"Think about yourselves before others, you ojamajo!"

Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam
Japanese Title みんな不合格!? 8級試験

Minna Fugōkaku!? Yattsu-kyū Shiken

Dub Title Parsley and Rosemary
Season Season 1
Episode № 13
Air Date May 2, 1999 (JP)

December 3, 2005 (US)

Screenplay Midori Kuriyama
Storyboard Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Episode Direction Junichi Sato

Takao Iwai

Animation Direction Inagami Akira
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Previous Episode A Wish for a Precious Shirt

Opening Clip

In a dream-like scenery, a horse drawn carriage is shown riding through the witch world. Slowly it pans closer and goes by to reveal the Witch Queen riding inside.

Short summary

It's time for the next apprentice exam and the girls are ready, but when they become sidetracked trying to help someone else, will they be forced to choose one over the other? 


The episode begins with Doremi in the middle of a nightmare. She rushes to the end of a pathway only to fall
Annoyed Doremi
inside a giant pipe and slide down it. She soon wakes up and heads downstairs, but half asleep, falls down them. Haruka and Pop check in with her, then they go on about how she tripped, giving Doremi some painful feelings as their words remind her of the nightmare she had.

She spends her walk to school as things keep reminding her of that exam she has later. Such as a boy sliding, a paper plane falling down, and a woman who drops her blanket.

At School Hazuki and Aiko try to comfort Doremi but she is still not convinced...

During class, Seki-Sensei reveals Doremi's test score and jokes about Doremi having to repeat the third grade. While she only teases, Doremi is unable to stand it and passes out. Hazuki and Aiko rush to her aid and explain how overworked she is, putting blame on the abacus class they were all taking. Then they rush her to the nurses office, where she is seen laying while holding the test.

Doremi wakes up soon after and begins to wonder if it was just another nightmare, but she suddenly sees the paper and realizes it wasn't. Yuki-Sensei arrives to comfort her and tries to give Doremi some advice by stating that Dreams and reality are opposite to one another. So she believes that if someone has a bad dream, then good things are sure to happen. With that in mind, Doremi suddenly becomes dedicated to try her hardest to pass the exam.

That following evening, Doremi changes into her witch form and gets Dodo to pretend to be her after hearing her family wake up and check on her. After they leave, she heads straight to the Maho-do, where she meets with the others and they head inside to find Mota and Motamota waiting for the ojamajo, then they lead them to a group of desks. It's explained that in this part of the 8th exam and it is very vital that they have to finish it before they can continue. On the paper, the girls are asked to write down what they hate the most. Doremi writes down Math, Hazuki writes down ghost, and Aiko, who seems to be aware of the trick then write down Takoyaki.

After they finish, it is explained that the ojamajo have three hours to run to their destination and stick a flag by or on the object described by them. They must look for something with ten legs, but it shouldn't be mistake for the thing with eight legs.

The ojamajo fly off, heading to a dark and creepy forest area, leading them to
believe they may have gotten lost. As they fly through, Hazuki becomes increasingly nervous and falls off her broom when Aiko mentions she thinks a ghost will appear next. After seeing how surprised they are, Hazuki mentions her terrible fear of ghosts and mentions writing that down on her paper. But Aiko and Doremi think it's funny until noticing she looks very freaked out. They turn to look and see what shocked her and find a ghost, then a few more begin to appear and chase the girls until they are able to scare them away.

After seeing this, Aiko grows suspicious and questions Hazuki on it again. They continue along while she discusses her theory, which makes Doremi uneasy as they arrive to the next stop. They find a young witch girl standing there waiting for them, where she explains that they need to get at least seventy points in order to continue onto the next part. Aiko and Doremi are pretty upset, but confident in her abilities, Hazuki is ready to continue. She is able to quickly finish and the girls cast a spell, making them change into Hazuki thinking it will get them to be smarter.

Their hopes are quickly dashed however, as the girl, Majopon, reveals that despite changing their
appearances, they still have their own brains. While things seem to be bad, Hazuki gets an idea and begins to switch places with the other two by having them distract Majopon long enough to switch places. Then she is able to write down the answers and finish.

As they watch from where they are at, Mota and Motamota voice their opinions of this "cheating". But Majorika claims that since it IS a magic exam, anything goes.

After Majopon goes over the examines she announces that the trio all got one-hundred percent scores. They quickly fly off afterwards while a surprised Majopon stays behind. As the ojamajo continue on, they try to discuss what Aiko wrote but she refuses to tell them and acts upset instead. They find themselves at a stand where Majopon shows up to inform them that the 10-legged wont appear if they don't eat the Takoyaki, then she leaves to let the Octopus who runs the stand take over. Said octopus then comes over and hands the ojamajo a plate filled to the very top with Takoyaki.

The ojamajo, being hungry, dig right in while making comments about how they "Hate" it. Then they ask for more and while he is confused, the octopus doesn't question it and soon the ojamajo are finishing their second plate when the octopus tells them that there aren't anymore and noticing his strange behavior, they decide to help whatever his problem may be.

He tells them the story of his love and how the two of them cannot be together. As they were forbidden, and
now he cant swim due to the leader octopus' magic. His love. the squid is beyond the lake now. As he cannot reach her. Everyone thinks this is a touching story and the ojamajo don't have any idea on what to do. As it seems they don't have much time left but they would feel very bad to leave this sad octopus with his problem.

The ojamajo soon cast magical stage in hopes to let the two lovers reunite. However, only a small floaty and a big red string appear through the water. The Octopus gets onto the floaty and as he pulls to the center of the lake, he sees the squid there and the two meet up and confess their feelings. Its then the ojamajo realize that the octopus is the 10-legged they were to find and put the flag onto the squids head before they leave. As they do, the witch queens carriage is seen high in the sky. Having watched the girls act of kindness.

Heading back, its revealed they failed the exam! They took too long and now Majorika is very upset. She yells at Doremi, telling her she should have just thought of herself and not others. But suddenly in a bright light the carriage once more appears. The queen talks to the girls and seems very pleased with their selfless act. She tells Motamota and Mota, to let them pass for this and soon leaves while the girls celebrate as the episode comes to a end...

Major Events

  • Characters Introduced: The witch queen, Hachitarou, Surumeko, Majopon. 
  • The ojamajo pass their level 8 witch apprentice exams.
  • Hachitarou and Surumeko begin to rekindle their romance and openly be together.


  • Pop: Doremi fell!
  • Haruka: She did.
  • Doremi: Stop talking about my fall...
  • Keisuke: This is great, it's really slippery.
  • Doremi: Slippery?
  • Pop: She slipped.
  • Haruka: She did.
  • Keisuke: She slipped, she did.
  • Doremi: Slipped?

  • Majorika: My level 8 exam was to see if I could ride a broom.
  • Hazuki: That was a long time ago, right?

  • Aiko: Well, even if I don't like it. I gotta eat it.
  • Doremi: Ai-chan, since when did you...
  • Aiko: Just shut up and eat!

Dub changes

Dub Changes


  • Light sleeve

    Error: Her sleeve

    During Doremi's nightmare, when she stops right at the end of the path her one sleeve is much lighter colored then the other.
  • During the scene where Doremi stares in shock about them having to take another test at the witch world, Her eyes are their normal colors, but when showing her again her eyes are colored white-light blue-ish.
  • During the evening scenes before Doremi leaves and switches places with Dodo, she and Dodo are seen with strange highlights not usually
    present on them in other episodes during evening scenes.
  • During the scene where Aiko and Doremi turn to look at the thing that is scaring Hazuki, they suddenly get very shocked also. During this, Doremi's sleeves are wrongly colored.


  • Majorika reveals that over the years, the witch exams have advanced. As she only had to show she could ride a broom, now apprentices are given that ability after passing their 9th exam.
  • This is the first appearance of Majopon without Majopi. The first season is also the only time she is seen in her normal outfit, since later on they work as nurses and help at the baby witch daycare
  • The story of Surumeko and Hachitarou is much like the story of Romeo and Juliet.
  • The red string is a common thing in Chinese/Japanese. Saying that two lovers are connected by it and with this string, they will always find the other.