"Think about yourselves before others, you ojamajo!"

Opening Clip

In a dream-like scenery, a horse drawn carriage is shown riding through the witch world. Slowly it pans closer and goes by to reveal the Witch Queen riding inside.

Short summary

It's time for the next apprentice exam and the girls are ready. But after they get sidetracked it will all come down to a tough decision.


Annoyed Doremi
Doremi suffers from a horrible nightmare where she finds herself on a strange path and falls into a giant pipe. She awakens and heads downstairs, but half-asleep, she suddenly falls down. This alerts her parents and sister, and as she tries to get up their words only cause her agony as she remembers her dream.

The same thing happens when she makes her way to school when she keeps seeing things reminding her of the exam; such as a boy on a slide, a paper plane falling down, and a woman who drops her blanket.

While Hazuki and Aiko try to comfort Doremi at school, she doesn't feel any better. Her day only worsens after Seki-Sensei reveals Doremi's test score and jokes about Doremi having to repeat the third grade. Which causes Doremi so much anxiety that she passes out- much to her alarm. Hazuki and Aiko rush to her aid and explain how overworked she is, putting blame on the abacus class they were all taking, then they rush her to the nurses office, where she is seen laying while holding the test.

Doremi wakes up soon after and begins to wonder if it was just another nightmare, but she suddenly sees the paper and realizes it wasn't. Yuki-Sensei arrives to comfort her and tries to give Doremi some advice by stating that dreams and reality are opposite to one another, so she believes that if someone has a bad dream, then good things are sure to happen. With that in mind, Doremi suddenly becomes dedicated to try her hardest to pass the exam.

That following evening, Doremi changes and has Dodo remain behind to act as her after hearing her family wake up to check on her. She takes off and meets up with the others at the Maho-do and they head into the Witch World to find Mota and Motamota waiting for them. They lead the girls to a group of desk while explaining that the 8th exam is done in parts, and how this test is vital for them to finish. On the paper, the girls are asked to write down what they hate the most. Doremi writes down Math, Hazuki writes down ghost, and Aiko, who seems suspicious writes down takoyaki.

Upon finishing the girls are told that they have three hours to find their destination and stick a flag by or on the object they describe: Something with ten legs. But it shouldn't be mistaken for a thing with eight legs. They
take off and head into a dark and creepy forest, causing them to wonder if they got lost. Hazuki grows anxious and uncomfortable- falling off of her broom when Aiko mentions how a ghost might appear. This surprises them and she mentions writing down ghost on her paper, as she is afraid of them.

Initially Doremi and Aiko find amusement in this until they see her face. They turn and express shock to find a few ghost that hurriedly chase after them until they get a chance to make scary expressions scaring them away. Aiko's suspicions are further met and she asks Hazuki about her paper again as they continue along, discussing her theory. They are unaware of the uneasy Doremi until they arrive at their next location: an area with desks and a young witch girl.

The girl, Majopon, explains that they have to get at least 70 points or else they can't continue. While this upsets Aiko and Doremi, Hazuki is confident in her knowledge and she quickly finishes. Hoping it will help them out, Aiko and Doremi use magic to transform into Hazuki, but Majopon points out that changing their bodies doesn't change their brains.

As things seem impossible, Hazuki gets an idea. As Aiko and Doremi still remember her, they manage to trick Majopon to allow a quick switch so that she can fill out the answers. They do this twice and soon finish.

Meanwhile, Mota and Motamota voice their opinions of this "cheating" as they watch from where the exam started. Majorika doesn't think so though, stating that anything goes in a magic exam.

Majopon goes over the scores and deems that everyone passed with 100% scores and she watches as they hurriedly fly away for the next part. Doremi and Hazuki find themselves anxious though, wondering what sort of thing Aiko wrote on her paper. She refuses to say, pretending to be upset at it until they find themselves at a food stand, where Majopon arrives once more. She informs them that the ten legged wont appear if they don't eat the Takoyaki, then she leaves to let the Octopus who runs the stand take over.

He gives the girls the takoyaki and they begin to eat, starving by this point- although they act like they hate it for the sake of avoiding trouble before asking for another plate. While the octopus is confused he doesn't question them, and soon they eat him out of stock. By now the girls appear to notice his odd behavior and they bring it up. He tells the girls about how he isn't able to be with his girlfriend, Surumeko, due to being different species and their love being forbidden. The leader octopus put magic on him and he can't swim

The girls are shown to express remorse and they feel bad for the couple -along with Majopon- but they have no idea on what to do. They notice they are running out of time and need to finish, but they can't just leave this sad octopus with his problem. In hopes of helping the couple the girls use magical stage. 

A small floating object and a big red string appear through the water and the octopus gets onto the float and as he pulls to the center of the lake, where a female squid is seen and they meet, quickly confessing their feelings. The girls suddenly realize that the octopus is the ten legged they were supposed to find and quickly put the flag onto the squids head before they leave. As this is going on the Queen's carriage floats by, high in the sky watching them.

Heading back the girls are alarmed after being old they failed due to taking too long. Majorika begins to scream at Doremi and tells her not to waste time thinking about others at times like this- when suddenly, a bright light appears and the carriage appears to reveal the queen. She speaks with the girls and is very pleased by their selflessness. She tells Motamota and Mota to let them pass and leaves, allowing the girls to celebrate their victory.

Major Events

  • Characters Introduced: The witch queen, Hachitarou, Surumeko, Majopon. 
  • The ojamajo pass their level 8 witch apprentice exams.
  • Hachitarou and Surumeko begin to rekindle their romance and openly be together.


  • Pop: Doremi fell!
  • Haruka: She did.
  • Doremi: Stop talking about my fall...
  • Keisuke: This is great, it's really slippery.
  • Doremi: Slippery?
  • Pop: She slipped.
  • Haruka: She did.
  • Keisuke: She slipped, she did.
  • Doremi: Slipped?

  • Majorika: My level 8 exam was to see if I could ride a broom.
  • Hazuki: That was a long time ago, right?

  • Aiko: Well, even if I don't like it. I gotta eat it.
  • Doremi: Ai-chan, since when did you...
  • Aiko: Just shut up and eat!

Dub changes

Dub Changes


Light sleeve

Error: Her sleeve

  • During Doremi's nightmare, when she stops right at the end of the path one of her sleeves is colored lighter than the other.
  • After Doremi stares in shock about them having to take another test at the witch world, her eyes are their normal colors. A momen later they are white and blue.
  • Before Doremi leaves and switches places with Dodo, their hair is shown with highlights that aren't normally used in the series.
  • During the scene where Aiko and Doremi are shown expressing shock at the ghosts, Doremi's sleeves are missing her uniforms base color.


  • Majorika reveals that over the years, the witch exams have advanced. When she was taking them all she had to do was ride a broom, while Apprentice are manually given the ability after passing their ninth exam currently.
  • This is the first appearance of Majopon.
    • This is also the only time she is shown in her normal attire.
    • As well as the only time Majopi isn't with her. 
  • The story of Surumeko and Hachitarou is based on Romeo and Juliet.
    • The red string summoned by Magical Stage is also based on the Japanese "red string of fate", said to connect lovers.