Fafa other image
Name ファファ Fafa
Gender Female
Theme Color Pale pink
Owner Pop Harukaze
Debut Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
Voice Actors
Japanese Sawa Ishige

Fafa is one of the Fairies that appears in Ojamajo Doremi. She belongs to Pop Harukaze.


Fafa was given to Pop after she finally passed her 9th exam during Sharp.


Fafa is a pale yousei with reddish-pink eyes. She has pale, pastel pink hair worn up on both sides of the head in three points on each side of the head, and a tiny tuft of bangs. She has bright red cheeks, and wears a pink dress with a tea-rose collar.


Being a young yousei, Fafa was pretty inexperienced in comparison to the others. She was taken under Dodo's wing at first, and seemed to generally appreciate her caring behavior.

Light Novel Series

It is said that the fairies stayed back in the Witch World to watch over the badly behaved Hana-chan.

However, they did appear later in the novel.


  • It's unknown if Dodo and Fafa are related like Doremi and Pop are.
  • Since she was created around the same time as Dodo, Rere and Mimi, it's suggested that Fafa was original going to appear in Season 1. However she didn't make her debut until Sharp.
  • In the Spanish and Portugues versions of the series, Fafa was renamed SolSol, as Roro was renamed Fafa. 
  • In some parts of the world, she is renamed "Bibi".


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