simplistic speech pattern until reaching 'adult' stage. In this form, she can also change into a cat. 

Throughout their life, fairies can also do many basic tasks, like lifting or carrying items, tending to babies, writing, and assisting their owner.


Most fairies take a simplified appearance based on her owner.

Baby and Child Stage

Their smallest and most basic of stages, the fairy has a small white body and has little physical development at this point. She has blushed cheeks and large eyes, but no visible mouth or nose. Her hair, eyes, antennae, and dress are pastel variants of their owners' theme color. She has thin detail-less arms sticking out of the collar of her dress. 


Through age or special means, a fairy will gain this secondary form. Here, she grows in size and gains physical development, gaining fingers, legs, and feet. Her skin remains pale, while her facial features and hair change in proportion.

She gains a short pale colored dress cut on the arm to reveal pastel fabric. On the chest is a gem. She gains booty-style shoes and a white cap with pastel flaps.


Here the fairy gains a mature frame and further proportioning and her color scheme is vibrant. Her skin is fair and in most cases, she wears makeup and earrings. Her hair keeps shape but lengthens, along with her antennae strands. While the outfits tend to differ between fairy, they are shown wearing revealing, mainly white one-piece outfits with sheer, colored fabric, no shoes, and a hat. Some wear additional jewelry, while some prefer to dress with more, colorful and covering clothes.

Noticeable Fairies


  • HeHe is the only fairy with a dark skin tone or a tan. 
  • During production stages, baby fairies were shown to have a mouth.
    • While not shown having them, they still do have mouths normally seen when eating.
  • All of the fairies like to drink Oy! Cola.