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FLAT4 is a group of young wizards that come from the Wizard World. The name of the group comes from the first initial of each group member's name and the fact that there are 4 of them:

Members of FLAT4


Akatsuki is the group leader and was the first member of FLAT4 to be introduced on the show. He is the prince of the Wizard World. His counterpart is Doremi. He ends up developing a romantic interest in Doremi, and so he develops a rivalry with Kotake for Doremi's affection. His magic is the strongest of the FLAT4, making him the second most powerful wizard in the wizard world. He is very loyal and sometimes very cold. His best friend is Fujio.


Leon is the counterpart of Aiko. His magic is the second strongest of the FLAT4, meaning he's the third most powerful in the wizard world. He is very outgoing and athletic. His best friend is Tooru.


Tooru is the counterpart of Onpu. His magic is the third strongest of the FLAT4, making him the fourth most powerful in the wizard world. He is a terrible singer and actor, but his dancing gives famous dancers a run for their money.


Fujio is the counterpart of HazukiHis magic is the fourth strongest of the FLAT4, making him the fifth most powerful in the wizard world. Fujio loves writing and has a rather strange interest in odd facts.


In Sharp, they come from the wizard world to kidnap Hana to save their world and start a war on the witch world to regain taken land.

In Dokkan, they appear again and they're going to a school in the human world. They help the ojamajo against the curse of Majotourbillon.



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