Fafa other image

Teenage Fafa

Name ファファ Fafa
Gender Female
Theme Color Pale pink
Debut Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
Voice Actors
Japanese Sawa Ishige

Fafa is Pop Harukaze's fairy, who she gained during Sharp after passing her exam.



Fafa has pale skin and light red cheeks. Her eyes are cherry colored, and her dress is a paler shade of this with a pale pink collar. Her pale pink hair is very big and shaped with three rounded sections on either side to match her tuft of bangs.

In teenage form, her hair is much smaller and resembles pigtails. She is shown to be shorter then the other fairies in this stage.


In comparison to Pop, Fafa was shown to be shy and withdrawn when first introduced. She is inexperienced and innocent, and as such was taken under Dodo's wing. She is eager to do her best.

Light Novel Series

In the first novel it is revealed that she and the others remained in the Witch World to watch over the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • It's unknown if she is related to Dodo, like Pop is to Doremi.
    • Fafa was shown to have been created around the same time as Dodo, Rere, and Mimi during production stages, despite not appearing until Sharp.
  • She was renamed Bibi in some translations.
    • In the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the series, Fafa was renamed SolSol, as Roro was renamed Fafa.
  • She is the only fairy of the Apprentice witches not to share her owners theme color, as Pop has a red color scheme.